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Empowering Our Health and Wellbeing: Hatsurei Ho Meditation

Article by Samantha Goddard

In these incredibly challenging times that we find ourselves in, I have been wondering what techniques I can share to help empower us in our own health and wellbeing. I therefore, feel guided to write about the beautiful Reiki technique called “Hatsurei Ho.”

It is thought that the Hatsurei Ho Meditation is steeped in practice and ritual from various energetic and spiritual systems from Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism to Qigong. It is a meditation and tool to strengthen spiritual connection that has been practiced in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai for many years and was shared with the Western world by Hiroshi Doi, a Gendai Ho Reiki Master, member of the Gakkai and leading authority on Usui Reiki.

Literally translated, the Japanese word “Ho” means technique and “Hatsu Rei” to bring forth our spirit, or ‘start up our Reiki’. So often this technique is thought of as a way to start up and strengthen our Reiki. In addition, I have heard it referred to as a way to grow one’s spiritual development and also to heighten our intuitive ability. At the very least, I have always found it to be an incredibly positive and connecting experience, which fully allows me to be present, empowered and open to the Reiki energy and vibration of each element of this technique.

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Empowering Our Health and Wellbeing: Hatsurei Ho Meditation

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The Hatsurei Ho is broken down into 9 distinct stages, each with its own purpose and function, although it beautifully flows together once learnt. It contains many of the Japanese techniques we find taught in Usui Reiki, including the wonderful Kenyoku or “Dry Bathing” technique and also invites us to recite the Usui Reiki Precepts during stage 8.

I often share this technique with students during their Reiki II course by holding a guided Hatsurei Ho meditation during class. However, I believe this meditation can be of benefit to anyone, at any time should they be guided. I always encourage students to use it as much as possible but especially as a tool of empowerment when they may be struggling or feeling a little disconnected.

Although I usually share the Hatsurei Ho in written form via my manuals, after a number of requests by my students, I have now recorded a guided version that I would like to share with you.

The 9 stages of the Hatsurei Ho are:

  • Stage One: Kihon Shisei – (Relax)
  • Stage Two: Mokunen (Focusing)
  • Stage Three: Kenyoku (Dry Bathing)
  • Stage Four: Connect to Reiki
  • Stage Five: Joshin Kokyu Ho (Purification of the Soul)
  • Stage Six: Gassho (Hands coming together)
  • Stage Seven: Seishin Toitsu (My mind is focused, my spirit is gathered)
  • Stage Eight: Gokai Sansho (Recite the precepts)
  • Stage Nine: Mokunen

The link to my guided version of Hatsurei Ho can be found at: www.devonschoolofreiki.co.uk/free-hatsurei-ho-guided-meditation.html

This link is shared with love and good intention at a time where I feel that if we are being advised not to physically connect with each other, then it is increasingly important to feel the unity of all and our innate connection to Source.

We are fortunate to have the gift of Reiki to support us in such times and I would encourage each of you to draw on the Universal energy of connection and love to guide you and empower you in the health and safety of yourself, your loved ones and your neighbours.

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Samantha Goddard

Samantha Goddard

Sam is an Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master, Reiki Drum Master, Life Journey Guide and Author of ‘Finding Ray’s Key’. Based in the UK, Sam runs both the Devon School of Wellbeing and the Devon School of Reiki which offer clinics, training, retreats and workshops for adults and children, bringing Reiki, energy awareness and mindfulness to people of all ages. Inspired by the pregnancy and birth of her son, Sam also set up ‘Reiki Rascals’ to empower families and individuals through pregnancy, birth and beyond and to share the magic of Reiki with children. She is a passionate advocate of sharing Reiki and mindfulness as helpful holistic tools for modern life. “Finding Ray’s Key” was published in 2018 and is a beautifully illustrated children’s book based on Reiki and mindfulness principles. It is a rhyming story for children (and adults), about a boy called Ray who goes on a journey to find ‘the key to being happy’…and is surprised to find that it is ‘within him and all around.’
You can contact Sam through her website www.devonschoolofreiki.co.uk. She also can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twiter.

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  • Radhika March 23, 2020, 3:38 pm

    Thank you so much Samantha!❤️

    I have been practicing Hathsurei Ho on my own for a few weeks now and I tend to get really hard on myself. I am sure, practicing with a guided audio will help gain more confidence💜

  • Prince Ben Nkuna March 24, 2020, 4:01 am

    I am happy to have you guys in my life and feel that if I can put my energy and more reading into the information I get from you guys I will be one of the strongest healers. I am one of the chosen healers from my family with little confidence. I don’t even know my guides nor do I ever had a conversation with either of them. Please help me to be there at the top where I belong

  • Tomas Hagström March 27, 2020, 5:10 pm

    When I follow the link above, there is no Hatsufrei Ho meditation??
    Please help.

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