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Reiki and Yoga Breathing through the Chakra’s

In yogic studies, we learn that prana is a universal life force energy. Prana surrounds us and when we breathe in, we take in this Life Force Energy. Breathing exercises are so important in yoga because they create a mind-body union that also connects us with prana. Prana also exists in the Earth and in the Sun.

However, for this article, I will be focusing on the prana that is in the Air. This is an exercise that I use in my self Reiki practice to combine breath, meditation, yoga, and chakra rejuvenation. I find this exercise to be a beautiful way to combine all of these healing modalities. Breathing exercises are so important in yoga because they create a mind-body union that also connects us with prana.

In yoga, the pose, savasana or corpse pose, you lay on your back with your eyes closed. Your arms resting at your side, with either palms raised or down. Your breath is relaxed and you are practicing slowly inhaling and exhaling. This is a pose of rest and ease. You will be in this pose for this session.

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Reiki and Yoga Breathing through the Chakra's

On your next inhale, visualize a white light being drawn through you from your crown chakra. Place your fingertips on the crown of your head and imagine this white energy which is both prana and Reiki, as it enters your crown chakra.

Exhale and visualize the white flow of energy moving to your third eye. As you visualize this, move your fingertips to your forehead. Inhale and continue to visualize more white light gently flowing into your third eye chakra.

Exhale and now the white light moves to your throat chakra. Move your fingertips to your throat, unless this is uncomfortable then you can do a hands off Reiki position. Inhale, bringing more of this prana and Reiki energy to your throat chakra.

Exhale. Your mind moves to your heart chakra, now bring your fingertips to your heart center. This white flowing energy encases and swirls around your heart chakra. Inhale this energy into your heart chakra.

Exhale and move your mind’s eye to your solar plexus chakra. Bring your fingertips to your solar plexus. The white flowing energy is bathing your solar plexus in white light. Inhale another breath of this powerful healing energy.

Exhale and visualize your sacral chakra. Your sacral chakra is moving freely while being surrounded with this white flowing energy. Bring your fingertips to your sacral chakra. More energy is surrounding your sacral chakra.

Exhale, the white flowing energy of prana and Reiki is moving down to your sacral chakra. Now bring your fingers to the sacral chakra. Inhale the flowing energy.

Exhale. Now, in your mind’s eye, scan yourself from crown chakra to sacral chakra. Stop at each chakra and visualize it swirling freely with this prana and reiki energy. Lay your hands to your side and feel your whole body.

This is a powerful combination of several healing modalities and I often practice this close to bedtime. I hope you are able to incorporate this into your self-Reiki practice.

Article by Carrie Anderson

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Carrie Anderson
Carrie Anderson

Carrie Anderson has her Bachelor’s in Anthropology with a Minor in Women’s Studies. She is a Reiki Master with additional training in Grief Reiki, NOW Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Reiki Space Clearing, and Animal Reiki. Her focus is on Distance Reiki. She also has certifications in Teen Guided Meditation, Chakra Cleansing, Meditation Guide, Manifestation Practitioner, Energy Healing with Color and Art, Reflexology and Acupressure. Additionally, she is a Yoga Instructor with a focus on Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Children’s Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. Carrie is a co-author with Mellisa Dormoy for the book, “Easy Mindfulness for Today’s Teens”. She is an active member of the Natural Healer Society and may be reached at caresreiki@gmail.com

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