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Attract Love in Your Life – Heal the Inner Child

Many people find themselves in a never-ending and frustrating search for love. Either they do not find a partner or they find themselves in a series of unsatisfactory and unhappy relationships. Before I begin to pen down my thoughts on the subject, let us exclude the people who choose to stay single because of their spiritual pursuits or any other purpose.

Love is a natural instinct and desire

We have an inborn capacity to love ourselves and others too. At the same time, it is natural to expect love. However many people have a hard time finding love. This happens because of the hurt ‘inner child’. All of us adults have an inner child within us. So it isn’t unnatural for us to respond like a child in certain situations.

However, that inner child does not carry only the fondest memories, but also the pain, trauma and/or neglect. Such feelings are not limited to those who experienced major tragic events, family breakups or child abuse. These hurts could stem from even ordinary events because we are extremely vulnerable as children. E.g. a child never got to express her disappointment when her parents refused to take her to an ice-cream parlour when she wanted to celebrate her birthday. She held on to that defining moment in her life where the one she trusted the most failed her. Unintentionally this could become the root cause of her self-doubts or trust issues and cause a strain in her relationship with her parents or maybe future partner. Even a well-meaning advice could cause an emotional injury because children have not yet learnt how to process when something is denied to them.

The person carries the emotional injuries and the “the little child” turns into an adult who is weak and vulnerable inside but projects strength externally by using aggression as his ammunition. When left unaddressed, the inner child wounds result in some behavioral symptoms like self-harm, self-defeat, over aggression, poor body image. At times, it affects the relationships of a person through commitment issues, inability to trust oneself and others, and even addiction. So by healing yourself, you can tolerate distress and improve relationships without the display of rage or any such tactics, since you will not need that little “rebellious child” who felt dejected. This enhances confidence and raises your feeling of ‘self-worth’.

Attract Love in Your Life - Heal the Inner Child

Inner child healing and attracting love

Love begins at home. To attract love from outside, you have to first love yourself. I elaborated this in one of my previous articles ‘Reiki – the journey to self-love’. When you heal your inner child, you would automatically vibrate at the right frequency. You would not be too aggressive to cause strain in your relationships. You would not be too submissive to allow an emotionally distant person in your life. The universe responds to your vibration. So vibrate at the frequency of love and trust the universe all the while.

Reiki helps one to connect you with the inner child and heal your childhood traumas that continue to affect your day-to-day life. Reiki allows the loving and gentle energy to flow into your inner child and release the trapped emotions of fear, mistrust, worries as well as self-limiting beliefs. When your inner child gets the nourishment of love and compassion, it blooms into a loving and caring adult. And with that love in your soul, it’s not difficult to manifest love in your own life.

Along with Reiki, adding a few steps in your everyday life will greatly help you heal your inner child. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Meditation – Practicing mindfulness during meditation and everyday life helps to boost your self-awareness. It also helps you deal with uneasy emotions in a better way.
  2. Journal – Journalling your emotions has an immensely therapeutic effect and will help to heal your inner child.
  3. Bring back the childhood joys – try to rekindle the feelings of joy and fun by including some interesting activities in your daily life. It could be playing a sport or hanging out with your loved ones. Don’t let your age be a barrier to the small joys of life.

The bottom line is it’s never too late to heal yourself. By healing your inner child, you learn how to express emotions in healthy ways and attract love in your life.

Article by Dr. Jayashree Ramana

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Dr. Jayashree Ramana

Dr. Jayashree Ramana

Dr. Jayashree Ramana is a Bioenergy Healer and Wellness Coach. She is Usui Reiki GrandMaster and practices Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal healing, Lama fera, Magnified healing, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), acupressure etc. She is a fitness enthusiast and helps people achieve optimal levels of wellness by amalgamating physical measures including nutrition and exercise along with various alternative therapies. Her vision is to empower people and help them tap into their individual power while simultaneously creating a life of abundance and joy. She was formerly a university professor and scientist in the field of Biotechnology for a decade. Her own personal transformation with reiki sparked her passion for metaphysical sciences and this led her to found ‘The Healing Soul’.
Get in touch with Dr. Jayashree Ramana through her website www.thehealingsoul.in or you may reach her at ramana.jayashree@gmail.com. Her youtube channel is www.youtube.com/c/TheIndianCinderella.

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