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A Poem for the World

Article by Francesca Gold

There are many issues we as a tribe are facing today,
New rules are being written which affect our space, work, and play.
Situations present themselves that test us all the way along,
And only those who overcome these challenges will be deemed as strong.

What can we do with the space ahead of us?
Should we continue to look outside, and be confused by all the fuss?
Or should we use this time as best we can,
To see what we have inside of us, and heal; I believe this is the plan.

Looking deep inside ourselves and Souls is what we each must do,
The time for introspection and self-reflection is here for both me and you.
We’ve been long consumed by external things onto which we’ve all held dear,
Now is the time to see and live our internal truths – this is becoming clear.

A Poem for the World
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But should we look at everything as though it is a game?
Or should we turn, point fingers, and find someone we can blame?
I feel the answer is obvious; we each know what we should do,
We must choose to love each other, and to ourselves and hearts be true.

The elements that make us who we are become more visible every day,
Our humanistic, loving qualities are now fully on display.
We are trying to help our fellow man by being considerate and kind,
Assisting our kin in other ways than physical, both in spirit and in mind.

We’re all in this together is said almost everyday,
Yet ’til we pass the test (of love), in our current position is where we’ll stay.
How is it I can BE today; what will nurture the growth of my Soul?
Will I be able to accomplish it all, and do so before I am old?

The world lies within each one of us; Spirit tells us this is true.
So then perhaps to first to connect and love ourselves,
And unite our own internal personal world,
Will eventually make our external one a better place for both me and you.

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Francesca Gold

Francesca Gold

Francesca Gold is an Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki Master, Divine energy healer, blogger, and violinist; as well as a great many other things. Understanding that healing one’s inner world transforms one’s outer world, she is passionate about all things healing, and has practised Reiki self-healing practically every day since first becoming attuned. Francesca currently lives in the UK, and works closely with her ever-present Team of Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels. She offers consultations providing Soul information to clients from within the Akashic Records. To get in touch with Francesca and read her additional articles, visit her website: www.francesca-gold.com

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