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Twenty-Five Benefits You May Receive from Daily Reiki Practice

Article by Patti Barker Kierys

I have been thinking about the many benefits we receive when the practice of Reiki is part of our daily lives. Reiki has affected every aspect of my life in a positive healing and loving way. My hope is that Reiki will become a routine for you as exercising and eating healthy. As we start, may I remind you that Reiki does no harm and makes no guarantees.

Each person has a different physical and emotional makeup. Therefore, Reiki will affect each person differently. Our state of being and physical condition will allow different levels of healing.

The following list of benefits was provided to me by my daughter, my Reiki Master, in the manuals she wrote for each level of my training. I have expanded on the list based upon my own experiences. I hope the list provides a helpful guide to you as you travel your Reiki path. They serve as a reminder of the possibilities.

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Twenty-Five Benefits You May Receive from Daily Reiki Practice
  1. Release stress and promote a feeling of well being
  2. Balance the energy state of the physical and emotional bodies
  3. Help to purify, detox and cleanse physical and emotional levels of the body
  4. Cleanse the psychic or subconscious to help the body’s natural healing
  5. Help increase memory, clarity and focus of the mind
  6. Reduce pain, discomfort and symptoms of injuries and disease
  7. Induce a meditative state and awareness
  8. Increase the mind’s intuitive level and dream awareness
  9. Help in the treatment of the cause of disease on all levels: emotional, trauma, negative thinking and spiritual as well as chronic problems
  10. Help to recognize that there is an existence beyond the physical body
  11. Help in the healing of other modalities, medical treatments and/or counseling
  12. Help with the ability to enjoy and receive a good night’s sleep
  13. Promote creativity in many areas, including art, music, writing, dance, etc.
  14. Allow for the body and mind to enter a state of deep relaxation
  15. Open the channels to intuition and psychic abilities
  16. Help with family, friends and business relationships
  17. Help strengthen and expand your spiritual path
  18. Help manifest your goals and dreams
  19. Help to live a non-judgment life filled with empathy and compassion
  20. Being present and living in the moment of the day
  21. Acceptance and expansion of our personal beliefs
  22. Increases self-confidence to try new things
  23. Help with fears and how to deal with them
  24. Help manifest financial abundance
  25. Help to see the big picture and keep things in perspective

I’ve tried to give a broad overview of what the benefits can be. I am sure you may have experienced or thought of others. Keep in mind these are possibilities and not guarantees. Living a Reiki life produces more than we are even aware. It allows us to be receiving every moment we travel our life’s path. The future holds promise for much more to come. Know you are never alone as you live a Reiki life. The healing life force energy is always present. Allow Reiki to flow and support you each day. Let your heart soar with the spirit of love.

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Patti Barker Kierys

Patti Barker Kierys

Patti Barker Kierys is a Reiki Master-Teacher, artist and author. She is trained in all levels of Usui Reiki and is certified in Ligtharian Reiki I and II. She has been practicing Reiki for almost twenty years. She is a lifetime member of the Reiki Healing Association. Upon retiring after 45 years in the legal field and as a Senior Paralegal, she decided to expand the Reiki experience to the next level. In 2014, she formed The Art of Reiki and offers training in Reiki as well as individual Reiki sessions. Patti can be reached at pmkierys@att.com and on Facebook – Patti Barker Kierys

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