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Healing Addiction with 4 Archangels

Lately, I have been getting too many queries about addiction healing. I am sure there are many techniques given on Reiki Rays to heal addiction, so I thought let me add a different method, addiction healing with Archangels. Addiction is not only related to just alcohol or smoking, but it could also be anything from […] Read more


What is Receiving?

What is Receiving?

We all have heard of Ask – Believe – Receive. We would want to start receiving but we don’t know what it means to receive. Is receiving make you feel guilty? Well, contrary to what we have been taught, receiving is an amazing place to be. Receiving is the energy of manifestation. Receive more to […] Read more


12 Healing Angelical Mantras

Angelical Mantras in Reiki Sessions

When you are doing a Reiki session with yourself or a client and you are healing a blockage, there is a powerful energy that combined with Reiki can help you to overcome from it. To open this session use the power symbol, and distance symbol (if the blockage you feel is connected with your past […] Read more

Divine Masculine and Feminine with Reiki

It used to be always said that there is no difference between boys and girls, everyone is the same. Was it really being followed? Pink for girls and blue for boys, boys don’t cry and good girls are shy! Some general and ridiculous terms we have always come across, from either family or society. What […] Read more

7 Signs of Communication from Your Guardian Angels

“I’ve had an angel on my shoulder all my life.” — Barbara Hale “I wish I had someone right now…” “No one needs me.” “I just need a shoulder to lean on.” These phrases are not new. Some of you, who have reached here today, may even have had such a thought at some point […] Read more

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