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Reiki Sanctuary at Home

The word ‘Sanctuary’ means haven or place of protection. It is a beautiful area filled with divine energies where we can relax; feel peace and unconditional love. The purity of the place is so divine that it attracts more tranquillity and positive energies in the space. The main objective of the abode is to make […] Read More


Finding Your Soulmate

Finding Your Soulmate

Reflecting on the past year of my Reiki training classes, one theme stands out. Many students were single people who were seeking greater spiritual connection. Although they were learning and growing in their spirituality, they felt there was something missing in their lives. And, that “something” was not having a partner, a soulmate, someone who […] Read More

How to Fit Reiki Self-Practice into Everyday Life

You’ve done a Reiki course and loved it. You were so inspired to practice after feeling the effects of Reiki during training. Fast forward to three months later…you’ve forgotten how self-practice goes, you keep meaning to squeeze in a session, but it never happens. Reiki has become a wonderful but distant memory, an experience you […] Read More

Emotional Freedom Technique for Reiki

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly known as tapping, is used for a variety of problems, such as anxiety, chronic pain, and weight loss. I have modified the original technique by adding points so it can be used before doing Reiki on yourself or to generate it before a session with a client. Please note […] Read More

Reiki, Third Eye Chakra and Sanskrit Alphabet

The six chakras are the six subtle sub-centres of psychic energy. All of six centres are positioned in the Sushumna Nadi known as Hridya (central part) along the spine that remains dormant and can be enlivened by the aspirant through the practice of Reiki and yogic techniques with full devotion. Each of the energy centres […] Read More

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