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Healing The Root Cause – Reiki Stories

Article by Deb Karpek

I have been taught, teach and believe that Reiki goes to the root cause of an issue. It is not a surface salve, nor a Band-Aid; rather it goes deep to the root, if it is supposed to, and lifts out anything that is less than light, if it is for the best and highest good of the person receiving Reiki.

I was a witness to this in a Reiki session a few years ago, in a very startling way.

I was fortunate to have been able to do Reiki in a Cancer Center a few days a week, while living in northern Arizona. I was brought in as a contract employee to do Reiki with the oncology/radiation patients.

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An older gentleman that was going through radiation came for a session one day. This might have been his second or third time receiving Reiki. I didn’t know anything about him, as he rarely spoke. Mostly he got up on the table, I gave him Reiki, and he left.

This day, at the beginning of his session I asked him to set an intention for healing. I don’t believe I had asked him to do this before, but that day I was guided to. I told him Reiki worked on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I then repeated the following affirmation to him, “I am ready and willing to let go of those things that no longer serve me or my highest good, so I may bring in those things that do” and then proceeded to give him Reiki.

Almost immediately I felt heat. After a bit, the heat increased. I also began to feel sort of dizzy and then the nausea started. As I worked my way down his body I got hotter and dizzier and sicker. I remember thinking I had the flu and would have to go home after this session. I wondered if I would make it through the session.

By the time I got to his right hip and knee, I felt really sick. I was sweating like crazy by now and feeling like I was going to pass out. I wondered if I should leave the room. The next thing I knew I was swaying from side to side and then I blacked out. I came to as I hit the wall behind me. I pulled myself up and was very shaky. The patient was still on the table, seemingly oblivious to what was going on in the room.

I moved to his feet and quickly ended the session. I left the room and went to the bathroom next door and splashed cold water on my face. I felt sick to my stomach and thought I might throw up. I looked up at myself in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself at all. As I was staring at myself thinking that it was time for me to go home I felt a large whoosh shoot through my body and then I was clear. I felt fine. All the illness I had been feeling was gone. Just like that.

I returned to the room. The client was sitting up and seemed fine. He asked me if I was ok and I said I was. He asked me if I knew what had happened and I said that I wasn’t sure but we could talk about it next week at his next session. I needed some time to process what had happened. He left and I continued with my day, seeing two more patients. I felt fine. It was as if nothing had happened.

I talked to two people that day and shared my experience. I asked them what they thought had happened and one of them felt I may have pulled an entity out of the person. I had a similar feeling but having never really experienced anything like this I was not sure. I did feel that Reiki pulled something dark out of this man, and my teacher concurred.

I decided not to think about it too much more and asked my guides and Reiki to lead me to an answer if I was supposed to know.

Healing The Root Cause - Reiki Stories

The following week my client came back. Before he got on the table he asked me if I had any feedback for him about what had happened. I said I did not, as I wasn’t really sure. He then went on to tell me that he felt he knew what had happened. He told me he was a Reiki Master. (I didn’t know this.) He said that when I asked him to set an intention he asked his guides and Reiki to take away his cancer at the root. He believed that his intention was activated and the Reiki pulled the cancer out of his body at the root. That was what I had felt and while I did not take it, it might have passed through me on it’s way out. That would explain the deeply ill feeling and the whoosh I felt in the bathroom. He said that since that day he had been feeling really good. We proceed to have a Reiki session and he felt clear and light.

He continued to get Reiki, for about six more months. At that time he was tested and his levels came back in the normal range; he was considered cancer free. He came for Reiki for another year or so, and we got to know each other on a deep and meaningful level, without much talking.

I’ll never know for sure what really happened that day but I do believe the cancer was removed from his body, deep at the root, as he asked. I am honored to have been able to assist in his healing. Reiki can and does perform miracles. I have seen it many times, this being the most intense experience.

During this same time while working at the Cancer Center I had the opportunity to work with a couple. The wife, as his caregiver started to come and she asked her husband, who had Stage 4 lung cancer, to give it a try. He was resistant at first, but eventually, he came.

At his first session he told me he didn’t believe in it but he was here because his wife wanted him there. He told me he didn’t think it could help him, but he would give it a try this one time. I acknowledged him and told him to lie down and take a nap. That was all that was required of him. I was a little bit nervous as he was connected to an oxygen tank, reminding me how sick he was and I was afraid I would trip over it as I worked on him.

Once I started working with him, I felt an immediate connection and I got the sense that he could feel the Reiki. I actually felt the oneness, which delighted and surprised me, especially since he was so reluctant to try it.

After the session he sat up. I gave him some water and then he leaned over, gave me a big hug, and started to cry. He told me that he could feel the Reiki, that he loved the session, and hadn’t felt that good in a very long time. In fact, he had hearing loss in one ear and he told me he could hear better after the session. He asked if he could come back, and I saw him weekly for the remainder of his radiation sessions and beyond.

During the time I continued to work on his wife, and she decided she wanted to learn how to do Reiki, so she could work on him, and their son, who had some mental health issues. She took Levels One and Two right away and eventually Reiki Master Practitioner and she began working on her family.

After a while, I lost track of them. About a year later I ran into them at the grocery store and I was delighted to learn he was cancer free. He was still receiving Reiki from his wife and they both felt the Reiki, along with the treatment he received helped to heal him from his cancer. I agreed.

While this example is not as dramatic as the first one I believe the continued Reiki he received, and his strong belief in it, healed him at the root as well. I like to say that Reiki finds you when you need it and it gives you what you need and in this case, it gave so much, to my client, his wife, and myself.

Trust that Reiki goes beyond the rest and relaxation it offers and penetrates deep, to the core, if it is for the best and highest good of the person receiving it. I’m deeply grateful to be able to be a part of this magnificent thing called Reiki.

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Deb Karpek

Deb Karpek

Deb is a Reiki Master Teacher and the owner of Peaceful World Reiki located near Sedona, Arizona. She's been studying Reiki since 2001, practicing since 2003 and began teaching Reiki in 2006. She is an Usui and Karuna Holy Fire II Reiki Master/Teacher, receiving her Reiki Certifications from the International Center for Reiki Training. Deb received her Master of Spiritual Psychology from the School of Integrated Psychology in Glendale, Wisconsin. She is certified as a Level I breathwork practitioner, is a Reiki Crystal healer, Reiki drum practitioner and performs Reiki and sound healing with tuning forks. Deb is one of our featured guests on our Reiki Rays - Reiki Age of Light video which can be found on YouTube. Deb is also the author of a book about the nuts and bolts of starting a Reiki practice, including the emotional highs and lows that go along with that. Her book is called “The Reluctant Reiki Master’s Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Sustaining a Thriving Reiki Practice” and can be found on Amazon.
Having experienced profound life changes as a result of Reiki, Deb continues to study and practice the various modalities of energy medicine. She devotes her life to walking the Reiki path and helping others discover the benefits of Reiki. Deb can be reached via her website at www.debkarpek.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/debkarpekreiki.

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