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Grief, Wounds and Reiki – Part 2 of 5

I sat with my anger long enough. Really felt all that I was to feel and connected to my beautiful precious heart. It was unbelievably the most intense and uncomfortable journey I have ever had to take. For me, my journey “From Head to Heart” began after my son’s first birthday (he is now 10). I was forced to hit my rock bottom as my body stopped functioning properly from too much stress in my mind, body and heart. It is what began my healing journey, my desire to be the mom I always thought I was going to be.

What a gift our children are to shine the light on all the places we need to look at within ourselves. Places of wounding we may have never wanted to look at before. Our children are mirroring back to us all we like about ourselves and all the things we wish were different.

My naturopathic doctor recommended I seek out some counselling. In her office was a therapist who I was drawn to work with. Little did I know she would reintroduce me to meditation and my first ever experience with energy healing. Energy healing became a part of some of our sessions.

This divine meeting started my journey with Reiki and catapulted my healing journey to seek out others to guide me. Those who offered Reiki healing became a must for me until I was ready to begin my journey as a Reiki Practitioner. As I reflect on my journey, I share with you below a letter I wrote called “Whispers From My Heart.”

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Grief, Wounds and Reiki - Part 2 of 5

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Whispers From My Heart

Jennifer, my heart began to whisper…..

My love, all that anger, pain and sometimes even rage you feel, it has a different name. That name is GRIEF.

It’s okay to let it go now. You were just trying to protect yourself from getting hurt again. All the pain, loss, heartache and trauma you experienced as a child and an adult; it was teaching you to love unconditionally and to forgive, but most importantly to love and forgive yourself for hanging onto this grief for so long. It doesn’t only affect you as it ripples out to others through your thoughts, words and actions.

I understand you did what you could. You were only trying to protect yourself and your heart. So, you built a wall around it to protect yourself from more heartbreak. What else is there to do when your heart feels as though it is literally broken? You know it was your father’s time to go. Be it much too soon. You were only 5 and he was only 30, but you have more to learn and share and experience together.

So, you thought it was safer to build this wall around your heart instead. You did not realize what would happen from doing this. You did not only block some grief and pain from entering, but you blocked some of it from releasing as well. In turn you also blocked yourself from experiencing love. Unconditional love from coming into your heart, but also from expressing it to others.

When enough healing comes into your heart, it will hurt, I mean physically hurt the day you feel that wall break apart, but I promise you it is worth it. The pain you must endure as part of your healing journey will have its challenges. You will have to sit with all the pain you felt, all the pain you caused others and even the pain experienced throughout your family and your ancestors.

You may wish you never started this journey to begin with, but I send you hope. Hope will stay with you on this journey. Hope will guide your way. I also send you faith. Faith will root you in knowing and believing in something bigger than you no matter what or whom you choose to believe in, be sure its main message is one of love.

You will still experience grief as that is a part of the journey, but you will no longer give your power away and let it hold you prisoner. You will be free to experience so much love……unconditional love. You will feel peace, more peace than you have ever known. You will feel joy, oh the joy. You will laugh and make beautiful memories and make your dreams come true.

You have had many guides along the way. Used many tools to support you on your journey. Had many sources of inspiration. So much so that you have never given up. You may have needed to take breaks from the healing process and that is ok, as it is a journey. You will be rewarded for all your hard work and efforts. With abundance like you have never experienced before. I don’t mean money either, but abundance of love, abundance of gratitude, abundance of inspiration, abundance of compassion, abundance of forgiveness, abundance of connection and the abundance of miracles.

You will feel love and compassion for others like you have never felt before. You will feel connected to our beautiful Mother Earth and to possibilities you could have only ever dreamed of.

You will see the beauty in everything that has happened in your life. You will live like this day is your last, because you lost so much time holding on to that grief for so long. It’s ok, because I always loved you as we are one. I am your heart. You just had to take the time you needed to find yourself back to me and love yourself again. I thank you for coming back home to me, your heart.

You will still grieve and you will still cry, but don’t forget about connecting to me your precious beautiful heart. As together we are going to live, love and experience more peace, healing and gratitude…..miracles beyond your wildest dreams. As I am your heart and I know what you desire and what you deserve, to be free from this prison of your own making.

You have always had the key to unlocking your heart and healing one layer and one step at a time. I was patient and I sent you so much inspiration through the outer world. Your perseverance got you here today. That my beauty, is the journey From Head to Heart. I welcome you and am so happy you arrived in the ways that you felt called to on this journey. You stayed true with what resonates with you and you came home in divine right timing.

With love your beautiful beating heart.

Whispers From My Heart written May 21, 2020 by Jennifer Cluley

Article by Jennifer Cluley

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Jennifer Cluley

Jennifer Cluley

Jennifer Cluley is a Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Teacher, Intuitive and Spiritual Journey Guide. Jennifer’s passion is to inspire others to connect to their heart to bring more balance, peace, love, forgiveness and harmony within, which then ripples into the home and out into the world. Jennifer’s anchor is Reiki and her meditation practice, her guide, which continues to assist her healing journey and guiding and assisting others who connect with her. A better understanding of ourselves and our connections with those we love, ultimately brings more harmony in the home. Jennifer’s children are her biggest motivators, her angels, her support and many family and friends her biggest sources of inspiration to lead a spirit led life.

Connect with Jennifer:
Website: www.fromheadtoheart.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fromheadtoheart555/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jennifercluleyfromheadtoheart/

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  • Tomas October 10, 2020, 8:44 am

    Dear Jennifer,
    Thank you for your wonderful sharing of your journey! I asked for guidance in my self-healing this morning, and two hours later I read your letter and realized what my own anger and grief have done to me. Just realizing brought understanding to me, and I feel that I am ready for the next step on my journey. Once again, from my heart to your heart, thank you.

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