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Extreme Help for Empaths During Extraordinary Times

It’s an extraordinary time in the world right now. As the COVID-19 virus makes its way around the globe, we are all hunkered down into our quarantines, self-isolation and in some cases, mandatory lockdowns.

It’s getting pretty weird out there. And for Reiki practitioners and empaths, it offers some unique challenges and also some opportunities. On one hand, the emotional overload is hard to manage, there is a vast amount of fear, pain and panic wandering through the psychic airwaves. And as sensitives, we are picking it all up.

On the other hand, the world has finally slowed down to our normal speed. We have some cozy time at home with our families and the quiet of the outdoors is beautiful. I was walking in the woods the other day and was marveling at the level of oxygen in the woods and how strangely beautiful it is to see no planes in the sky.

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So how do we as empaths, healers and sensitives learn to show up right now, in a crazy new world?

I want to begin by honoring all of you and acknowledging that many of us have heard the calling to actualize our gifts as healers. It is our time to shine and maybe you feel like this was the moment that you were born for. This is a turning point in our own human evaluation and we have a spectacular chance to help humanity wake up to a new level of conscious.

And yet, we must have the strength and the tools to manage our energy and emotions so that we can show up. The regular ways that I was managing my energy have not been not working during these extreme times and I have had to level up my game.

Here is what has been working for me.

Unplugging From The Fear/Hive Mind

As empaths, we are so susceptible to the energy of this group consciousness of humanity, which I sometimes call the hive mind. People are afraid of change, of loss, of death, of disease, and the fear of the unknown. Those are all survival level issues, that hit our adrenal glands and the back of our brain and put us into fight or flight.

That fear is highly contagious, once it hits the hive mind, it washes out through the world like another virus. We do need to stay informed so we can make smart decisions, but it’s vital to unplug yourself from the heavy gravity of the hive mind on a regular basis.

  • Limit your exposure to the media to 15 minutes twice a day, or whatever is comfortable for you.
  • Turn off the 24/7 news broadcasts and do regular social media unplugs too.
  • Try a cord cutting mediation with the hive mind.
  • Practice a mindfulness mantra like, “In this moment, I am perfectly safe.”

Remember that we are so much more effective in dealing with everything if we are not panicked.

Extreme Help for Empaths During Extraordinary Times

Practice Reiki

This is the perfect time to fall back into our Reiki practice. I have been doing fifteen minutes of self-Reiki every day. I will pick on one spot on my head, one of my body and one place on my legs and spend five minutes in each place. It makes a huge difference when I do this, so I stick to it, even though it’s easy to forget about it or slack on this practice.

For those of us that know long distance Reiki, this is the perfect time to use it. You can send Reiki to people you know who are sick, or to those risking it all on the front lines in our medical system. I use the “Reiki Blanket” technique and imagine covering a whole area with a blanket of Reiki energy, like my local hospital or a whole country like Italy.

Perhaps it’s a good time to start a virtual Reiki share with your fellow practitioners and work on each other long distance via Zoom or Skype. Reiki is a fantastic resource at any time, but especially now.

Spread it around.

Process Your Emotions Productively

As empaths, we are emotional beings, it’s one of our super powers. We feel all the feels ourselves and we also sponge up other people’s feelings. We need a way to process these emotions out of our systems or we will quickly hit overload. If you are like me, that can happen after five minutes of reading the news in the morning.

Establish a daily practice to manage your emotional states.

  • I journal for about half an hour every morning, before I start my day. I cough it all up and hold nothing back.
  • You might try tapping/EFT or meditation and let your emotions process through you.
  • Some of is process emotion through exercise like running, yoga, boxing or weightlifting.

Give yourself extra care with your emotions during this time and do not judge yourself for being emotional. It is the nature of us empaths to be so, we need extra care with our feelings now.

Refill Your Energy Tanks

Let go of any guilt you feel for finding things to enjoy about this unprecedented time in our human history. This can be an empath’s dream come true in many ways. Keeping our energy tanks full will ensure that we don’t burn out and can continue to show up for others in need in all the ways that we can. Filling our tanks can be quiet time in nature, time spent with loved ones, time resting, or engaged in creative pursuits. Play with your kids, tune out and distract yourself with arts and crafts, music, dancing, and games. Or do a virtual tour of the many museums and natural parks that are now offering free virtual tours.

Don’t Forget The Basics – Ground, Clear And Protect Yourself

The energy in the world is so heavy and dense right now. It makes me tired and I have heard from many sensitives that they are battling fatigue throughout the day. I have been napping and getting to bed very early and I know that resting is important to all of us.

Walking outside every day, if you can, will help you stay grounded. It’s so easy to want to ditch our normal self-care routines, but this is the time to double down on them. Getting enough sleep, exercise, good food and meditation is something that we need more than ever. I encourage you to keep breathing, grounding and if you have to go out, keep yourself in your energy bubble. With all the hand washing we are doing, I use that time to intend and imagine that all the emotional energy I have picked up is going down the drain.

And last but not least, let’s hold a higher vision for what the world might become when we come out this change. I feel like we are huge caterpillar that has gone into an isolation chrysalis to transform. I am not sure what the world will be like on the other side of this, but I believe that we have a fantastic opportunity to let go of some things that were really not functioning anymore and to create a new reality and society that is more in alignment with a higher vibe.

I have faith that we get there and we can get there in a gentler way if we stick together and help each other out, and I find deep comfort in knowing that whatever happens, as a healer, this is what I was made for.

Blessings to you all. Stay safe out there.

Article by Lisa Campion

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Lisa Campion

Lisa Campion

Lisa Campion is a psychic counselor and Reiki master teacher with over twenty-five years of experience. She has trained more than one thousand practitioners in the hands-on, energy-healing practice of Reiki, including medical professionals, and has conducted more than fifteen thousand individual sessions in her career. Lisa is also the Dean of Students at the Rhys Thomas Institute, a three-year energy medicine school that has trained hundreds of people worldwide in energy medicine.
Based near Boston, MA, she specializes in training emerging psychics, empaths, and healers so they can fully step into their gifts—the world needs all the healers it can get! Lisa is the author of the #1 best-selling book, “The Art of Psychic Reiki.” She is also the host of the popular radio show, “The Miracle of Healing” on Empower Radio.
You can find her at lisacampion.com

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  • Sue Wang April 15, 2020, 7:17 pm

    This is timely and fabulous -I resonate with your suggestions. Light and Reiki to the community here and beyond.

  • Maithili Parulekar April 16, 2020, 5:33 am

    Hi i want to learn money reiki even i completed my level 2till dia ko myu symbols please i want to become grand master please help me to get chance to learn this all with reasonable price. Which help us. From maithili h parulekar (mumbai India) 9730423369

  • Mrs A Fletcher September 28, 2020, 11:23 am

    Thankyou so much for this article I need reminding every day to do reiki on myself and ground myself.

  • Carol January 16, 2021, 7:26 pm

    Thank you as always perfect timing. I’m a frontline worker. I’m shattered, I protect myself at the start of each day from the overwhelming amount of suffering and anguish, patients and colleagues included. Even a trip to the supermarket is so tiring. I’m more often than not too exhausted to self heal. Thank you for the reminder. Blessing with love and light. X

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