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Spiritual Bath for Reiki Practitioners

Energy is all there is. We constantly put out energy and intake energy from the people and the environment we stay in. Not all of these vibrations are high or favorable for us. Many of these affect us negatively also, but at times we do not have the choice of avoiding those environments, e.g. a jealous colleague at workplace or maybe a not so supportive relative. There are umpteen number of such situations in everyday life where we end up absorbing negative energies from the aura of those around us or it could even come from our own negative thoughts. But whatever the cause, we need to wash off such vibrations and cleanse our aura to ensure harmony and balance in life. So here I explore the various nuances of one such technique for aura cleansing. It is called salt bath and helps to cleanse and purify our energy body.

The salt used for this purpose is rock salt as it helps to absorb the negative energy and remove all the energetic grime, making you feel more peaceful and grounded. Do not use table salt as it is stripped off of some of the essential minerals. The best time for this magical bath is evening hours or just before going the bed. This will prevent picking up unwanted energies right after the bath.

Spiritual Bath for Reiki Practitioners

Let’s walk through the steps required for a salt bath:

  • Fill your bath/bucket with lukewarm water and make the power symbol over it. Add two to three tablespoons of rock salt to it. If you want to further empower the healing properties of this bath, you can also add one tablespoon of coffee to it.
  • You may also add a few drops of essentials oils like lavender oil or basil or cinnamon oil to enhance the healing properties and promote relaxation.
  • You may light a few candles and put on light soothing music during the bath.
  • When you soak or bathe, be fully in the moment and experience the feeling of it. Keep a tab on your feelings. You might feel a release of several negative feelings, so be sure not to step out of the house for a few hours after the bath.
  • Wrap up your bath session with deep breaths, just breathe in and out. You will feel a great sense of calm and peace soon after the bath.

This bath helps to raise your vibration, so you can use it once a week or a month or whenever you feel you have been around toxic people. Combine it with Reiki and experience the magic.

Love and light

Article by Dr. Jayashree Ramana

Dr. Jayashree Ramana

Dr. Jayashree Ramana

Dr. Jayashree Ramana is a Bioenergy Healer and Wellness Coach. She is Usui Reiki GrandMaster and practices Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal healing, Lama fera, Magnified healing, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), acupressure etc. She is a fitness enthusiast and helps people achieve optimal levels of wellness by amalgamating physical measures including nutrition and exercise along with various alternative therapies. Her vision is to empower people and help them tap into their individual power while simultaneously creating a life of abundance and joy. She was formerly a university professor and scientist in the field of Biotechnology for a decade. Her own personal transformation with reiki sparked her passion for metaphysical sciences and this led her to found ‘The Healing Soul’.
Get in touch with Dr. Jayashree Ramana through her website www.thehealingsoul.in or you may reach her at ramana.jayashree@gmail.com. Her youtube channel is www.youtube.com/c/TheIndianCinderella.

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