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If Reiki Is Applied Beyond Healing

Article by Writeously

What if Reiki is purposely applied well beyond healing, and reiterated with superconscious intention, and could it then be appropriated/intergrated into the formulation of an advanced metaphysical ability of choice? Function and how to hack a function is the key. Consider this concept of hacking a function by looking at the extended diversity of uses for something with everyday usage, for example like our legs and feet.

The range of uses for legs and feet from regular everyday use to extended functions include from standing yoga posing to break dancing’s moon walking to a taekwondo roundhouse kicking. All diverse uses of how our legs and feet are willed to function, beyond normal uses of walking, standing, or driving, by any stretch of the imagination. So now reconsider if your hands are not being used in the traditional sense of Reiki hands-on healing facilitation positions, how extendedly else can Reiki be utilized and in what other completely out the ordinary contexts? Especially in what context if metaphysical abilities are contemplated, creatively visualized, actualized, even if only in the imagination, alone, firstly.

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If Reiki Is Applied Beyond Healing

Image by artyangel

Think about how the sacred Reiki symbols can be applied with creative visualization along with contemplated metaphysical abilities also with that aforementioned superconscious intention. Creativity is such a key to so much potential that we must remember this is as much as Source is to our imaginations as well to our Selves/whole beings and proves that we are co-Creators. Above, the mention of standing yoga poses, break dancing’s moon walks, and taekwondo’s roundhouses, is because these are all evolutionary movements, in exercising, dancing and martial arts. All three activities also have corresponding hand movements and/or gestures that if accompanied with sacred Reiki symbols in creative yet functional ways, the question of what can truly be accomplished and is further possible, holds powerful merit within our grasps. If enough energy is involved with the best of clear intentions when self realization is in action and command of the sacred Reiki symbols, for the highest greatest good, then what may we really be capable of?

What may at first appear as mere ramblings of possibilities, is something we must all now take very seriously into consideration as we, collectively enter uncertain, unknown times, with unknown, unheard of, unimaginable events. We are presently being presented with what could be called “Mother Nature’s dark night of the soul of humanity”, to be acknowledged and owned up to. Then to be purged, eliminated, cleansed, and/or purified for our collective well being, so we can better help ourselves and Mother Nature. We are going to need all the help we can get. Yet this help is from within us. We must learn to access this wisdom within us, to access this help within us. Reiki is a part of and will assist with this help within us. Our minds are the tool we use to work with Reiki in constant development of ever-increasing links throughout our daily activities, whether mundane or mystical, to normalize this help within us helping us. Because, just imagine for a moment if we all finally healed, or more realistically to most, we were able to maintain a lifestyle slanted more towards healing and healthy, then wouldn’t Reiki’s purpose and functioning also evolve, for greater contemplations of Reiki what ifs?

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Writeously is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a shamanic practitioner, and an avid (Yoruba-inspired) Spiritual practitioner. He shares powerful, daily astrologically-aligned, herbal magick/aromatherapy and also serves as functional wisdom. He makes it an integral part of his overall intentional daily continuous seeking/studies/practitionership.

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