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Using the Symbols In Our Daily Lives

Article by Deb Karpek

I recently taught a Reiki Level 2 class and in that class we spent the afternoon in practice. One of the practices I like to teach is how to use the symbols in our daily life. I teach them how to send Reiki to the past, the present, and the future.

I think it’s so important and it has been my observation that many Reiki students do not do this. In fact, some of them were never taught. They may have heard how to use them but were never shown. I feel it’s important to have this practice time, to help the students feel comfortable with the symbols and to give them an idea of how to do use them.

My teacher taught me to develop a relationship with the symbols. I love that phrase, and I took it to heart. I think of each symbol as a little person, with its own distinct personality, there to teach me and guide me. I call on them often, and they are always there. They are literally at our fingertips!

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I’d like to share some examples of how I’ve used the symbols. While I use them daily with everything, these are some of the bigger ones.

♥ The Distant Symbol

When I took my Master class our teacher was talking about how she used the distant symbol to heal her past. I told her I had never learned that and wondered how I might do it. She shared how it was done and when I returned home from the class I decided to put it into action.

Every Sunday, for that entire summer I went out into the woods behind my home, with the intention of healing my inner child. During that Master class, after the conversation with my teacher, we did a meditation. In that meditation I met my inner child, someone who, at that time, I did not believe existed. I thought that inner child stuff was new age hooey and I had always ignored it. That day she appeared to me and I realized my 10-year-old self needed some love and deep healing. Thus my intention for that summer. I loved how Reiki brought her to me in that meditation, after the conversation with my teacher.

Every week I’d walk through the woods chanting the distant symbol, asking for healing of my inner child. Each time I did this I felt as if I was transported back in time, seeing, hearing, and feeling my 10-year-old self. I literally felt that I was back in 1964; I could smell it! I felt things I hadn’t felt since then, and after about a month, things begin to shift.

I did this for the entire summer and by fall I felt the healing was complete. I could think of my ten your old self with kindness, compassion, and love. I lost the fear around that time and I had a much better understanding of why I had done, felt, and thought certain things in my life. It was eye opening and profoundly healing.

Since then I have used the distant symbol for other types of healing my past and I have had similar experiences of profound healing. In fact, I believe this is the way Reiki works the strongest for me.

Using the Symbols In Our Daily Lives

♥ The Mental/Emotional Symbol

Another one of my favorite symbols to use is the mental/emotional symbol. Since it was introduced to me I’ve used it a lot and it’s been extremely helpful during those times of fear, and other mental and emotional high stress situations.

One day after teaching a Reiki Level 2 class I had an appointment with my chiropractor. I went into the garage and noticed my car was locked. I put my day planner on the roof of the car and went inside to get my keys. I came back into the garage, got into my car, and drove to the doctor’s office. Once there I reached over to get my planner and realized it wasn’t where I thought I placed it. And then I remembered it was on top of my car.

I freaked out! In that planner was the money from that day’s class, and more importantly, months of upcoming appointments and classes. I got out of the car in a panic and stood on the street corner, shaking and crying. I couldn’t believe what I did! I pictured my planner blowing all over the road, money, and pages flying.

I stood on that busy street corner, in front of the doctor’s office for a few minutes, and then I heard the name of the mental/emotional symbol repeating over and over in my head. I started saying it out loud, over and over and over and over. After a few minutes I heard a voice say, “It’s ok. Go inside. Your planner has been found, and it’s intact.” Indeed, I felt calmer.

I went inside and as I was sitting there I heard to call a neighbor. I didn’t want to call this particular neighbor, and I didn’t know his number. I kept hearing to call him, and I kept ignoring it. (I used to love to debate my inner voice!) Eventually, I asked the receptionist for a phone book and I called this man. I was apprehensive because I didn’t really know him and I wasn’t sure exactly why I was supposed to be calling him. But I did, as I kept getting gentle nudges to do so.

His wife answered, and when I asked for him she told me he was on the other line. Before I said anything she asked, “Is this Deb Karpek”? I was surprised because I didn’t know her and I was calling from my cell and back in those days only the number showed, not my name. I answered yes, it was me. She replied, “I found your planner. It was in the street as I drove by. I rang your doorbell but you weren’t home, so I put it at your door. Don’t worry, it is intact!” OMG! I thanked her and sat and cried with relief.

When I got home I retrieved my planner from my front door and everything was intact. I love that I heard those exact words when I was sending Reiki to the situation. I love that I was guided to call and when I finally did, it was to the person who found what I had thought I lost.

Reiki came to the rescue! I believe that when I chant the mental/emotional symbol it calms me down enough to hear my guidance. I think this is how it works, or at least it has for me. Hearing that guidance has helped me immeasurably in so many situations. I’ve found lost things, calmed myself down, lessened my stress, and have been given different perspectives and answers to challenges. It is so calming and healing. I like to say it’s my favorite symbol, but honestly, they all are. But it’s been so very helpful on a day-to-day basis.

♥ The Power Symbol

Another easy way to use the symbols is to clear rooms and set sacred space, using the power symbol. I always do this before a class or beginning a day of Reiki practice, but lately I’ve taken to doing it in my home on a regular basis. I draw the power symbol, saying it three times and motioning it to the four directions, the heavens, and the earth, with the intention of clearing anything less than light. I then set sacred space, putting all of the symbols I know (Usui and Karuna) into the center of the room. I do this in the main rooms of my home and it always feels lighter after I do it.

I then “strengthen my light”. I draw a large power symbol over the front of me, bringing it in toward me three times, saying its name out loud. Next, I draw a smaller power symbol at each chakra, starting at the root, again saying it three times, motioning it in toward me. I do this all the way up to the crown. I also draw it on each palm, patting three times and saying its name out loud. I have now strengthened my light and I am ready to start my day. I feel safe and protected, almost like I have Teflon shield around me, protecting me from anything less than light. My teacher taught me this in Level 2. I use it all the time and encourage my students to do so as well. It’s a very comforting ritual.

These are just a few examples of how I have used Reiki in very profound ways. There really is no limit; whatever you can think of you can do. I invite you to discover the many different ways that Reiki and the symbols can help you and incorporate them into your life. You won’t regret it and you may be surprised just how effective the practice is.

Remember, it’s all right at your fingertips!

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Deb Karpek

Deb Karpek

Deb is a Reiki Master Teacher and the owner of Peaceful World Reiki located near Sedona, Arizona. She's been studying Reiki since 2001, practicing since 2003 and began teaching Reiki in 2006. She is an Usui and Karuna Holy Fire II Reiki Master/Teacher, receiving her Reiki Certifications from the International Center for Reiki Training. Deb received her Master of Spiritual Psychology from the School of Integrated Psychology in Glendale, Wisconsin. She is certified as a Level I breathwork practitioner, is a Reiki Crystal healer, Reiki drum practitioner and performs Reiki and sound healing with tuning forks. Deb is one of our featured guests on our Reiki Rays - Reiki Age of Light video which can be found on YouTube. Deb is also the author of a book about the nuts and bolts of starting a Reiki practice, including the emotional highs and lows that go along with that. Her book is called “The Reluctant Reiki Master’s Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Sustaining a Thriving Reiki Practice” and can be found on Amazon.
Having experienced profound life changes as a result of Reiki, Deb continues to study and practice the various modalities of energy medicine. She devotes her life to walking the Reiki path and helping others discover the benefits of Reiki. Deb can be reached via her website at www.debkarpek.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/debkarpekreiki.

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