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ASK RMT – Best Way to Shield Myself & My Family Members for Protection during Pandemic

Now more than ever we’re all interested in exploring new ways and techniques to feel protected in the midst of this global upheaval. Read the insightful answers offered by five Reiki Masters to the question below.

Question from B.A.Nagesh:

“I am a Reiki Master who practices self-healing and distance healing in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki® lineages. In the background of the Coronavirus, which is the best way to shield myself and my family members for protection? Can you suggest which symbol is best for the trauma caused to seniors by the pandemic?”

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Answer from Deborah K. Lloyd, www.deblloydhealing.com

Thank you for your timely question. This is an important time for us Reiki practitioners, as well as other professionals working in energy healing practices. As you know, there are fourteen symbols in these two lineages. The symbol most associated with protection is the Cho Ku Rei. However, be assured other symbols may also provide some protection to the receiver – and the practitioner.

My Reiki Master taught us that we should use all the symbols to which we have been attuned for every Reiki session. This resonated with me so strongly it became part of my practice, from the very first days. I was amazed at what parts of myself needed healing – things I did not realize needed healing, at all.

The main reason for using all the symbols is often the client does not know what the root cause of a problem is. Or, if they do, they do not report it to the practitioner.

Let us look at a few examples, associated with the current pandemic. A client may ask for protection from the virus, but the root cause of requesting protection is anxiety. This anxiety may result in unhealthy eating, increased insomnia and other physical health issues. Our thoughts and actions may need other symbols (besides Cho Ku Rei) for healing. Symbols for emotional and mental well-being or feeling stable and grounded may also be important.

Another example is a client who is grieving the loss of a loved one due to the virus, but the grief is complicated by traumatic experiences inflicted by the loved one. Reiki will reach into these depths, although the client is unable to identify the underlying cause, or to discuss it with you.

You also mentioned seniors in your question. Certainly, this is a group where the virus has been especially difficult. Many are isolated from family and friends, and others are in hospitals or nursing homes, with no visitors allowed. All of us can help by sending loving energy to this generation.


By using every symbol, we are inviting all the Reiki energies to come into the receiver’s energetic fields. We know the possibilities of healing are unlimited. It is also helpful to add a phrase to your stated intention at the beginning of the session, such as: “Reiki, please go to the highest good of this client.” We do not have to state what that is – generally, we do not know what it is. But, the wisdom of Universal Life Force energies does.

Answer from Judy Camblor, www.LovingLightReiki.net

I, too, am a Reiki Master, and I live in a densely populated city which is quickly replacing New York as the epicenter of the virus. What has kept me and my family safe and free to contagion has been to follow the guidelines. We wear masks in public and keep hand sanitizer in the car for when we have to go out. The virus is not just infecting people, but it is negatively affecting people’s mental health and the collective consciousness of the city I live in. I attribute that partially to the media and how people become obsessed with the news. I believe the main thing that has kept me and my family virus free aside from following guidelines has been keeping a positive mental attitude and not allowing the fear in no matter what we see on TV, social media, or hear from others. The mind is a very powerful tool, as we healers know from how we set intentions before a healing session. And as it has been proven, fear lowers our immune system.

To combat this negative energy for myself and my family, I like doing a weekly meditation where I send pink Reiki healing light from my being, to my family, to my community, my state, my country and circle that healing energy around the world until it comes back to me. I open my meditation with the Usui Shiki Ryoho Master symbol, the Power symbol, and the Distance symbol. I close the meditation with the Power symbol.

For seniors, I would try a gentle approach to healing, especially if you are treating someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. You can do the meditation I have just described and setting the specific intention to send healing energy to the elderly in your family, community, state, country and around the globe. Include the Tibetan Dai Ko Mio symbol as it is a more gentle yet very effective symbol to use during this meditation. If you are treating a senior in person, I recommend the use of certain crystals that help treat trauma as well such as Botswana Agate and Lepidolite which help with easing fear and depression as well as assist to balance the body’s energies and the emotions.

Answer from Durga Pillai, themeraki.org

I practice Usui Reiki and so, I would suggest the most powerful protection symbols to protect you, your family and the elders are CKR (Power Symbol) and DKM (Master Symbol).

You can invoke them and seek their Divine Power for protection against the pandemic. However, personally I believe the power of your positive intentions is a stronger healing force when applied to any of the Reiki symbols.

Please surrender your fear of the pandemic to Reiki and immunize your thoughts against the pandemic panic with Reiki meditation.


Answer from Lisa Campion, lisacampion.com

It’s a blessing to have Reiki during the difficulties that we are all facing in this pandemic. Besides the usual precautions of social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing, the virus seems to really impact people with underlying health issues. Keep your vibration high with the Dai Ko Myo, the master symbol. I have been using this in my own mediation and Reiki self-care practice. I also like the protective aspects of Sei He Ki which I often use for psychic self defense.

For elders I would use Cho Ku Rei to strengthen immunity and add vigor and vitality to their over all physical health. I might direct some of that life force energy directly to their immune system. And then lots of Sei He Ki to help with the emotional difficulties of loneliness and anxiety caused by isolation.

I have also been doing a lot of world level distance sessions, sending Reiki and love to all who are suffering right now.

Answer from Ashwita Goel, www.reiki-bangalore.com

There’s no better protection than a daily twice a day healing. If you have been practicing Reiki for a few years now, I would suggest moving past the dependence on symbols and developing a rapport with the energy directly. It should be very easy if your practice is strong. The selling point for Reiki is the immunity regular practice builds! However, two factors become important here – 1) Watch out for the fear. If there is a fear of disease, there is a much higher likelihood of falling ill. Also, if you are not careful about what allopathic medicines you are taking, then your immune system will be compromised. 2) What’s your daily practice? Make sure you spend at least 30-40 minutes daily healing yourself by placing your hands on the chakras or doing the healing based on byosen. The process of Reiki when practiced properly, helps you connect with your body and you naturally eat what is right for you, and naturally do things that boost your health.

It is very common for people who practice daily self-healing – with or without symbols, to develop a very robust immune system. The key is to not use short-cuts, and to practice self-healing twice a day. Remember to not limit your efforts to Reiki. Breathing exercises help tremendously in strengthening the lungs, and moderate yoga/ exercise and a well-balanced diet ensure the immune system remains at peak performance. You can Reiki your food and water for an enhanced protection.

Regarding the seniors, a full body hands on healing for 30-40 minutes will bring about significant relief whether they are panicking due to the fear, (this will however, be offset if they are watching the news all day) or whether they have contracted the disease and are distressed.


Since you are a master, if they are sincere about keeping themselves safe, I would recommend they learn Reiki and heal themselves daily. It will minimise the risk for them very profoundly, and also heal the physical diseases they might already have which might be increasing their risk to COVID-19. That’s all!

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