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Astrological Event Timed Reiki Attunement

Article by Writeously

What started as an inquiry during meditation, has now evolved and morphed into what I now will stay devoted to as one of the many passions I will specialize in as a Reiki Teacher. This specific, rapidly growing personal passion was a question presented to both subconsciousness and my superconsciousness.

What makes this so unique is this message emerged in a meditation, as I aligned with my superconsciousness and activated Reiki. In an instant after I asked, “what is the power/wisdom of doing a Reiki attunement for other people, specifically timed and aligned as much as possible with any current and especially powerful astrological event” like let’s say the most recent ‘Black Moon Lilith? Sounds interesting in theory. Well, theory and science are playing catch with metaphysics, in acknowledging the power and significance of what each astrological event’s effects upon everything from the cosmos to the planets all the way down to each and every cell in each and every body, all of it’s intentions, thoughts, feelings, creations, manifestations and surroundings.

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In reality, this theory was excitedly launched and quantum leaped into a real practice as of December 26, 2019, specifically for and during the New Moon which was at 12:13 am EST and the quick to follow Annular Solar Eclipse at 12:18 am EST. Even more interesting is that it was a Usui Reiki Level 1 attunement performed with the full intention of including (if possible) the Midas Star – Reiki symbol of abundance attunement energies (based upon a specially timed 11.11.11 at 11:11 am attunement with an extra special thanks to Dr. Prakash), a personally customized Aries (my birth sign) warrior Reiki Master attunement energies (extra special thanks to my awesome Reiki Master/mentor), and a controversial Cannabis-attuned healing energy synthesis with Mahatma energy.

I personally would be stoked to get an attunement of this nature as I am very open to the concepts of Spiritually evolving my self and my practice of Reiki, in safe, wise ways, which may seem strange upon first being presented to others. Also finding people who are willing to take bold steps into unknown territories/mysteries with me with confidence is also a roll of the dice. However, my roommate was up to the task after being probed/questioned if they were really comfortable with this whole idea and being the ultimate muse meets guinea pig, of sorts.

I’ll admit I felt exhilaration at the idea and as the time approached to prepare for the performing the attunement, I felt like I was ‘in a multidimensional zone’. As I readied myself, and started the attunement, I could feel the familiar buzz of energies in my shins and feet, so I knew this was indeed right on the mark. As I performed the attunement, I could actually feel massive concisely, segmented downloads of information and messages coming through to both myself and the attunement respectively, without any overwhelm which I found interesting, because I was so focused upon intentions for the attunement.

After the attunement was complete and all necessary debriefings were done, I felt more exhilarated still and not ready for sleep so I meditated further upon whatever had taken place during the attunement, of which to my surprise the main message on repeat was to observe and watch how the effects of the above mentioned attunement on December 26, 2019, take effect and unfold for both the person attuned and myself.

So since then, I’ve remained in observation mode while I continue my practice, studies, research, and development with Reiki, as feel I continue to benefit greatly from giving such an attunement and as well will keep all posted.

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Writeously is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a shamanic practitioner, and an avid (Yoruba-inspired) Spiritual practitioner. He shares powerful, daily astrologically-aligned, herbal magick/aromatherapy and also serves as functional wisdom. He makes it an integral part of his overall intentional daily continuous seeking/studies/practitionership.

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  • Elena May 20, 2020, 5:06 pm

    I would like to ask a question, that has been bothering me for some time in my last class of Reiki Master class, went it came for the last stage for attunement I didn’t feel anything at all, while the other did. I was relax didn’t worry at all. While my other Reiki attunement I did, it removes all my chakras bloggage that I got so sick in both reiki attunements. Why is the last one I did feel, see, and experience anything, three years have gone by I always finding myself what happens, it was just like an ordinary class.
    Thank you, in advance

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