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Beagle Dog Reiki

I offer Reiki Healings for donations every Sunday from 2 pm to 4 pm (weather permitting here in Florida). I didn’t really like the 68 degree temp, but it was a lot warmer than it had several weeks ago, in a row. So I bundled myself up and took my gloves and hat and off […] Read more


Energy Polarities

Energy Polarities

I have come to notice a distinct difference in the polarities of the body over the course of my time working with energy. There is always at least a subtle difference between the left and right side of the body on any client, or even on the same client from on session to the other. […] Read more

Reiki path

Born from clients and students asking me questions over the years, I’ve decided to share what has worked for me with simple, easy to follow advice I like to call Illuminations. It’s time! Let these little keys be the big jump-start you need to get going. Put it out there! Get used to the idea […] Read more

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Sending Healing to Future Versions of Ourselves

We think a lot about sending healing or comfort to people and situations that are currently in pain, ill or in crisis. And there are lots of articles on Reiki Rays about ways to send healing to the past, including several that I have written myself. One thing that may not come up as often […] Read more


Healing Anxiety with Sei Hei Ki

Healing Anxiety with Sei Hei KI

Anxiety is something that almost everyone experiences from time to time. However, for a few people, anxiety is a constant presence and eats into their lives on a daily basis. It can severely affect the quality of life and leave one feeling drained and exhausted. Anxiety prone people do realise that most of what they […] Read more

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