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Choose Love

Article by Francesca Gold

I thought I would just write down a few of the things on my mind.

The world is currently undergoing one of its greatest challenges – everyone is talking about the virus, but I’d like to reframe it, and rename it as the outbreak of fear.

I feel particularly guided to express my feelings surrounding what seems to be approaching global hysteria and panic.

Please don’t think that for one minute that I am mocking anyone, or even humanity in general; it’s just I feel I have been forewarned about moments like this happening, when society decides to succumb and choose fear over love.

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I understand completely that in this current climate of uncertainty, and the fact that no one knows exactly what is going to happen next; that we do whatever is within our means to make us feel safe. (Hence the global-wide stockpiling of certain foodstuffs & personal hygiene products which we’ve all seen.) This is all merely a ploy to attempt to re-establish some semblance of control at a time where we ourselves feel powerless. It’s human nature after all.

We need to choose love. We need to remember to love. We need to remember to love others and not just ourselves.

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We also need to remember that we are all Souls. We’re having a human experience; and one such experience is to observe how we react when situations and circumstances appear to push us to our limits. Here, I would like to emphasise the word ‘appear’; for in the midst of our being told to shop sensibly, not panic, exercise common sense, as well as social distancing, we really have to remember and perhaps work even harder to focus on not becoming separated from each other. The feeling that we are disconnected is exactly that; an appearance only. It is all an illusion.

There are those amongst us who know that part of our duty lies in showing the way in order that others may follow. We each have the responsibility as Light bearers to lead by example, and to show others, especially amongst this chaos, that there is another way.

We can show others that there truly is no reason to be scared and act out of fear, but that we can choose the way of Light and Love. If we are able to show this, then perhaps in somewhat of a domino effect, others may be able to observe us and may choose to follow our lead. Consider it perhaps as a duty of care.

Choose Love

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It may sound as though it is easy for me to say this right now, but believe me, it isn’t. I have to remind myself almost on a daily basis, and work hard to not be sucked into the maelstrom which I feel is all-surrounding. I have been very concerned not only for myself and my loved ones but for this entire country and world.

This perhaps then is where faith and trust in the Divine comes into play. I say this because I completely trust in The Creator, The Divine, The Universe, in Spirit, to always provide for us, and give us whatever it is that we each need for our highest good and in Divine right timing. Many of the lessons we have to learn aren’t particularly easy ones and as we learn them, as we did in school, we are frequently tested.

Consideration, compassion, and care is what we each need to display right now. Love, patience, and kindness are also to be added to this list.

In terms of what we can each do right now: perhaps the obvious thing is where you are able, secure what you can by way of provisions for your self and family; then once done see how you can extend your reach outwards within the community to see if those more vulnerable, isolated and perhaps less fortunate may be in need of your help – or even just someone to talk to.

Remember to just try your best each and every day and see what you can do. Simply try to keep love in your heart and mind, always and no matter what.

Choose Love

Image by LoggaWiggler

Perhaps as a final of message of hope and inspiration:

Yesterday whilst on my walk, I happened upon particular elements of Nature which I felt were offering support and encouragement to us all during these uncertain times. In the order which they presented themselves to me, they were:

  • TREE – A tree has deep underground roots which although unseen to the naked eye, are powerfully connected one to the other. Trees are always present within our environment; through thick and thin, in all adversity, and literally have the ability to weather practically any storm.
    Hidden message: We too should take a ‘leaf ‘ from the tree’s ‘book’ and remember that we are also going to be able to make it through this particular ‘season’. We should stand strong and remember that we are not alone – we too are connected and intertwined (as the tree’s roots are) to each other.
  • DAFFODIL – The daffodil with its bright, almost exuberant and vivid yellow coloured petals is amongst one of the first flowers of Spring. Where everywhere is still much dormant and leaf-less, they appear with their bright flashes of unmissable colour.
    Hidden message: The daffodils are showing us that even amidst uncertainty, we’ve still reason to have optimism; to try and keep ‘bright’ and to remain joyful, despite the increasingly testing and trying external events.
  • BIRD(S) – Birds are opportunists, capable of using the resources around them for nest-building, knowing when to take flight and where to fly to; as well as their song to communicate with each other. Birds are capable of both walking on the ground and flight.
    Hidden message: We too have the ability to ‘fly’ – to rise up and above and beyond all apparent problems and challenges. We mustn’t give up, but must continue to dream. We can surmount these difficult times.

Remember: Choose Love


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Francesca Gold

Francesca Gold

Francesca Gold is a Usui Reiki Master, Divine energy healer, blogger, and violinist; as well as a great many other things. Francesca lives in the UK, and works closely with her ever-present Team of Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels. She offers consultations providing information to clients from within the Akashic Records. To get in touch with Francesca and read her additional articles, visit her website: www.francesca-gold.com (currently under construction and a revamp).

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