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Multiple Chi Balls

Multiple Chi balls

Generally when we make a Chi Ball, we put all our intention into it, put healing and attunement into the Chi Ball and release it to the Universe or at times we do self-healing with Chi Balls by chi ball the chakras method. In case of a scenario where a client has multiple issues, what […] Read more

Listen to Reiki

From the moment we meet it Reiki has much to teach us. I am fond of the saying we don’t know what we don’t know and for me never has that been more apparent in working with Reiki. My first Reiki session had an immediate and profound effect on me. I could feel the energy […] Read more

Reiki Practice and the Empowering Energy Within

A common misunderstanding that new Reiki practitioners have is that Reiki will be a quick fix for a problem or an illness. They also sometimes come to Reiki with a mistaken idea that they will immediately understand everything about how Reiki works within them. However, it takes a Reiki Master time and practice to learn […] Read more

Balance five elements with Reiki

We have already talked about the earth, water and air elements before. Reiki symbols are not just symbols, but they are actually scientifically connected to nature. Fire is the fourth element in the “Panchbhuta”. Raku – the fire Fire liquefies everything. It also liquefies all negative clots from the body. Fire represents action, will, passion, […] Read more

Reiki Keys

You’ve got to start somewhere, so let’s begin with baby steps. Short and succinct these Illuminations can help you to create and sustain a successful Reiki practice. From the emotional and mental to the nuts and bolts of starting a practice it’s all here. Apply these Illuminations to all aspects of your life and practice […] Read more

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