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How Do We Deal with this Pandemic? Step 3 – Grounding & Distance Reiki: Don’t Leave Home without It!

Article by Reiki Master Judy Camblor

Today is day five of my own quarantine. My firm sent all lawyers, paralegals and law clerks home at the end of last week. Last weekend I went shopping for food and bought all the essentials that I would need for the week. My teenaged daughter started her online high school classes as directed by the local school board. Pretty much as it stands, we will be home for the unforeseeable future. Don’t get me wrong, this is exactly what I have always said was possible for someone who works in my field. All our work is online anyway, so why not give employees that flexibility. I am fortunate to be employed by a firm that can provide that sort of work environment because of how their system is set up.

Anyway… I am not a person who watches too much news. As an energy intuitive and an empath, watching the news wreaks havoc on my subconscious and my own energy body. As a Reiki practitioner, watching the news also tends to lower my vibration; so, I try to stay away from it as much as I can. Given the unfortunate circumstances surrounding all of us, I’ve chosen to pick and choose the news I do watch now for the purpose of staying informed about local information that would be useful regarding things like closures, curfews and the like.

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This morning I received a text from my adult daughter letting me know that I should get to the grocery store as soon as I can because she felt I needed to stock up on more food. My children are both very intuitive, and I made the decision to listen to my daughter’s advice and I ventured out to the local stores to pick up a few extra food items.

Mistake number one was not sending distance Reiki to the places I planned to visit. Mistake number two was not sending myself distance Reiki and creating a protective shield around myself. Truth be told, I really had only planned to visit one store as I headed out, but afterwards I decided to visit one of the local grocery stores as well. It just did not occur to me that I would need protection on what I thought would be a normal day.

My first stop was uneventful. I was able to find pretty much all the items that I had planned to get there plus a few extras. Everything was orderly, the other shoppers were polite and friendly, and the woman at the register chatted with me about her fears and what she is doing to keep herself healthy. It was a pleasant visit.

However, my visit to the next stop–the grocery store–was not so pleasant. I cleansed my cart with baby wipes before pulling it out of the storage spot and headed inside. From the moment I walked in, I felt that something was off. I did my usual circuit around the aisles, but I found that there were lines snaking around the store just to get to the register. Okay, I thought, so it’s going to take me a little longer to get back home than I had planned, but I continued to shop at my normal pace.

When I was done shopping, I got into what I believed was the shorter line. Once I was almost at the register, another register opened up. This was when I realized my big mistakes. Before leaving the house, I should have sent distance Reiki to my travels, but I also should have sent distance Reiki to myself. When that third register opened up, two women began to fight over whose right it was to get in line first at the newly opened register. I looked up from my own groceries and was immediately hit with a sense of desperation and anxiety. I could not help but think to myself, “oh no, this is going to get ugly!” I quickly loaded all my items onto the conveyor belt, and luckily the cashier rang up my purchases quickly, but not before I was overcome with a sickening feelings of despair, of worry, and of anger. I was picking up all of these energies from the people all around me. In all this time since the virus came to the U.S. and the closures and panic began, I have kept myself calm and looked at things from a different light. I’ve looked at things from a teaching and learning perspective for all of us. A positive light in dark times.

How Do We Deal with this Pandemic? Step 3 – Grounding & Distance Reiki: Don’t Leave Home without It!

Many people don’t understand this about me, and if you are also an empath and an energy healing practitioner you know what I mean. Exposure to situations like this are not just nerve wracking, but they also affect us on the subconscious and energetic levels. Needless to say, witnessing this angry encounter between these two individuals and the reactions from those around us affected me to the point where my own nervous system was affected all day long.

The minute I got home, I prepared some chamomile tea, of which I drank two cups. I saged myself, my energy body, and my workspace. As funny as it sounds, I even saged my groceries. My point is that as energy workers, during such trying times, we need to remember to care for ourselves. Otherwise, we are of no good use to the people we want to help.

It hurt me to see the greed and intolerance that both individuals were showing towards each other in a time when what we need to do is be patient, cordial and respectful, and above all show each other compassion. What difference would it really have made if either one of those women fighting in the grocery store was first in line? Even as I discussed what I had experienced later in the day, the memory of it got me wound up again. It also hurt me that I forgot who I was in that moment of panic. I forgot that I could have easily sent healing energy to myself and those individuals. I forgot that I had the tools to redirect the negative energy occurring in that moment. And that is something that we all must keep in the forefront of our minds.

So, healers, practitioners and everyone reading this, I say this to you: LESSON LEARNED! During these times of uncertainty, let’s remember to use all the tools we have available to us as Reiki practitioners. Let’s protect ourselves before leaving the house; let’s send distance healing to the places we visit and the people we interact with; let’s keep a clear and calm head and heart when facing these less than pleasant situations during our darkest hours.

Keep Calm and Reiki On!

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Judy Camblor
Judy Camblor

Judy Camblor is a certified affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training as a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho style of Reiki and is also certified in Crystal Healing. Her education in the holistic healing arts is a journey and a work-in-progress where she enjoys participating in all types of metaphysical training to share knowledge, awareness, and empowerment to all of her clients. Prior to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher and Crystal Healer, Judy practiced as a spiritual-life counselor providing angel card readings. Judy has been treating adults, children, and pets with Reiki for almost ten years, and she has been authoring articles for Reiki Rays since 2013. Her home-based studio is located in Miami, Florida, where she lives with her daughter.
Judy can be reached via e-mail at Judy.LovingLight@hotmail.com; or through her website at www.LovingLightReiki.net.

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  • Chris Elliott April 7, 2020, 10:40 pm

    Hi there,

    I heard of reiki years ago but just suddenly got interested in it after reading a description of it’s healing power in a comment on a subreddit on Reddit. I just read your description of your trip to the supermarket …….. I wondered if there is a way you could’ve used reiki with the two women who were fighting, as an intention to calm and heal rather than anything that requires you to physically approach the people or say anything? …….. Hope that makes sense.

    Wishing you peace …..

    Chris Elliott
    New Zealand

    • Judy April 8, 2020, 8:56 pm

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comment and question. One of the things we are taught as practitioners is that while we can use Reiki for many things, we cannot send Reiki to individuals directly without acknowledgment and consent. Meaning, I would have had to go up to both and offered it to them. What I could have done was send out Reiki healing energies from my heart chakra to my surroundings to calm the energies that were permeating the atmosphere of the store. We also learn that our energy fields extend outwards from our bodies approximately five feet. That means that all of the energies of the people in that store were co-mingling creating an atmosphere of very negatively charged energies given the circumstances. That is where we can apply the tools we know as practitioners as I stated previously, focusing our energy and intention on sending out loving and compassionate Reiki energy from our own heart center to raise the vibration and transform the heavy and negative energy to something lighter and calming. I hope this answers your question. Judy

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