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Using Candles with Reiki

A Reiki candle is charged up with the energy of Reiki. When this candle is lighted, it releases an energy, which can be transferred to any living thing or surroundings, which helps in generating higher power energy in people. Reiki candle can be charged by Reiki practitioners and people like to lighten their rooms to fill it with a lot of positive energy.

Reiki Candles: How to choose them?

You need to be aware while purchasing Reiki Candles. A little information about the ingredients of these candles is enlisted below:

  • Wax: Many prefer that the wax constituent of candles is made up of high-quality soy wax, which includes soybean content and botanical oils. Ideally there should be no “chemicals” included in the candles and they should be clean.
  • Dyes: Try to choose candles with natural dyes, as these are less likely to have harmful additives and; if time permits, research the side effects of ingredients before deciding.
  • Aroma: Reiki candles are sometimes scented with different oils, and specifically, essential oils having therapeutic features. They are extracted from plant elements to preserve the essential things. These oils contain nutrients which help us keep better health, as well as having an impact on our mood and the energy around the room.
  • Wick: If you can find ECO series wicks designed specifically to be used with soy wax, that’s perfect. These are usually cotton braided and include material used for burn stability.
  • Mindfulness with best intentions: Reiki candles have to include positive mindfulness. Each ingredient in candle has to be selected in a right way. There is an intention behind every Reiki candle. It can let the energy flow through you.

Before lighting the candle, think about your need for lighting it. You can repeat your intentions several times to make sure that you get Universal energy through it. Ideally, phrase it in such a way that it “helps with a situation”, staying away from intending any particular outcome.

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