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Believe It or Not

Article by Vicky Roncero

Which came first… the chicken or the egg? This has been debated for centuries. Some say the chicken of course… the chicken laid the egg. Others would argue that the egg hatched the first chicken… but then how did the egg get here?

The same is true with our beliefs. What came first… a belief or an experience? Did you have an experience that led you to believe in something new? Or, did a belief allow you to have an experience that you might not have had?

When it comes to Reiki, and the idea of opening to higher consciousness… there are strong opinions on both sides. Some people can’t believe in something they have not experienced. Others experience something, when they are open and willing to believe. In my opinion, it is all about opening. When you can open yourself to the possibility of a new experience, you will have one.

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Believe It or Not

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My personal belief in Universal Life Force Energy and our collective connection was confirmed in my first Reiki session, many years ago. It’s what opened me to wanting to know more and fed my desire to want to help others connect to themselves in this way. It became a mission.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, it’s hard not to feel passionate about Reiki and the ways in which it helps. It’s like you’ve unlocked a secret and want to share it with the world. The more ways you work with Reiki, the more it works for you and you start to see how Reiki can truly be used on anyone, in any situation. It feels impossible that there can be someone who doesn’t believe in this magical energy that is so simple to access.

Open to Reiki… give it a try… and you will become a believer. I have never had someone walk out of a session disappointed. Reiki finds you where you are.

It’s exciting to see all of the ways that the world is opening to Reiki. It seems each day there are more and more scientific experiences, proving that each of us has an electromagnetic field of energy around us and that it is possible to regulate the frequency of this field. There are experiments that have been done with water, showing changes to the crystallization of water, indicating that the Reiki has significantly altered the composition. Being we are made of mostly water, imagine what it does for us? Our energy can be shifted. We can learn to regulate our emotions and build resilience and find courage we never knew we had. Reiki is available to all of us, at anytime.

We have all been conditioned to believe in what we can see with our eyes. We need proof… we are skeptics. We need to rewire ourselves to trust in our hearts and to feel things we can’t see. Seeing is not always believing, sometimes the belief needs to lead. Sometimes believing can lead you to an experience that can change you forever. Don’t stop believing. Believe in yourself and your connection to light. Believe in the Universal Life Force Energy that connects you to every living thing. This is Reiki.

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Vicky Roncero
Vicky Roncero

Vicky Roncero is a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner/Instructor, with a practice in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. She has been working with clients to control stress and anxiety, heal from injury and illness and maintain wellness through Reiki. Vicky has worked as a television producer for over twenty years and has always been drawn to energy work, as she feels everyone’s energy tells a story. Regulating our energy helps us make the choices that create the next chapters of our lives. She lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with her two children and husband. You can contact Vicky through her website ronceroreiki.com or by email at vicky@ronceroreiki.com

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  • EL March 3, 2020, 8:44 am

    Sometime ago, I heard a voice inside say, “Write the word, ‘believe’…”, so I did… Then it instructed me into separating the word into two words, “be (space) lieve””… Then it stated, “Now change the spelling of lieve into leave”, so I did… Then came an explanation… “First you are Being, then in the next instant “leaving” this aspect… So, stop “believing” (Being in one moment, then in the next instant leaving) and instead just Be! Too much of all our indoctrinations in how to navigate life, was given and provided to us by numerous folks (both caring and not!~), who gave us a list of things to “believe” in order to navigate life (which is still true today!)… However after a certain age, numerous life events happen, changing the character of what we were told to “believe”, into showing us what doesn’t work, inviting a different way to approach things that actually accomplishes what we intended, rather than continuing spiraling ourselves around a metaphoric gerbil wheel, trying to make beliefs we were given and adopted, into realities that won’t ever come to fruition!\ Another instance… An unhappy situation occurred in my life, and the old tape about what I was doing wrong was spiraling around in my head… Out of no where, I heard a voice say, “It’s not you, it’s your beliefs!”… Taken back by this pronouncement… The story in my head stopped, and my heart and mind sent me in a new direction, discovering how numerous “beliefs” stymied my moving forward by trying to make a “belief” work that wasn’t going to! This also opened me into new possibilities and solutions I hadn’t seen before… I’ve found when I’ve chosen to stop believing, and instead open myself to the inner Knowing of Being (which we are all born with!)… Life has expanded in ways unfathomable, prior to the limits previously imposed by beliefs… So, believe what you will, but if it’s not working for you (the way you were taught and/or thought), then stop, breathe, open and Be… You’ll be amazed at the possibilities readied to be revealed to you, when you let go and just Be! Blessings and Namaste…

  • EL March 3, 2020, 8:15 pm

    Another thought came for consideration… “Believing” is striving for something (i.e. if I only believe, then it will happen)… “Being” is That which we all are and have been, since the Divine spark initiated replication into creating “our” Presence on earth. Because of the beliefs we were given (both lovingly and not), most of us forget our true Being, then strive the rest of our lives re-membering…\ When we let go, open and Be, we are Reiki (Universal Energy)… Namaste…

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