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Community Sharing on Reiki Crystal Grids (Pictures & Free Templates)

Driven by our intention of strengthening the community while navigating this shift of world paradigm with awareness, peace, and resilience, we invited you to share your own Reiki Crystal Grids by sending us pictures along with a short description of them if possible. We are very grateful to those who had time, courage, and openness to share some of their healing work when it comes to crystal grids. It’s such an honor to witness our community members in action!

“The Reiki crystal grid adds an unmistakable boost to any distant healing work as it supercharges the intention of the crystal grid, and allows the crystals to transmit Reiki, purely through the intention of the practitioner.” Kathleen Johnson, RMT, https://universoulheart.net

Crystal grids are an easy and fun way to align your intention with physical manifestation and anyone can do them! Even if you’re new to grids, this easy 5-step method will give a place to start in creating your own:

  1. Create an affirmation or intention statement as the focus of your grid
  2. Choose crystals and stones that are aligned with your intention and that will enhance it
  3. Pick up the template of your crystal grid that resonates with you, whether it’s a form of sacred geometry, a mandala, a Reiki symbol, a medicine wheel, a circle, or even a drawing
  4. Cleanse and charge your space using Reiki, smudging, incense, plants or whatever suits you
  5. Create and activate the grid using Reiki so that it can begin transmitting the energy of the intention.

Below there are some crystal grid examples from our community members to inspire you harness the power of crystals with Reiki crystal grids. At the end of this article, we added additional sources of inspiration to create and activate your own grid, as well as Reiki Crystal Grid templates available for free download to all our Reiki Rays members.

Sue Papa, New York,

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

“First I would like to say thank you! I enjoy reading all of your articles and ebook downloads 😊 . They are always an inspiration to me.

Above are the images for the one and only crystal grid that I’ve ever created. My dear friend, Kelly, who has been battling cancer for the past 4 years got married and I wanted to do something extra special for her. So I gathered all of the material cleansed and charged them, then set up a table by her guest book. I used a rose quartz heart for the main intention stone and had Kelly and her husband, Mike, hold the stone together and set their own personal intention. As guests entered the ceremony they chose a small stone of their liking, set an intention for Kelly and Mike, and placed it wherever they wanted on the grid. The photographer took pictures so Kelly and Mike will have this grid forever and were able to rebuild it when they got home. ❤️”

The crystals used in the picture:

  • Clear Quartz – programmability
  • Citrine – wealth, prosperity & success
  • Nephrite Jade – abundance
  • Smoky Quartz – strength & stability
  • Rose Quartz – unconditional love
  • Moonstone – new beginnings
  • Labradorite – intuition & destiny
  • Amethyst – protection & intuition
  • Mangano Calcite – wholeness & healing
  • Peridot – self-worth & abundance

Anne-Marie Bell, Victoria, Australia,
Reiki Practitioner and owner @Akitsu Moon

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

“I have attached three of my crystal grids which I put together for community healing. I connect with my guides to put intention into each grid, I also infuse each grid with Reiki energy.

I also hold crystal grid workshops to teach people the different ways and which crystals to use for the intention they may want to put in to their grids. Crystal grids are very powerful and are very important to me in assisting with my clients Reiki sessions and healings, also in my own healing and life.”

Natalie Biardeau, London UK

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

“Thank you for this opportunity to share with you. I have attached two photos of the grid. The intention is to support the Earth and all living beings during the lockdown.

  • Amethyst – Calm, to dispel anger, fear and anxiety
  • Red Jasper – Grounding
  • Picture Jasper – Harmony, to bring comfort and alleviate fear
  • Moss Agate – Stabilising, looking forward to new beginnings
  • Celestite – Peace and clarity
  • Rose quartz – Bring peace and love to all

Kind regards,
Natalie, London UK”

Sam Goddard, UK,
www.devonschoolofreiki.co.uk, www.facebook.com/devonschoolofreiki,
www.findyourki.com, www.facebook.com/findyourkiuk

“I, like many of my friends and colleagues in the Global Reiki community have been holding space via Reiki Grids during the pandemic. I have been holding what began as a daily midday meditation, where I (and sometimes my son) would sit with the grids and hold a space of love, connection and support for anyone who contacted me and expressed a wish to be included. As well as, of course, an intention of love and healing for the planet.

The grids are a little different than my usual Reiki Grid layout, as the names are displayed, which I felt guided to do in this instance. They also grew from one grid to four, including one that my son Arthur (who is a Reiki Rascal) created.

I have attached a picture of the four grids laid out in my studio, as well as a couple of pictures of Arthur & I holding space during one of the meditations.

With love,

Andrea Rouessart, Johannesburg, South Africa, www.lotuslife.co.za, www.lotuslifestyle.co.za,
lotuslifestylegroup on Facebook and Instagram

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

“Kindly find my current Abundance grid attached for your reference. I am a huge fan and as a Reiki Master, I often add your articles and free download ebooks to my students for extra reading and information. I am eternally grateful for your resources and the love and light you spread through the universe.

The grid I have kept neatly inside of the glass jar as I have a three-year-old who just loves stones as much as I do!!!! This way I can explain to her that this is a grid and she may not disturb these ones, but may play with the others on the ledge!!

I have placed the grid in my furtherest left corner of the home to bring abundance and joy into the home and I have connected this little lovely to the rest of the property grid, made up of Black tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Selenite.

I am also a lover of petite and pretty things and just adore my little bell jar so it adds an element of fun and sparkles like fairies to my life each time the sunlight catches the stones and the glass!

I have used a Citrine generator in the middle as it is the best stone for encouraging wealth, joy and light. The other stones all point inward towards the generator stone, to assist in bringing more energy to the generator.

To assist this lovely piece of Citrine I have used the following stones in the grid:

  • Little Citrine points to add to the Citrine energy.
  • Selenite to connect with Angelic realms in assisting to bring in what is for my highest good.
  • Tigers eye to hold protection for myself, my family, my home and my Grid and add to the activation of my Solar Plexus and will of iron. Tiger’s Eye has been used throughout history as a Talisman against ill wishes and for protection!
  • Pink tourmaline to bring an energy of self-love and self-worth to the grid and to myself to enable my heart center to actively accept abundance, joy and light as it arrives into my physical reality.
  • Pyrite to the grid to add a solid base to the grid, as its heavy and also assists with my Solar Plexus and manifestation quest.
  • Yellow Topaz to manifest intentions and align with Divine Will.

I energize my grid daily with Reiki and Mantra, setting intentions and activating the energy on a daily basis.

Wishing you a peaceful time ahead, in love and light always.


Nancy Petrozelli, Statesville, NC,

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy ToolsCrystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

“I am a Reiki Master and have been hosting monthly Group Crystal Grids since 2014. We have a core group of participants, many of which are Reiki practitioners, but anyone is welcome to join us. We have been “sitting” together for many years so our group’s energy is in absolute coherence. Every Grid has a different energy but the experience is always profound and powerful! As we sit with the Grid we receive messages. I am sharing the last Grid we co-created before COVID in Feb 2020. The message we received was “Anything that you have been thinking about doing and have been putting off-Do it now!” I love it! The Universe gave us a warning.

I have also sent a grid that I created by myself in March sending the intention of Peace and Ease during this time of transition.
I enjoy receiving your messages and emails. Thank you for your Service.

Love and Gratitude and Crystal Blessings,
Nancy Petrozelli
Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Crystal Attunement
Statesville, NC”

Kornel, Poland,
Energia i Kamienie (Energy & Crystals), www.energiaikamienie.pl

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy ToolsCrystal Grids as Powerful Energy ToolsCrystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

“I’m working with Reiki for over 11 years but crystal grids are new for me. When I’ve started with a very simple first grid I loved it. 

The first grid is for chakras balancing. Very geometrical. Assembled on the Flower of Life. I’ve used two types of crystals for each chakra and it works great for me. I also love its colours.

The second grid was created to power up and boost lower chakras. Great red, orange and yellow colours. It gives a beautiful power.

The next one is a crystal grid for prosperity made with raw pink quartz. I’ve used a lot of heart chakra related stones to help with great generosity and gratitude.

The fourth one is a beautiful white crystal grid with selenites and clear quartz. It was created for bringing light to my aura and keep my intention clear.

And the last one is to keep my spiritual growth balanced. I’ve used unakites, howlites, amethysts, and sodalites. The Metatron’s Cube was drawn by myself.”

Caitlin Grace, Katikati, NZ

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

“I created this crystal grid on the last full moon to bring healing and light to the world. I used a golden healer quartz heart and a black moonstone heart as the centrepiece. The base is the flower of life and I have overlayed a selenite cross that the hearts rest on. Other crystals used are rhodochrosite, black tourmaline, nummite, magnetite, Angel aura quartz, auralite23, pink mangano calcite, pink opal, rhodonite. The statues are Kuan Yin, Green Tara, Shiva and Ganesha. Goddess On!” 

Marie Navarrete, Texas,
www.desert-rose-healing.com, www.facebook.com/marieantoinette.shamanicreikihealing/

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

“Hello, my name is Marie Navarrete. I am a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master living in Texas. Due to Covid-19, there are many who are unemployed, facing health issues, and experiencing destitution. Based on my understanding of the Law of Attraction, I created this grid to attract Abundance. I set my intention and place within a protective grid of hematite objects that represent my intention for abundance:

  1. Turtle symbolism: long life and good health
  2. Egg symbolism: new life, hope, purity, luck
  3. Dreamcatcher: protects the dreamer from bad dreams and allows good dreams to pass through
  4. Citrine is the crystal of prosperity, wealth, protection and good luck
  5. Clear Quartz is known as the crystal of power and amplifies any energy or intention
  6. Hematite: protective grounding stone. (Surrounds grid)
  7. Infinity symbol (number 8) represents constant flow and energy; associated with wealth and success in business
  8. An orgonite pyramid to help focus the intention and energy
  9. My business card on top of cash in the center of the grid as the focus.

I created this grid to be flexible and personalized to anyone and their situation. Just change it up with your own objects for abundance.”

Jean Chappa, Rochelle, Illinois USA

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

“This is my most recent Reiki crystal grid. I have made many over the years. It contains a rainbow obsidian sphere above a rainbow moonstone sphere as the centerpiece. A black obsidian arrowhead and 2 gold sheen obsidian tumbled stones form the inner circle. The next level has 3 black tourmaline tumbles and 4 black tourmaline chunks. There are 4 satin spar (selenite) towers, a celestite geode, and a labradorite sphere on the outer ring. This was all placed upon my desk/sewing machine table. (a place of mending) The intention was for healing, peace, and unity. Blessings!” 

Jennifer Atkinson, Rembert SC, www.facebook.com/groups/943764852683284/

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

Jennifer’s song suggestion – We are the world by Michael Jackson

“We really are and now more than ever we need to be there for each other, support one another, love one another, healing for the whole world, remove negatives and evil beings from these offices, corruption from police departments, remove hate from hearts and restore with love.

Remove Negativity & Restore with Love Grid

  • Black Tourmaline – Absorb, remove and dispel negativity
  • Clear Quartz – Thee Master Healer
  • Rose Quartz – Restore love amongst all
  • Herkimer Diamond – Amplification
  • Selenite Knives – Symbolize the cutting through the negativity and filling with energy of pure love and light, love to the highest realms

Love and Friendship Grid

  • Rose Quartz – purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace
  • Orange carnelian gemstones – bolster friendship, joy, pleasure and family closeness
  • Tangerine Quartz – helps one with acceptance or understanding, helps with releasing inner childhood traumas, encourages forgiveness (yourself and others), removes anything hindering one from moving forward, encourages friendship and friendliness
  • Clear Quartz – Thee Master Healer
  • Black Tourmaline – Protection

Add these and a piece of selenite to all grids.”

Nancy Gonzalez, Edgewood, New Mexico,

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools“Hi all, this is my gratitude grid to remind me to be grateful for everything I have.

I created this grid thinking about gratitude and what it meant to me using my many crystal friends that I have acquired over the years. The Tiger’s eye tower was a gift from my Reiki Master Teacher when I completed my 1st level. The purple Amethyst tower next to the Tiger’s eye is totally unique as I have not seen another one like it.

My crystal friends always find me when I go on a crystal search for my next gem. The next one of clear quartz I found in Sedona while taking a crystal course there and it had carved into it a Reiki symbol. I added a few more of Rose Quartz wand, Amethyst heart, small quartz tower. I then decided a Rose Quartz Dolphin is needed for my small bowl. My hummingbird holder also holds some crystals of green and pink tourmaline that I mined for in Southern California, which was absolutely amazing, I finished it with a quartz scepter.

I also included my Golden Lemurian which has brought me lessons of letting go of what no longer serves me. Which brings me to my mug saying Mermaid at heart. A group of my girl friends started reading the Lemurian way and we loved the mermaids and dolphins in them. We decided to embrace the energies and I became MerNan. We each used our name and added Mer at the beginning then added the first three letters of our name.

I am grateful for my journey this far and looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me and my many adventures.

Thank you and Crystal Blessings,
Nancy Gonzalez”

Seema Arora

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools“Please find attached the Reiki healing grid I prepared to heal the world from the Covid-19 pandemic by using the Antahkarana symbol.

Also kept Karuna Reiki® and Usui Reiki holy symbols drawn on the sheet kept under this grid with a wish written on slip kept under the pyramid in the centre.

This guidance came to my mind few days ago. Once I saw your grid project invitation today, I finally prepared the Grid.

Thanks for inspiring me.
Happy Healing,
Seema Arora”

Thomas Jenkins, Virginia, USA

Crystal Grids as Powerful Energy Tools

“Focus stone is Super Seven on lepidolite. Way stones are quantum quattro silica. Desire stones are pink mangano calcite and healer’s gold. Activation wand is a golden healer Lemurian quartz. Intentions are for healing, comfort, safety, clear communication, peace, and ease of grief/loss.

Gratitude and blessings,
Thomas Jenkins, CRMT,
Virginia, USA”

Tried making crystal grids before? Or was this your first time reading about them? Share with us in the comment below!

Thank you, Sue, Anne-Marie, Natalie, Sam, Arthur, Andrea, Nancy Petrozelli, Kornel, Caitlin, Marie, Jean, Jennifer, Nancy Gonzalez, Seema, and Thomas! Blessings! <3

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