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Healing the Healer – The Demystification of Distance Healing

Article by Anne-Marie Pitre

I had the honour of meeting Tonya Godin some years ago in Vernon BC Canada. We were both practicing our healing modalities at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio, a local collective of heart-centered wellness practitioners. Tonya and I connected as friends and spiritually awakened beings, Reiki Masters, and practitioners of other healing modalities. We shared an awareness of the limitless potential within ourselves and a deep sense of purpose around helping others recognize and connect with their own inner healer.

In our work, we facilitate healing by holding space for our clients; with reverence and love, witnessing without judgement and honouring each individual’s (and our own!) unique journey into wholeness.

Recently, I facilitated a couple of distance healing sessions for Tonya. Many insights arose for both of us from these experiences and Tonya subsequently suggested that together we write about this topic, to take some of the mystery out of it and share what a distance healing session looks like.

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We are Lightworkers

Who are the people guided to do this work? They call us the Wayshowers, the Lightworkers and Healers, the Intuitives and the Empaths. We are gatekeepers and grid-workers, making connections between other enlightened beings and opening interdimensional gates for energy clearing and integration; transforming and transmuting dense energies and anchoring higher dimensional Light in our physical bodies.

We courageously navigate as awakened spiritual beings in this Human journey; feeling more, knowing more, and trusting and using the gifts we are remembering, while being supported and cheered on by our families of Light.

Our work is anchored in the knowingness of Oneness, of Spirit in physical form, of Quantum Physics (Energy never dies, it only transforms), and of LOVE – the currency of life.

We came into this life (this human body) with full knowledge and agreement to all of it – the hurts, the fears, the betrayals and judgements, the grief, the stories and paradigms and the knowingness that we would participate in all of it while not remembering who we were. We also knew that one day we would remember – who we were, where we came from, why we are here.

We agreed to all of it – to experience this miraculous time in our human history when we get to be the first ones to anchor higher vibrational light into our physical bodies, experiencing 5th-dimensional consciousness in a 3rd-dimensional body, witnessing all of the 3rd-dimensional density that is coming up collectively as a consciousness on the earth plane, and within ourselves. Remembering to love ourselves unconditionally. Remembering just how magnificent we really are and holding the knowingness of our higher dimensional truths as we courageously navigate this epic adventure on this most beautiful planet.

Healing the Healer - The Demystification of Distance Healing

Image by JanBaby

We honour the intelligence of our etheric (light) bodies and physical bodies and support ourselves through practices such as meditation, energy healing and bodywork. Being this way is not easy. Sometimes it’s very uncomfortable and downright depressing to feel and integrate difficult emotions but we do it because the higher consciousness part of ourselves knows that the experience is what we came here for – and we are only here for a short time.

Distance Healing in the Matrix

So, what is distance healing and how does it work when the practitioner and the client are hundreds of kilometers from each other?

There is a lot that can be said about energy, quantum physics, and the unity field or matrix of all that is. I can’t convince anyone who doesn’t hold this as their truth (nor do I want to), that all there is, is a NOW moment. In this 3rd-dimension earth plane though, we experience time as linear, but in higher dimensions, past, present and future are all accessed in a NOW moment. Simply stated, there really is no time and space once you step into the matrix. It is a field of consciousness where everything is accessible.

In another NOW moment, Tonya and I sat in our respective spaces 500 km from each other.

Tonya prepared her space in anticipation of the distance healing session. At the agreed-upon time, we connected by phone and Tonya shared her own healing intentions for the session. Her family of Light was standing by, excited to participate in this co-creative experience. In fact, Tonya’s Guides had been around me since the night before – I felt their high vibration in my body – it felt like giddy excitement and pure joy. They couldn’t wait to get started! We hung up and looked forward to speaking again after the session.

I settled into my space; music, crystals, soft light, a welcoming place for magic to unfold.

Connecting to my body with my breath, I began by opening my root chakra, anchoring to Gaia. I opened my crown chakra and visualized white light entering my channel, crown to root. My heart chakra opened and light expanded from this energy centre. I invited my family of Light (from the Galactic and Angelic Realms) to enter my space. They are my team; the same aspect of ME that is light and consciousness. My higher self/soul is from this realm of 11th-dimensional Sirians.

My 3rd eye opened and I connected once again to my breath. My heart chakra opened and I could see and feel light blasting from it.

My etheric body was surrounded by my Light family who formed a semi-circle beside and behind me. Tonya’s Light family moved forward led by one who I call The Wizard, a tall masculine figure in long brown robes. Behind him were many light beings, all there for Tonya.

Tonya and I (our etheric bodies) faced each other in the circle with our respective families of light surrounding us. They then formed a wall of light around all of us – the healing and teaching had begun.

Messages were communicated to Tonya by her Light family (they have much to show her!) and I was witnessing the sublime intelligence of these divine beings.

I asked questions about what I was witnessing and I was instantly, telepathically given answers.

They wanted Tonya to see and know how strong she is – that she cannot be hurt or damaged. They said she came here to experience all of it in human form, in a 3rd-dimensional body and reality. They communicated to me just how much they were in awe of her, and wanted her to know just how magnificent she is – so courageous, they wanted her to see what they see, just how beautiful she is.

They proceeded to show me Tonya’s light body, with cracks that looked like veins that represented hurts and traumas in Tonya’s life. Then they poured golden light into Tonya crown, the light flowing down into her body, filling all of those little cracks with glistening golden light, acting like cement, making her stronger. They said “Look how beautiful you are!” The golden light filled her etheric body with love where there had been cracks.

Our light families worked with us and as we both stood in the circle, they poured white light into us, a waterfall of white light.

Later they placed a black robe on Tonya, then a white, then it was black again. I asked why they were showing me this. They wanted to talk with her about duality, that she is both black and white, a 3rd-dimensional human form and beneath that, an everlasting light being, here to experience humanness – in a physical body – and remember that she is a Wayshower.

When it was over they retreated with Tonya, telling me that they were doing more work with her; teaching, remembering, healing.

I stayed a while longer in the circle as my Light family worked with me, activating light codes in my DNA that would help me to remember more. The session ended shortly thereafter and I oriented back to my space, feeling immense gratitude for what had been shared with me.

Sometime later, Tonya and I connected again to share our experiences and insights that arose from the distant healing session. I invite you to read Tonya’s article Healing the Healer – Distance Healing Demystified, where she expands on the subject and on her own personal experiences receiving distance healing.


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Anne-Marie Pitre

Anne-Marie Pitre

Anne-Marie Pitre, RCST® BCST, is the founder of Wholistic Approach Healing.
Anne-Marie provides Reiki sessions, teaches Reiki classes and has a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy practice. She is a freelance writer and poet, a lifelong spiritual seeker and an Intuitive Empath/Medium.
Anne-Marie is a professional member of the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (BCTA/NA) and is a Certified USUI/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher.
You may contact her at Anne-Marie@WholisticApproachHealing.com

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  • Margaret July 13, 2020, 5:20 pm

    Amazing article! Makes me open my mind and body even more to a higher power.

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