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Reiki Resolutions for the New Year

This year was one of the most turbulent ones for the entire human race, because of the corona pandemic. But now we are soon going to bid an adieu to this year and ready to embrace the new one with a renewed excitement and gusto. It is that time of the year where we often review our checklist of achievements and set new wishes and goals. Some of those have hit the bull’s eye while others missed the mark. But we are here again gearing up to realize our goals in the new year. We are inherently creators of our own experience and are capable of realizing all our dreams. However in life, we all find ourselves in certain situations where we feel incapable of creating, directing, or getting what we desire.

Reiki Resolutions for the New Year

As a Reiki practitioner you can empower your new year resolutions and materialize them faster into our reality.

Let us see how to do it:

  1. Note down all your objectives and aspirations on a piece of paper. Your dreams are about you and maybe your loved ones too. It could be about career, health, or relationship. Close your eyes and send Reiki to each of those intentions one by one with the help of the power symbol.
  2. If you are uncertain about how to achieve a particular goal, connect to it using the symbol for mental or emotional healing, and this will help you bring guidance to take action towards the goal. This could be in the form of feelings, ideas, thoughts, or suggestions. Be in an open state by maintaining your awareness and calmness. A calm mind is always more receptive.
  3. Craft an affirmation for each of your intentions and repeat it while performing self-Reiki on your seven chakras.
  4. Before you do your self-healing, read out your intentions and the affirmations you prepared. Pick up one goal that is most important to you now and visualize the outcome of that wish. You don’t have to know how to reach the outcome. Draw the power symbol on the image of the end result and watch the impact it has.
    If you are giving Reiki to a client or a close one, you can ask them to think of the outcome of their goal while receiving the Reiki energy. You can visualize them as feeling blissful and fulfilled having achieved their goal.
  5. Once you are done with your Reiki session, you can keep your list of goals in your Reiki box which you program every day. The amplified energy helps to supercharge your aims and manifest them faster.
  6. At the end of every month, check the goals you have already accomplished. Thank yourself for taking consistent action and thank the Reiki energy for the fruition of your desires as well as bringing guidance all the way.

Reiki helps to bring balance and harmony to every area of your life, so charge your new year resolutions with Reiki. May your resolutions bring beautiful transformation and experiences into your reality. In the new year, let us continue to practice Reiki and spread it far and wide, for the collective upliftment of the human tribe.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

Love and light

Article by Dr. Jayashree Ramana

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Dr. Jayashree Ramana

Dr. Jayashree Ramana

Dr. Jayashree Ramana is a Bioenergy Healer and Wellness Coach. She is Usui Reiki GrandMaster and practices Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal healing, Lama fera, Magnified healing, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), acupressure etc. She is a fitness enthusiast and helps people achieve optimal levels of wellness by amalgamating physical measures including nutrition and exercise along with various alternative therapies. Her vision is to empower people and help them tap into their individual power while simultaneously creating a life of abundance and joy. She was formerly a university professor and scientist in the field of Biotechnology for a decade. Her own personal transformation with reiki sparked her passion for metaphysical sciences and this led her to found ‘The Healing Soul’.
Get in touch with Dr. Jayashree Ramana through her website www.thehealingsoul.in or you may reach her at ramana.jayashree@gmail.com. Her youtube channel is www.youtube.com/c/TheIndianCinderella.

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