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Increase Your Flow of Energy with Breathing Exercises

Meditating every morning is a practice that brings us health benefits and improves our performance during the day. We can choose different types of meditations. In this article, I propose a breathing technique or meditation and Reiki exercise to increase our ki, our energy.

This exercise is used to increase ki before doing a group attunement, but it is perfect to practice it every morning to invigorate your day. You can also do it before an attunement or a healing attunement to a group of people if you are a teacher.

This exercise has 3 parts.

  1. The first phase serves to clear the energy channel and prepare to receive a great flow of vital energy.
  2. The second phase establishes the connection with the Reiki energy.
  3. In the third phase, we contemplate the energy gathered and direct it with our intention.

Phase 1

  1. Place your hands facing each other, right in front of the Heart Chakra. Your hands should not be touching your chest or each other.
  2. On each inhalation, feel the energy enter the crown of your head. Pretend you inhale into the Crown Chakra.
  3. On each exhalation, feel the energy flow through your Heart Chakra. While you exhale, feel the energy flow with the palms of your hands. Pretend that you exhale through the heart chakra.

Repeat these steps at least 3 times. As you repeat these breaths and feel a greater flow of energy, you can slowly separate your hands and bring more energy into your palms.

Increase Your Flow of Energy with Breathing Exercises

Phase 2

  1. Put your hands up above your head and draw in the air DKM, CKR, or whatever symbol you feel guided to. If you are not tuned to any symbol, you can establish your connection with Reiki and request that the universal life energy flows to you.
  2. As you lower your hands, breath in the DKM in 7 seconds, pretending to inhale into the Crown Chakra.
  3. Hold the air for 7 seconds and feel the energy accumulated in your body.
  4. Exhale the air in 7 seconds, visualizing the energy coming out from the Heart Chakra.

Repeat steps 4 to 7. In the following repetitions, when you raise your hands up, recite the name of the symbol used in step 4, or your mantra of connection with Reiki.

Phase 3

  1. While reciting the symbol used in point 4, bring your hands to your heart, and breathe calmly. At this moment, you can direct the energy gathered to the intentions of your day.

Enjoy it!
Infinite love.

Article by Magalí Giménez

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Magalí Giménez

Magalí Giménez

I am Magalí, I am a Molecular Biologist, I have a PhD in Biological Sciences, I specialize in plant genetics and epigenetics.
I am a Master in Usui Reiki and level two Karuna Reiki®. I am a reader and healer of Akashic Registers.
You can contact me at magalienergy@gmail.com

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