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The name sounded to me like some kids show on TV. Little did I know this was a touch of gold in our lives. There are so many of us trying to find answers to many questions. We have known and tried so many spiritual practices and methods but there seems to be some missing […] Read More


Healing with Rosemary

Healing with Rosemary

“Where Rosemary flourishes, the Woman rules” Absolutely adore the way Universe guides us and plants things right in place and at the right time. The best part is, it makes sure you do not miss it! Such is the immensity of our Universes’ potential. I had bought a statue of Mother Mary and placed it […] Read More

The Power of Unconditional Love in Healing

Love makes a powerful ally in healing. Not the sentimental, attachment type of love that we tend to think of but pure, unconditional love. Some people naturally team up with unconditional love as soon as they are introduced to Reiki, as if Reiki brings this to the surface for them. It becomes the major energy […] Read More

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Full Moon Reiki Release

Full Moon Reiki

The phases of the moon bring about energetic changes. While the new moon energy helps us manifest that which serves our greater good, the Full Moon energy helps us release that which no longer serves us. Reiki practice makes us aware of life patterns that do not work for us. Some examples of such patterns […] Read More


Reiki and Fire

Reiki and Fire

Fire is a powerful element. It helps transmute negative energy into positive energy. It can assist with elevating the vibration of homes. It can help us clear ourselves of negative energy. It can help us with our Reiki practice too. Fires, candles and lamps are part of many sacred rituals practised across the globe. In […] Read More

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