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Accompanying the Souls with Reiki

Article by Gustavo Cristian Fritz

After reading Carrie Anderson’s touching article published on Reiki Rays, I felt the need to write again. Throughout the past year, I did my training in past-life therapy and this awakened within me a new connection with those souls who are departing since many times they appear during the sessions as what we call EFAD’s (Energies from Another Dimension) and we must work with them before being able to continue our work with the client.

In this work, I’ve also been changing my perspective about death itself, which led me to re-read the dear doctor Kübler Ross who stresses the importance of accompanying those who face this transition process in different ways. But lo and behold, as Carrie correctly says, this new pandemic confronts us with the reality of Souls departing in solitude and feeling/perceiving the anguish and helplessness of their family, friends, and even those who are treating them.

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Accompanying the Souls with Reiki

In this context and working with my guides from Akashic records, these words came up for those of us who have this wonderful tool that is Reiki, which allows us to work remotely. I transcribed the information as received:

“Don’t let this moment of pain torment you on a sentimental level; let this be the opportunity to do something and not to regret it. There are many Souls leaving and many more anchored to this plane by attachments and unfinished business due to their abrupt departure and, in many cases, solitary. With Reiki, you can do a lot for them. Take a moment of the day, preferably at the same time, one, two, three, or as many times a week as you can sustain. Start by harmonizing your space in a way that is pleasant to you, with candles, incenses, music, a special light, which makes you feel at peace. Ask your guides for permission and assistance as you usually do to send Reiki remotely, but this time add that your Reiki healing energy reaches all the Souls that need it and want it, with respect to their free will. Then draw the symbols you usually use when starting the healing session and visualize those souls as beings of Light ‘tied’ to the earth. You send a sword of Light to cut those ties with Love. If you want to invoke Archangel Michael without doubts will help a lot. After freeing the souls from their restraints, visualize that a portal opens in the sky; choose a color for that portal – it can be white, violet, blue, gold, silver, but very bright. Visualize the liberated Souls entering through that portal and being received by their angels or beings of Light and guided deep down into their inner core. When you finish, thank your guides and the divine Light and visualize the portal closing. Close your session as you usually do and light a candle for all those Souls that were received in the Light so that they remain in there, and from there to give comfort to their loved ones.”

As my Reiki Master always says: “If what you do you do it with Love, the result can only be good.”

And I keep in mind and soul the final sentence of Carrie’s article: “There’s a hole in so many of us right now, and it needs to be filled with the loving light that we now can be shared with Reiki.”

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Gustavo Cristian Fritz
Gustavo Cristian Fritz

Gustavo Cristian Fritz is a Reiki Master and holistic therapist in Baradero, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is dedicated to the dissemination of Reiki and Shiatsu among other therapies. After 10 years of applying these techniques, Gustavo is leaving the practice of chemical engineering to fully engage in these activities and provide outreach sessions in all places where he is called. Gustavo can be contacted through his email, vivemejor@ymail.com, his website http://vivemejorbaradero.com/ or Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Vivemejor.terapias.para.el.alma

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  • Harsha Bodani June 20, 2020, 9:18 am

    Thank you for the wonderful article.
    Love and Light 🙏🙏

  • Carrie Anderson July 4, 2020, 7:39 pm

    Thank you for the amazing compliment and your article!

    • Carrie Anderson July 4, 2020, 7:44 pm

      Also, I wanted to make sure that I had sent you a Thank you for your lovely email.

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