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Reiki Physic Surgery

Article by Geeta

All the Reiki healers are blessed with one of the most amazing technique named Physic Surgery. It helps to clear all the blockages, trauma, pain, etc. This technique can be performed on a particular chakra or on a particular organ or in a specific region where the client is suffering from an issue.

Generally, this technique was taught in Master degree but I was blessed with this technique in my second degree only. In Physic Surgery we don’t use any anaesthesia, no stitches and even we don’t use drugs or pain killers to cure the pain. This technique does wonders in healing lower back pain, joint pains, or to heal any health issue related to chakras or organs. The main tool which we use to perform surgery is our fingers.

Here, I want to share my personal experience with this technique is that after my delivery I have severe back pain as it is caesarean. Even I was unable to sit for few minutes without any support or back pain belt. Then I decided to do physic surgery on myself as it is one of my favourite technique. I have started to do this technique for continuously 15days without any break. Till now, I don’t have any back pain since three years. Even I have used this technique to my clients to heal their health issues, pains and they were happy with the result.

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Reiki Physic Surgery

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Let me explain you how I have performed this technique in brief.

  1. Sit peacefully, comfortably and ground yourself. Now if you are performing on yourself use the teddy bear method.
  2. If you are performing this technique on others here we can do in two ways i.e., if they are in person make them lay down on the table or else connect to them through distant symbol.
  3. Now call upon all the Reiki Masters, Spiritual Masters, Archangels and state your intention on whom you are performing and their issue that needs to be healed.
  4. First and the most I do cleansing and combing the auras of the client.
  5. As we know the issue then do accordingly to it on the problem related region or organ or on chakra by pulling out all the negativity from it. Keep doing this till you feel the negativity is cleared.
  6. Here we can use crystals, wands as well which helps to clear the blockages. Ask Archangel Raphael to help you to clear all the trauma and negativity. Send the divine light to each and every cell of the client, all the chakras are filled with the divine light and seal the energy.
  7. Finally, be thankful to all the higher masters for their presence and guidance.

After performing this technique on others don’t forget to cut the cords between you and the client. Clean your hands with salt water to remove negativity. Cleanse yourself with the Reiki techniques which you were taught. The technique looks simple and easy but it needs a lot of concentration and effort to get perfect results.

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Geeta is a certified Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master and Money Reiki Grandmaster. She is a certified crystal healer as well. After several fruitful experiences with Reiki, she was inspired and decided to spread Reiki to others as it shows the right path to everyone. She offers courses like Reiki and Karuna Reiki as well as distance healing. She stays in Bangalore and people can reach her on healingmiraclesofreiki@gmail.com

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