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Reiki 101 – 101 Answers for Your Reiki Questions

by Angie Webster, Patti Deschaine, Haripriya Suraj, Deborah Lloyd, Ashwita Goel

On Amazon KindleReiki 101 Answers QuestionsPaperback.

From the Amazon description of the book:

The book you’re about to read contains answers to the top 101 Reiki questions asked by the Reiki Rays community.

Our featured Reiki Masters and authors Angie Webster, Patti Deschaine, Haripriya Suraj, Deborah Lloyd, and Ashwita Goel kindly and joyfully answered the questions.

The first question has five answers, one from each author. Subsequent questions have one answer, or in some cases two.

We hope this book will help you deepen your understanding of Reiki, and move further on your spiritual path.

Available on Amazon Kindle herePaperback.

Reiki Hold my beer, I’ve got this!

by Phillip Hawkins

On Amazon Kindle, PaperbackReiki Hold my Beer I've got this.

This book is 100% Reiki, stripped back and unplugged from mainstream preconceived and conditioned ideas of what it is, and how it’s supposed to be taught and used!

It was written for those bold and courageous spirits who are trying to get to the bottom of all things. If you expect to hear the same old clichéd story that has been done to death about Reiki, you’ll most certainly be disappointed. But if you want to explore the true depths of Reiki, gaining a broader understanding on how it can be taught in a contemporary way that is relevant to the needs of the 21st century, you’ve come to the right place.

You know one traditional version of the Reiki story. Now we’re offering you the second, uncensored, true nature and expression of Reiki! Beyond “Love and Light, Namaste or Peace and Blessings” lies the true work we need to focus on because, as you probably know, spiritual catchphrases and practices don’t automatically create spiritual people. As you may discover in chapter 5, you may be spiritual but are you for real?! Time to find out!

The way of Reiki is a journey we all can take; a journey during which we are both student and teacher, a seeker of truth and the giver of wisdom, each step gifts us the opportunity to find the knowledge and understanding we all search for.

Available on Amazon KindlePaperback.

Healing Through The Elements

by Ashwita Goel

On Amazon KindleHealing through the ElementsPaperback.

There are various perspectives to look at the world with. One can look at it as advaita – everything is one, or in terms of duality – yin and yang, energy and mass from the scientific perspective, or as the trinity – creator, sustainer, destroyer or as the five elements.

Chinese philosophy categorizes the five elements as earth, water, fire, metal, and wood, while the Indian Sānkhya philosophy separates the world into earth, water, fire, air, and ether. We can try to reach a state of balance through any of these methods, and here I share how we can get there by understanding the role of the pancha (five) mahā (great) bhuta (elements).

Ultimately, the secret to good health – physically, mentally, emotionally and otherwise, is balance. It is a narrow path to tread since little things can send us out of balance. Understanding life from the perspective of the 5 elements helps us restore this balance more easily.

The five elements that form our world are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether, going from the gross to the subtle. Too much of any of these elements can cause a spate of problems ranging from disease to brain fog to financial problems.

Available on Amazon KindlePaperback.

22 Messages from the Archangels

by Deborah Lloyd

22 Messages from the Archangels coverOn Amazon KindlePaperback.

Seven archangels bring messages of hope, peace, and love to you individually, and to the world collectively.

Words from Archangels Metatron, Raphael, Zadkiel, Ariel, Uriel, Michael, and Gabriel were channeled through this writer to be shared with people of all beliefs.

The archangels constantly remind us they are always available to guide and assist us with our challenging lives on earth. They impart wisdom and bless all of us with unconditional love. All we have to do is ask for their help.

These messages will help you to remember we are all connected – we are part of the One.

Available on Amazon KindlePaperback.

The Magic of Crystals in Your Reiki Journey

by Rinku Patel

On Amazon KindleCrystals Cover.

From the Amazon description of the book:

Crystals can have an amazingly positive impact on your Reiki practice – but how do you get started using them? And what are those “grids” we keep hearing about?

This book will give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to get your Reiki practice to the next level using crystals. And if you’re already using crystals in your practice, it is a great reference guide and a source of new ways of blending the two techniques.

This book covers the basics of using crystals, and it also contains detailed guides for the most common stones, interesting and powerful grids for abundance, relationships, protection, and other areas, and guides to using crystals for specific purposes such as weight loss, prosperity, psychic attacks, aura sweeping etc.

Rinku Patel is a very passionate practitioner and teacher of Reiki who loves to incorporate crystals in her practice and in her life. She has been a regular contributor to the Reiki Rays portal in the past years and her articles are very insightful and popular. She loves sharing her experience, skill, and wisdom and does so very passionately. Rinku always finds innovative ways of blending Reiki with crystals as well as other healing modalities.

To fully benefit from the knowledge shared in this book, the reader should be familiar with the healing art of Reiki. Also, some of the book chapters have been published on the Reiki Rays portal.

Available on Amazon Kindle here.

Crystal Recipes

by Rinku Patel

On Amazon KindleCrystal Recipes.

From the Amazon description of the book:

Many practitioners find that crystals multiply their healing work, allowing Reiki to work its magic in a more effective way. But simply having the crystals is not enough! We have to learn how to properly use them to cure ailments and protect against any imbalances and blockages that we or our clients might experience.

Every crystal type has a different purpose and application, so it depends on what you’re looking for.
Fortunately, “Crystal Recipes” is written as a complete instruction manual for energy healers in treating a myriad of afflictions and illnesses. Here you’ll find over 400 crystals ailment recipes suitable for anyone, from kids to adults, soon to be moms, pets — also sharing methods to cleanse, charge, program and use the crystals.

This book contains valuable information gathered, channeled and shared by Rinku Patel, a very passionate Reiki practitioner and teacher who loves to incorporate crystals into her energy work and life. She published over 150 articles on different Reiki topics and her insights are appreciated all over the world.

This information will be highly appreciated by any crystal healer who wishes to dive into the healing properties of crystals.

Available on Amazon Kindle here.

Everything You Need to Know About Psychic Attacks: Prevention, Symptoms, Solutions and more, by Ashwita Goel

On Amazon Kindle.
From the Amazon description of the book:

Psychic Attack

The unknown instils fear. A term like ‘psychic attack’ unfortunately triggers much fear among many, which is a pity because fear only enhances the grip it has on you.

Psychic attack doesn’t always mean ghosts or possession. In many cases it is simply about being under the influence of energies that are not your own. This book gives you the knowledge on how to remove these external influences.

The goal of this book is trifold. First, it will help the reader understand psychic attacks – how they work, what makes us vulnerable, and it dispels some common myths about psychic attacks.

Second, it describes the “symptoms” of psychic attacks, helping the reader identify whether or not they are affected.

Third, the book offers valuable tools and techniques to deal with psychic attacks if one is affected, and to work on the energetic level so that we prevent such attacks from happening in the first place.

It is a very thorough book, written by an experienced energy worker – a book that brings light to a shadowy topic, a much needed book in the present day.

Available on Amazon Kindle here.

Angels and Archangels in Reiki Practice, by Haripriya Suraj

On Amazon Kindle, Paperback (black and white), and Paperback (color edition).
From the Amazon description of the book:

Angels-and-Archangels-in-Reiki-Practice-Book-CoverHaripriya’s connection with the angels began a decade back, when they helped her cope with the passing on of her grandmother and helped remove a lot of fear and dark energy.
Thereafter, she has communicated with the angels at crucial moments in life and expressed her deepest feelings to them. Not only did they listen, but they also responded with unconditional love by sending help in the form of people or altered circumstances.
This book is written from such a place of unconditional love. The kindness and wisdom that are present in each story are empowering the readers to grow spiritually, to rediscover their inner strength and the connection to the divine angels.
The stories and techniques shown here are part of a long term collaboration with the Reiki portal Reiki Rays, and can be found in the archives of their website. The book is a compilation of the Haripriya’s most appreciated articles, arranged in a way that flows naturally and makes for an easy and inspiring lecture.

Available on Amazon Kindle herePaperback (black and white), and Paperback (color edition).

Reiki from A to Z, by Angie Webster

On Amazon Kindle
From the Amazon description of the book:

reiki-a-z-angie-websterThe book you’re about to read is a lighthouse, a beacon designed to help us evolve on our Reiki path. Angie’s articles are true step-stones on the Reiki spiritual journey. With each story, our understanding of how we can deepen our Reiki practice grows to new levels. Angie’s wisdom and experience are a true and reliable compass on our spiritual path.
As a writer, Angie has contributed hundreds of articles and stories to Reiki Rays and other publications, both online and on paper. This book is a compilation of Angie’s most appreciated articles, arranged in a way that flows naturally and makes for an easy and inspiring read. With each new lecture, you will discover new gems of wisdom which will help you get closer to the peaceful joy we are all meant to live in.

Available on Amazon Kindle here.

Books By Our Featured Authors

Infinite Reiki, Infinite Healing: How Reiki Healed my Life and What it Can do for Yours, by Angie Webster 

On Amazon Kindle and Paperback. From the Amazon description of the book:

Infinite Reiki, Infinite HealingAngie Webster practices and teaches Reiki at the Master level, but her life has not always been that of a healer. For most of her life, she struggled with various chronic illnesses, chronic pain and the depression and anxiety that often accompanied them. By her mid-twenties, she had serious neurological issues, as well. After a near death experience and the collapse of the life she had been trying to build, she began a long search to find her path and feel better, which eventually led her to energy healing and Reiki. In Infinite Reiki, Infinite Healing, Angie shares how she found her way from sick to healed and teaches many of the tools that have helped her. She offers accessible methods, including over a dozen exercises, to help you learn to work with energy in your life in a multitude of ways. She makes it easy to understand and put into practice, even if you have no previous understanding of energy. Energy is a tool that can be used every day, in many ways. From keeping yourself well to helping to soothe a sick or anxious child, to boosting the health of pets and plants, and even helping world situations–the uses are never-ending! Learning to work with and flow with energy will change your life for the better.

Available on Amazon here.

Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons, by Deborah Lloyd

On Amazon Kindle and Paperback. From the Amazon description of the book:

Believe and It Is TrueThis book is a personal narrative detailing a transformative healing journey. Fifty years after polio struck Deborah’s little three-year-old body, she was diagnosed with post-polio syndrome, with its overwhelming fatigue and muscle weakening. But, she did not accept the possibility of losing the use of her legs, again. Instead, she met the challenges head-on, healing her emotional wounds and strengthening her physical body. Her story is told through her experiences of learning essential life lessons – life lessons available to every person – to manifest a healing journey. Although her strong faith was developed through traditional religious beliefs, she discovered other spiritual realities, leading to an exploration of alternative healing methods. Learning the energy healing method of Reiki, finding solace in connecting with deceased relatives, and working through emotional issues with a shamanic intuitive healer are just a few of her experiences along this amazing path. Deborah’s story resonates with anyone seeking mind, body, and spiritual healing. Every person can discover the power to heal. Believe And It Is True is a reality for all.

Available on Amazon here.

Healing Through Reiki, by Ashwita Goel and Dr. Beena Rani Goel

On Amazon Kindle and Paperback. From the Amazon description of the book:

Healing Through ReikiThe tremendous technological progress that mankind has made during this millennium has alienated human being from nature. Leading an artificial life, surrounded by materialistic things, he has long since lost the awareness of the divine vibration within him. Reiki brings back that awareness. Much before you fall physically sick, that illness has its origin in the mental or emotional sphere. Reiki heals the problem from the root cause. The same Universal Life Force Energy, which makes the buds bloom and the earth rotate, is within each one of us too. Practicing Reiki daily establishes that connection, empowering us to an extent that words cannot describe. Becoming a Reiki channel is the greatest gift that you can give yourself This book is meant for beginners, but also contains information that will be useful for experienced healers. It explains the concepts in a simple yet concise manner, and also talks about the deeper aspects of healing.

Available on Amazon here.

The Reluctant Reiki Master’s Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Sustaining a Thriving Reiki Practice, by Deb Karpek

On Amazon Kindle and Paperback. From the Amazon description of the book:

deb-karper-bookFrom the nuts and bolts to starting a business to the emotional highs and lows that accompany this endeavor, it’s all here. Part how to, part Reiki memoir, Deb is not shy about sharing what has worked for her and more importantly, what has not. She takes you on her journey as she faces and transcends her fears, learns how to “Do It Afraid,” and comes out on the other side with a thriving Reiki practice. Her personal stories will not only show you how to do it, but motivate, encourage and inspire you with humor and compassion. If you’re just getting started but are afraid you don’t have what it takes, Deb will hold your hand and guide you. If you already have your practice, her stories may validate your feelings and nudge you to the next level.

Available on Amazon here.

Family Sin: How Reiki Helped Heal My Life, by Mikayla M. Sabella

On Amazon Kindle and Paperback. From the Amazon description of the book:


Family Sin is the story of how one woman escaped a brutal past littered with childhood trauma and debilitating addictions. It spotlights her courage and insight and shows how she developed an understanding that helped her reconcile powerful negative emotions and break free of the chains that bound her to despicable family secrets.

Available on Amazon here.

The book can be found on Balboa Press as well here.

For more details please visit the following website: www.familysinbook.com/

Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine, by Chyna Honey

On Amazon Kindle and Paperback. From the Amazon description of the book:

Understanding ReikiUnderstanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine provides information that answers long-standing questions, fills in the blanks where information is lacking, and lends correction where misinformation is accepted as part of the understanding and practice of Reiki today. It provides insights that are easy to understand and explain to others, once Reiki is returned to, and spoken about in the context of Energy Medicine. From this vantage point, the discussion expands, a deeper understanding of what affects human healing emerges, and the role Reiki plays in human health and self-care becomes clear. This comprehensive guide is of value to all humans, whether interested in alternative healthcare or not, because Reiki and Energy Medicine are not “alternative” practices. They are, in simple terms, what is missing in self-care today. This book is an enjoyable read that will engage and surprise the reader as it brings forward lost information that is essential in understanding human health.

Available on Amazon here.

Building a Powerful Practice: Successful Strategies for Your Wellness Business, by Deborah Flanagan

On Amazon Kindle and Paperback. From the Amazon description of the book:

This wise and accessible guide offers a blueprint for practitioners just starting out with their wellness business, as well as guidance for more seasoned practitioners who want to build their client base and need additional tools to help them make a living with their passion. Deborah Flanagan offers practitioners real-world advice: how to find clients in person and online, how to market to their ideal client base (even for those practitioners that think they don’t like marketing), and how to put together creative packages and promotions. She makes recommendations on avoiding burnout, dealing with potential client challenges, and building confidence as a practitioner. Deborah also advises on how to make a smooth career transition and find office space, tools, and professional services that can grow with a practice.

The book also addresses the behind-the-scenes components of running a business, such as creating a home office and handling administrative and financial tasks. A free online Business Starter Kit offers practical and easy-to-use templates practitioners can follow to manage client data, build an electronic mailing list, and keep track of income and expenses.

Available on Amazon here.

Lessons I Learned from Reiki, by Sunetra Dasgupta

On Pothi. From the Pothi description of the book:

Lessons I Learned from ReikiAll spiritual healers share a lot of experiences and victories which they have brought in other people life, very rarely people share the small changes that has happened in their life, and what made them stick to it.
This book wants to represent in short how does spiritual practice (in this case Reiki) has brought many changes in a practitioners life.

Soniele Daniel is a Reiki Teacher. She is emotionally attached to Reiki as she feels when she was nowhere, Reiki came to rescue her. She is into various healing practices, and also has a free fortnightly spiritual e-newsletter which goes by the name “SAC Divine Touch” Though she has done her Masters in Statistics, she felt spiritual healing to be her true calling.

Available on Pothi here.

Reiki Your Spiritual Secrets to Healing and a Better Life, by Rinku Patel

On Amazon Kindle. From the Amazon description of the book:

Spiritual SecretsReiki – To Heal You and Give You a Better Life!

Not just advice from anyone, but advice from a Reiki Master that will give you the help in life you need!

Let Reiki cure your problems now!

Discover the simple steps, remedies and techniques that a Reiki Master will give you for helping you with all your sicknesses and troubles.

Available on Amazon here.

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