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Ask RMT – Can We Interfere with Our Client’s Karma?

It’s a doubt we’ve all been through… There’s this calling to support the healing process of others and the world itself through our innate gifts but something might hold us back and make us fear our contribution thinking we can pick up energies that do not belong to us, energies that may disturb our energy field, the ones we love and even our life’s path.

Understand how the energy of Reiki really works when it comes to karma and karmic doubts of those we heal with the following perspectives provided by valuable Reiki Masters of our community.

Question from Tarra Singh:

“When we carry out healing on someone are we not interfering with their karmic account and thus taking on their karma onto ourselves?”

Answer from Phoenix Fenegan, www.instagram.com/phoenixfenegan/

This is an interesting question. It would indeed seem that since the energies of the Reiki practitioner and client intermingle during a Reiki session and that the term ‘healing’ is synonymous with Reiki (indicating a possible easy removal of karmic dis-ease) that it would perhaps be possible for karma to be interfered with or transferred. But it is not the case.

Let’s start with a firm understanding of how the energy of Reiki really works. Reiki is the only impartial decider on whether a person’s karma can be shifted, cleared or left as it is for now. Reiki cannot be commanded or coerced by a force of human will, it is universal life energy and comes from the Creator.

As a Reiki practitioner, we are not capable of interfering with someone’s karma, we can only channel the Reiki energy and it will decide what to do. No matter our good intentions, the energy goes where it is needed and not necessarily where we think it should.

As a practitioner, by keeping our own energy clear and in good order, we prevent the taking on of anyone else’s energies, karmic or otherwise. It is important to not attach ourselves to any desired outcome of the Reiki treatment session as our clients are on their own healing journey. If you are in any doubt whether giving Reiki is a good idea to a particular individual, meditate on it and follow your intuition.

Ask RMT - Can We Interfere with Our Client's Karma?

Answer from Phillip Hawkins, www.philliphawkinsreiki.wordpress.com

Thank you for your excellent question, but it’s a question based on widely held misconceptions of healing and Karma. To show your question the respect it deserves let me first deal with the subject of healing. As I have said many times before, the only person we have the power and authority to heal is ourselves and this we can do through the acquisition and application of knowledge and understanding who are the true physicians of healing. Without them in attendance healing of any description is impossible.

A basic principle of creation and personal and spiritual development is free will, your power and ability to choose. Free will is sacrosanct; and neither you nor I can negate, override or change this fact. Free will is the cornerstone upon which personal spiritual development stands, and this includes all forms of healing.

In practical terms you can’t heal anyone against their will, or in ignorance of the part they play in their own health, illness or disease. To be effective healing must encompass the mind, body and spirit. The mind in relation to the thoughts, beliefs and actions of the person. The body in the physical symptoms manifesting as a result of the established mindset, and the spirit in the form of raised awareness of personal responsibility in the healing process. If you focus on the physical symptoms and ignore the other two you are doing no more than putting a plaster on an open wound. The underlying cause goes undetected; the root cause that goes unhealed will simply resurface again and again until the cause and the obvious effect are addressed and dealt with.

By accepting personal responsibility you heal yourself through the above process; you are then able to educate others to take personal responsibility for their own healing by making the necessary changes in their thoughts, beliefs and actions on a daily basis. But only if they choose to do so. Many people claim to want healing but what they are really saying is ‘’Take the pain away but leave my life alone’’. They either can’t or don’t want to see the connection between the life choices they make and the state of their health they create.

Human nature being what it is we love the thought of being a healer, it makes us feel good but like everything in life if we are going to claim ownership of a title or ability we need to fully understand the implications. If illness and disease has its roots embedded in ignorance and fear this is what you must tackle first, and simply alleviating the pain is totally unacceptable if you want to claim the misguided title of healer.

There are many scientific and spiritual laws and one such law is cause and effect; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. No action can exist in isolation of the universe surrounding it, and as spiritual energy beings even a simple thought creates a ripple effect traveling outwards from its point of creation. The stronger and sustained the initiating thought the stronger the creative process involved and the inevitable the outcome. Once created we have no option but to live through the experience created and deal with the consequences of our actions. This is Karma stripped back and at its most basic.

Free will is neither random nor arbitrary; its purpose is very specific, which is to assist us to discover our true identity as co-creators of the universe through the life we choose to create for ourselves in the here and now, which is the only point of power available to us. Free will ensures mistakes and poor life choices will happen, these provide the lessons and learning experiences necessary for us to develop and grow, as long as we choose to do so. Ideally we will learn and retain the lesson while letting go of the mistake. The mistake is who we were; the lesson is who we are now and how well we learn it will determine who and what we can become.

Ask RMT - Can We Interfere with Our Client's Karma?

The concept of sin can only exist in a religious context; but mistakes, selfishness, and poor life choices are available to us all as they need to be so freedom can find expression through the choices we make. All choices come with pre-set consequences, with the right to choose comes the responsibility to choose wisely or suffer the consequences of our actions. We are never punished ‘’for’’ what we do by some unseen God or deity, if ‘’punishment’’ exists we create it ourselves as a consequence of the life choices we have chosen to make. This is Karma stripped back and at its most basic and profound.

It is said a fool neither listens nor learns, the clever person learns from their mistakes and a wise person avoids both painful lessons and fools by the choices they make. In doing so they demonstrate both knowledge and understanding of the true nature of Karma. Since you are powerless to heal anyone other than yourself the other person’s Karmic experience is beyond your influence or control. Your own healing and karmic cause and effect? Now that’s a totally different matter and completely in your own hands.

Hope this helps.

Answer from Carrie Anderson, naturalhealer.com.au/2017/12/caresreiki-pennsylvania-usa/

When we are sending Reiki energy to another person we are not interfering with their karmic account nor taking on their Karmic Debt. A karmic account belongs to one person and one person only, throughout their past and current lives. A person creates and adds to their karmic debt through their actions, thoughts, and beliefs.

As you know, Reiki itself is a loving, healing, universal energy. Reiki can do no harm. As Reiki practitioners we are a conduit for healing energy. We are not giving our energy or receiving energy from the recipient. Our Reiki training allows us to be a way to channel Reiki. As such, our ego should not come into play. We don’t want to focus on our expectations or what we want the Reiki to do. Reiki knows where it is needed.

During a Reiki session, you are almost in a meditative state. It’s important when doing a Reiki Session that we, the practitioner, feel calm and peaceful. We need to be in a place of love.

If you are feeling drained after a Reiki session, remember to ground yourself before the healing session. When channeling the Reiki energy visualize a cord between you and the client. This is the channel that the Reiki travels through. After the session, make sure to visualize the cord being cut. Using your hands lightly brush yourself from head to toe.

I do not believe that we, as Reiki practitioners, are interfering with someone else’s karmic account or taking on their karma. My Reiki training has heavily focused on Reiki as being a healing energy and coming from a place of love. As long as our intentions are based in love, then no harm comes from Reiki.

I’m attaching an article about Karmic Reiki and how to heal one’s Karma. The second article is another take on your question.

Ask RMT - Can We Interfere with Our Client's Karma?

Answer from Pauline Raphaela, www.awakeningofthesoul.com

If a person has asked for healing and we transmit energy to that person, we are not in control of how that person’s soul uses Reiki. Their soul uses the energy to heal what is needed most. Since Reiki has it’s own mind and knows where to use it, we release responsibility to how it is used or the outcome of the healing transmission. If it is used to clear karma it is directed by the person’s soul, not the practitioner. We do not take on their karma at all – release attachment as practitioner that you are actually doing the healing. The person’s soul is the true healer. Remember we are only conduits to transmit Reiki.

Answer from Ashwita Goel, www.reiki-bangalore.com

Karmic interference is happening all the time, in every moment, every action we take. ‘Karma’ is not exactly action in the common parlance, although that is the literal translation. ‘Karma’ refers to attachment. For example, if someone dropped a cup of hot coffee on you by mistake, you would be annoyed, maybe injured, but not hateful or vengeful. If on the other hand it was done with anger and spite, you would likely carry anger within you for years. So you see, it is not the action, it is what hides behind the action that constitutes karma.

Today due to a lack of enough information, a lot of healers engage in karmic interference. The question we need to ask ourselves before healing is merely, are we attached to the outcome or are we an instrument of the universe? Because if our desire when we practice healing is merely to bring balance and allow the universe to do what it needs to do, then we are practicing powerful spiritual principles. On the other hand if we are trying to ‘help’ the other person by manipulating their body, mind or life in order to make them happy, then we are creating an interference.

It’s not so much what we do, but the ‘why’ of it, which really matters on a karmic level.

Answer from Durga Pillai, www.themeraki.org

Your question has two parts to it. Part 1: You’re worried about interfering with your healee’s karmic cycle. Part 2: You’re worried about taking on your healee’s karma as part of your own karma.

I say Karma doesn’t work that way at all. Here’s why!

The word “Karma” has three inter-related meanings. Karma is the action that one does while it also refers to the consequences of actions that one does. Karma is also known as duty in Sanskrit texts. So, the word has 3 different meanings based on the context.

Answer to Part 1 of your question.

We ask for a healee’s whole-hearted acceptance to healing out of their free will at all times. They always have a choice to heal or not heal themselves and it’s they who choose to heal themselves just like the patients who agree to a doctor’s treatment.

The chain of reactions that leads a healee to a healer is also a result of their Karma itself. Their intentions, thoughts and actions lead them to find a Reiki healer who can help them in their life journey. Isn’t that fantastic? Healing is and becomes a part of healee’s karmic cycle by their own choice.

Karma of a person is not set on stone but is a result of their conscious and subconscious choices during their lifetimes. So, choosing healing is a karma or action and its consequences are also karma or result of the action which are also part of their karmic cycle.

Answer to Part 2 of your question.

I believe that you’re chosen to be a healer by Reiki and the universe, itself. Remember, one of the main rules of Reiki is to get away from the “doership” mindset?!? It’s not you but Reiki that heals and you’re only but a channel.

So, it’s your karma or duty to be a channel of healing for the people who look up to you for healing themselves. You do what you do as a healer without attachment to the results and then, your unbiased, neutral approach will keep you out of anyone’s karmic cycle.

Let’s say a Doctor helps patients heal and then if it works out or doesn’t work out will not affect their karma if they did their best for their patients. What if the doctor is worried about getting into the karmic cycle of the patients and stop treating them? Wouldn’t that be catastrophic to the world?

So, don’t worry about the Karmic cycle and simply do your Karma or duty as a healer. Stay blessed!

Ask RMT - Can We Interfere with Our Client's Karma?

Answer from Deborah K. Lloyd, www.deblloydhealing.com

When we give Reiki to another person, we are not changing a person’s karma. In fact, the Reiki session may assist a person in living out his karma. The source of Reiki’s healing energies is Universal Life Force energy. As practitioners, we are not the source of healing. We are simply facilitators, allowing the energy to come through our beings to bring these energies to another person.

The best intention we can state is, “for the highest good” of the receiver. We do not know what the highest good is – and many times neither does the receiver. It will not conflict with any necessary karmic events, as this would not be for the person’s highest good.

For example, a client may seek a Reiki treatment for the cure of a specific disease. If the person is cured of the disease, we know this was for the highest good of the person. If the disease does not end, we accept the fact the Universal Life Force energy knows the disease needs to remain for a reason, or reasons. Perhaps, the person’s soul still has life lessons to learn, a karmic possibility; or, the person is modeling coping skills for life’s difficulties with family members and other people, another possible karmic response; or, she is “providing information” for research efforts; the list of possible reasons is endless.

Also, please know when we practice Reiki, using the symbols to which we were attuned, we are protected from absorbing the energies of our receivers. When energies are released from a client, these go directly to the Universal Light. These energies are not absorbed into our beings. We are not imbued with another person’s karmic debts.

We know Reiki always brings healing. We must trust that the Divine force will always manifest what is in the best interests of those who are open to receiving these energies.”

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