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Introduction to Higher Consciousness Reiki

Article by Reiki Nurse

Many people who have been working to improve their quality of Life in an effort to assist in the ascension of their own Consciousness and Soul over the last 20 or so years are also Reiki practitioners. How auspicious for them!

Reiki Energy has become more familiar to the masses over the last couple of decades, and more and more practitioners are rising up to be Initiated and Attuned to Reiki all over the globe. I’ve been guided to write this article specifically to discuss the new and higher realm of Reiki Energy that has surrounded the planet over the last few decades.

In May of 2016, whilst I was meditating one early, misty morning in South Florida, my Consciousness was suddenly flooded with Light and simultaneously 4 symbols imprinted themselves on my relaxed eyelids in rapid succession. I waited as I listened to the download of information regarding each of these symbols. When I came out of my meditation, I quickly drew each symbol in my notebook and listed the specific information I had received about each of them. Then, I put that information aside. I showed it to only one person over the last four years: my Holy Fire® Reiki Master teacher.

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As I’ve continued to work through my own human issues and finely hone my own healing process, I’ve come to realize that the symbols I received in meditation were not meant only for my healing process and spiritual growth. The symbols I received are going to be shared with Humanity, as they will assist in the healing of our planet on a mass level.

We all have innate issues that embedded themselves into our very cellular memory, affecting our level of consciousness as well as impeding our own personal and spiritual growth. Many of the issues we hold within our auric field or cellular memories are detrimental to the healing process. These issues also prevent us from moving forward on our spiritual journey.

And many of the issues we continue to conceal from the world and sometimes even from ourselves are trauma-based. These issues act like anchors that hold us down and prevent us from rising up spiritually and expanding our consciousness to reach the point of Enlightenment that is meant for each one of us. The symbols I received are specifically used to guide us through complete emptying, negation and cleansing of cellular memories. Each symbol is a tool that will help unleash long held beliefs about ourselves that keep us stuck in a false and materialistic sense of being.

These symbols are meant to help lift us out of poverty of mind and spirit, and to assist us in reaching the highest realms of spirit that we are meant to exist in. In other words, we will be healed to the point of reaching the Fifth Dimensional realms and beyond.

With the assistance of my Spiritual Guides and Avatars, I am in the process of developing these symbols into a new and high vibration Reiki certification. I’m not sure how long this process will take in linear time, but I have been assured that this is important to the continued healing of Humanity and of our Mother Earth. I am honored to have this forum, Reiki Rays, and all of you wonderful, spiritually based lightworkers, healers, practitioners, and colleagues to share this process with.

In closing, I welcome any and all queries and comments in regard to this process. May the Light and Healing Energy of Reiki be with all of you! Thank you to my Avatars, Reiki Masters, Guides and all Spiritual Light Beings always.

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Reiki NurseReiki Nurse is a Registered Nurse, who is also certified in Usui Rhoyo Reiki and more recently in Karuna Holy Fire® Reiki as a Master Teacher. Reiki Nurse holds a Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a professional license as a Massage Therapist. Reiki discovered her gifts of clairsentience and clairaudience as a young child, and has also studied various forms of divination throughout this incarnation. Reiki Nurse grew up in New England, U.S.A., and currently resides in South Florida for the last 16 years with her Toy Poodle, Kody. Her first book “Family Sin: How Reiki Helped Heal My Life” was published in February 2018. Reiki Nurse can be reached via Facebook: www.facebook.com/familysinbook, website: www.kathirancourt.com, or blog: www.nurseswithreiki.blogspot.com.

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  • Valarmathi Kannan March 22, 2020, 5:02 pm

    Thanks for sharing and would love to know more about symbols.

    • Reiki Nurse April 18, 2020, 6:20 pm

      Thank you for your response, dear. Let’s connect somehow and as I get these symbols activated I’ll keep you apprised 🙂

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