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Release Ceremony

Release ceremony

Thoughts and emotional energy can sometimes race through our minds, running in a never-ending loop that is not helpful, but difficult to let go of. Or we may notice issues, relationships or beliefs we wish to be done with or wish to deal with in a healthier way. When we are feeling heavy and weighed [...]


Reiki & Shaky Foundations

Reiki & Shaky Foundations

I have been asked several times what the catch is to Reiki. How can it be all good? What is the hard part? After all there has to be something bad right? ☺ Reiki is an all knowing powerful energy of healing and love. When Reiki enters a person’s life it helps to heal them [...]

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Improve Your Life Through Ascended Master Kuan Yin

I thank my husband (who is also a Reiki channel) for being my mere source of support and inspiration in enlightening myself and in exploring different Reiki techniques. I thoroughly express my gratitude to him for allowing me to continue my loving practice towards Kuan Yin and Buddha. I love Buddha and Kuan Yin from [...]

Happy Diwali

The New Moon is a very potent time for the energies to manifest. In the ancient times of Atlantis, people who were aware of the beautiful power of moon practised the divine rituals to manifest their desires. Later when the Atlantis period ended, these beautiful techniques lost their prevalence. The rulers and the influential people [...]


When Spiritual People Attack

When spiritual people attack

Over the time I’ve been writing for Reiki Rays, I’ve shared some experiences with other spiritual people that have been both wonderful and glorious and others who’ve been hurtful. I usually share what I’ve found disturbing about their behaviour, but I have never ever publicly or in an open forum named people or ever defamed [...]


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