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Root Chakra: Your True Foundation ~ Part One

Article by Christine Renee

Like the roots of a grand, solid oak tree, the Root chakra grounds us into the earth, and into the physical realm. Like this oak tree, when we have thick, strong, solid roots, our lives flourish on the earth plane. This is the true foundation of the chakra system and not to be taken lightly. In fact, it is recommended that when starting the healing work of the chakras to start at the Root, as it provides the foundation for the rest of the chakras. Much like a zipper, one has to start at the bottom to secure and align the rest.

The Root chakra is located at our foundation. It starts all the way down at our feet and reaches up to the perineum. The bone and skeletal structure are associated with this chakra. Our bones are our foundation upon which the organs and muscles will live. This first chakra is the doorway to which the other chakras get to experience the physical realm.

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The physical realm that we are currently experiencing is on our planet, Mother Earth, or Gaia. Working on this chakra helps bring back the faith that the Earth is here to support us! Mother Earth is the ultimate provider, and she loves all of her children. She gives to us unconditionally. Once a person truly understands this and can trust that the universe and earth provide, they will open up to FINALLY receiving the safety and abundance they desire.

Root chakra imbalances can even physically show up in our lives. Since the root is associated with the skeleton, feet, and legs, it is not uncommon to experience being clumsy or having issues with these parts of the body system.

Like dragging your feet or walking in circles, you may even notice that you are not getting very far in life. Perhaps manifesting your dreams seems far off and impossible. These belief systems often come from our childhood, which is associated with the Root chakra. When we needed the most security and feelings of being safe in our early formative years, events occured that either made us feel safe or unsafe in this realm. These deep “rooted” beliefs affect every other chakra. Whenever someone’s physical or emotional needs are not met as a child, this can cause Root chakra damage. It is next to impossible to provide every single need a child has, but this does not mean that any damage was intentional. Something simple like a parent mentioning how expensive school activities are or how high bills are, could cause a lasting impression. Having a feeling or emotion not being validated could lead to feelings of abandonment. Another example of childhood trauma carryover is a scarcity mindset. If someone was told as a child that they had to make one chicken last the whole week, they might still feel that scarcity (not enough food!) as an adult. Someone who moved a lot as a child (think military family) may not feel like they had a strong home base or foundation. They might feel like they never put down roots anywhere and may struggle with consistency and trust issues.

Root Chakra: Your True Foundation - Part One

Some indicators of an underactive or overactive Root chakra could be:

  • You are always in your head, and can’t turn off the ‘monkey mind’
  • Fear is overwhelming
    • Physical (high levels of cortisol)
    • Emotional (abandonment, anxiety)
    • Lack/Scarcity Mindset (I don’t have enough/needs aren’t met)
  • Not convinced you deserve to receive/have needs met

DIS-Ease from imbalances in the Root chakra may appear as:

  • Anything concerning the colon, rectum, or bladder
  • Afflictions in the lower back, knees, hips, or ankles
  • Infections in toenails or feet (ie; fungus)
  • Anxiety! Can’t stop worrying! Can also turn into nightmares
  • Eating disorders (Lack mentality)
  • Hoarding (Lack mentality)
  • Adrenal Overload/Fight or Flight

Root chakra is highly sensitive to the suppression of old emotions which we fear facing. When we don’t listen to our emotions, they turn to stuck energy within the chakra, and then begin to try to grab our attention through physical dis-ease.

Our job is to listen to our emotions, their lessons, and let the energy move through. Feeling the feelings, expressing ourselves, and releasing the energy is key. Contrast to ignoring what our body wisdom is trying to communicate to us.

Reiki is an excellent tool to remove blockages, heal the stuck emotional energy, and free ourselves from old survival patterns that don’t serve our higher purpose.

∗ Stay tuned for Part Two that explains the Past Life Energy Carries Through the Chakra System and Part Three on How to Apply Reiki for Root Chakra Healing!

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Christine Renee

Christine Renee

Christine Renee is a Reiki Master Teacher since 2004 and Shamanic Practitioner since 2010 living in Bozeman, Montana where sees clients and holds classes at her local business, ReikiCafe. Christine has also developed a strong international community on social media. Her Facebook group, ReikiCafe, is over 2000 members strong and helps to educate, inform, and empower Reiki Practitioners of all levels and backgrounds. She offers online courses at the ReikiCafe University which provide both monthly membership programs and Reiki business courses with more in development! Learn more about Christine Renee and all her offerings at www.reikicafeuniversity.com

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