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Strengthen the Bond with Your Children During COVID19

Article by Bhavna Bhosale

Given the current situation of Covid19, school holidays have started way before expected for our kids. Though these are not the usual happy holidays… Compulsory shutdown with a lot of negative feelings around us.

So now we have an additional task of taking care of our children along with taking care of ourselves and dealing with our negative and stressful mental health. Let me tell you our kids are also experiencing all these turmoil of emotions as they are like a sponge who just soak everything around them.

This is the time where you will be tested on your parenting skills. I know it is very easy said than done but why not explore the ways to utilize this period to connect with them which we hardly get in our daily busy schedule.

Connect with them at the deeper level, instead of just asking them questions let them open up to you. Children opens up only when they know that they are not being judged. So, communicate with them, listen to them not to give them reply but to understand their thought process.

Children are now mostly involved in watching either TV or mobile. While you can’t stop them completely, you can join them. Ask them questions related to the movie you are watching together and just see how excited they get to explain to you.

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Strengthen the Bond with Your Children During COVID19

You can also involve them in the cooking activity, cleaning the house, etc. You can see the old photo albums, connect with relatives over the video call, tell them to make a bag of the things (clothes, old toys, etc.) which are not in use but can be donated to others to enjoy the joy of sharing, get them involved in the meditation which you do. Teach them a new skill which you know and learn a new skill from them as well. What you will find are super confident kids!

All the Reiki Masters, you can attune your children during this break and open the world of Reiki for them. Start sending Reiki to mother earth collectively for getting healed and free from any viruses. Give Reiki to your plants at home, food, tell them to give Reiki to each other. Arrange a fun Reiki session at home within the family. So many possibilities.

In totality, I can say that just use this time to connect with each other and most importantly with yourself. Make this time a memorable time for your children.

Have fun at your home… Create memories…Emerge as a positive person post this crisis situation. Set an example for your kids through your balanced behavior. Remember, kids, learn most of the things through observations.

Stay at home, Stay blessed!!

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Bhavna Bhosale
Bhavna Bhosale

Bhavna Bhosale is an HR professional and Reiki Master Healer based in Mumbai, India. An extreme positive person with an immense interest in the spiritual modalities. She is passionate about helping others by bringing the positive changes in their lives. Reiki has helped her to discover the purpose of her soul to connect with others and empower them by helping themselves. She feels that Reiki is not just a spiritual modality, but a way of life. She can be reached at energiesallaround@gmail.com for Reiki Learning or Healing Appointments.

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