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Promoting Fluid Intelligence with Reiki

Article by Vrunda Moghe Dev

The current COVID 19 pandemic has shaken the world immensely. Besides the strict lockdowns and several advisories by various governments, almost everyone is now worrying about its impact on the future of mankind. There is a dark shadow of economic uncertainty besides of course social and psychological impact that could upset the old order of life.

With dark clouds of idleness, the mind is bound to look at the worst aspects. Many businesses and industries face a shut down and people wonder if their training would be applicable elsewhere. Job losses could break families, lead to domestic violence and several other pitfalls could be imaginable. When I say training it can be categorised as ‘crystalised’ intelligence. So if you are a trained engineer, your focus is crystalised into work in that sphere.

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In psychology, fluid intelligence is loosely termed as what you may not be formally trained for but can manage other skills. And this is exactly what seems to be the challenge before most people now. Lockdowns should be used for self-discoveries and more so of your hidden skills which can support you in the future. So instead of fretting, this period could be utilised to look what ‘else’ can you do best!

Fluid intelligence can’t be a flight of fancy or fantasy. A person would need to introspect. Through a few minutes of deep meditation, a seeker can ground himself and then start with Reiki symbols:

  • The centring symbol is Aum to be visualised on the Crown and Third Eye chakras. Give some time to yourself before you look at other symbols.
  • A couple of days later use Sei He Ki on the Third Eye and the Throat chakras. This would help some direction in which you could proceed.
  • These symbols should be followed by:
    • Raku to remove the blockages and light up the path ahead of you.
    • Rama (Mara) also helps to find a direction.

This exercise would help you to bring forth some skills which lay latent in you. Some desires which were under wraps due to the earlier rat race could surface.

Promoting Fluid Intelligence with Reiki

To cite a few cases:
A HR person decided to teach English online through a recognised agency. She was occupied for at least half a day and earned by the hour. She realised that she had a mastery over the language though her training was in human resources management!

An engineer who had the inclination to use old discarded material and turn it into art objects approached a school which was giving online lessons to its students. This online ’hobby’ class became a hit as empty water bottles transformed into flower vases and some even managed to make small chairs for children using a dozen empty mineral water bottles and corrugated paper!

The bottom line was that both these were positively using their Reiki knowledge to help them pass through difficult times. There are many among us who can use their fluid intelligence gainfully as modern digital technology is available.

To support this is the power of Reiki which will certainly not let you slip into a chasm of depression.

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Vrunda Moghe Dev

Vrunda Moghe Dev

Vrunda Moghe Dev is a Mumbai-based writer and journalist of over two decades. She has been a Reiki teacher and healer for 15 years.

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  • C May 16, 2020, 9:37 am

    Sorry to say this. The old order of life is evil. There are too many animals, humans and life forms suffering. Even though they are not suffering in front of us, most of this life is a distraction to keep others from doing anything about the suffering.

  • Naveeta Singh May 16, 2020, 4:48 pm

    Very novel article ma’am. Hope it helps others see the silver lining in the current circumstances

  • Nikhil S Pattani May 17, 2020, 1:52 pm

    Guidance comes to us in many forms. To all who can read this and implement it for his own good or for the betterment of the society, not limited to the society though!!
    I could see a variance and clarity both with this article …

    Thank you for the inspiration!!

  • Meenakshi Venkatesh May 18, 2020, 5:20 am

    Thank u Tai for guiding use…rightly needed at this time of hour

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