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Reiki, Metaphysics/Esoterics and Netflix

Article by Writeously

Perhaps we are at a crossroads in this lifetime. We are living at the intersection of unfoldment of the known and unknown, the mysteries, of life as a whole. We have resources unveiling themselves in their true form intermingling the magick and the mundane. Our unlimited nature is reclaiming itself in its lower forms simultaneously along with higher forms such as Reiki and foremost, entertainingly so.

Ironically only one of our resources doubling as an essential has been like this for us all along. The air we breathe has been this constant reminder. As an element it serves multi purposes, yet is the only freely available. The resources serve to keep us alive and/or sustain life giving opportunities. As for the resources that are being made available, we need to discern beyond limits, in favour of prioritizing how essential the resource is to our well being. As well if the resource is being/has been commodified and/or colonized we must be cognizant.

Upon consistent observation it is clear that we have our work cut out for us in consistently raising our understanding of what is going on and more importantly why. Why do we seemingly nowadays have an ever-growing plethora of choices for somethings while other things which are actually in real demand seem to remain elusive?

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Reiki, Metaphysics/Esoterics and Netflix

As you read this, more probably than not, on some sort of device which more and more people seem to have in their possession at any given moment, offering accessibility to a never-ending stream of information (or misinformation), music, video games, e-books and various formats of video/film production. Programmed and/or packaged for mass consumption. Discernment becomes increasingly necessary as we are literally bombarded with the concept of choice, the unwritten, unspoken omnipresent caveat, “always choose wisely”. Most particularly applicable to music listenership and video/film viewership. And to be specific the programming behind video/film regularly scheduled programming. Which brings me to Netflix (and any streaming service online), but Netflix specifically because I’ve had enough exposure to their programming and because they seem to be very popular among the masses. And the masses apparently have an appetite for destructive programming if you scroll throughout the vast range of unenlightening programming available. And because people relate to this entertainment as more of a passing fancy way for killing time/guilty pleasuring, all seems fine on the surface, to the misinformed.

I prefer to always be learning to be wiser or at the very least observing how things are being portrayed (if what I’m viewing isn’t of my own choosing, because I’m watching with someone who made the choice for us). With an always learning mindset, I put an effort into choosing not just what interests me but what will show me something to give me a visual frame of reference. Especially when the subject matter/theme is of a metaphysical/esoteric nature with a demonstrative example shown to give visual context to what has only been read about, spoken about/listened too, or seen in photographs. And as metaphysics/esoterics regains a regrowing resurgence, with a following of seekers, and hangers-on, alike, a lot of the video/film adaptations of metaphysics/esoterics is heavily sensationalized or mis-represented/mis-informed while mis-informing the viewers.

Discernment serves to decipher the truth from the fictional accounts and opinionated examples and how they may serve you in your daily life and /or practices. As I watch any show and/or movie I’ll activate Reiki and always pay close attention to what my intuition assesses, and if something seems useful or just would be cool to be able to be/do/have, I will wait for an ideal moment as a scene is playing out to immediately gesture a quick HSZSN (3x) for a distant Reiki connection, followed by SHK (3x) to establish an activated /balanced /harmonized vision and version of what was just connected to, for referencing during meditation later, and added to my arsenal of resources/tools, for intensive investigation.

I know some may say, if they’re watching T.V., Netflix (or any streaming service) it is to take a break, from their concerns and don’t want to always have to be on alert, because they would like this to be their opportunity to relax, unwind, and not think. Which I get, however at the same time there are some well-versed practitioners who are aware that with the ever-increasing, sloppily metaphysically/esoterically drenched/co-opted mainstream/and otherwise media are (and have been) embedding their programming with portals that can be opened simply by looking at the screen. This is a topic to be taken into consideration and discussed in further detail, later as we are simply scratching the surface, while in the meantime staying alert while staying tuned in!

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Writeously is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a shamanic practitioner, and an avid (Yoruba-inspired) Spiritual practitioner. He shares powerful, daily astrologically-aligned, herbal magick/aromatherapy and also serves as functional wisdom. He makes it an integral part of his overall intentional daily continuous seeking/studies/practitionership.

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