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Reiki – Few Misconceptions Cleared… Part I

Article by Astha Shrivastava

Wishing a highly energetic and enlightened new year 2020 to all fellow energies. This article has come up after many intuitive signals that I have been observing since a long time. Primarily addressing those channels who have recently been attuned to the wonderful gift of Reiki and also those who are interested in learning Reiki but have some misconceptions in mind that prevent them from being a part of this beautiful energy healing modality.

Starting from myself, I have been living Reiki for 19 years now. Initially, as a teenager, I was fascinated about the healing touch, the wonders of distance healing; and used to apply Reiki to almost anything I encountered. I used to give hands-on and distance Reiki to one and all, including my friends, acquaintances, relatives, cricket matches (not recommended), my pet, exams and so on. Many times, the results came in favor, sometimes they didn’t, but I never lost faith in Reiki. It took a lot of time before I became a master/teacher and started teaching, as I felt a call from the universe to spread the love and light that has given me so much in life. As I started teaching, a lot of queries (which I share here) used to come up, which I explained to my students and even sometimes to other Reiki channels.

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A common issue comes with people who have already been initiated in the past but haven’t practiced Reiki after the attunement (usually these include people who opted for online courses); the person has an impression that as they learned Reiki a long time back and haven’t practiced all this time, they have forgotten everything and need to be attuned again to start healing for self and others. Remember! Once a channel, always a channel. Once you are attuned to Reiki, the energy starts flowing through your body and can be invoked anytime when you desire, for anything positive. You will always remain a channel of Reiki once a master has initiated you to access the universal cosmic energy for the highest good. Just close your eyes intending on healing, say the gratitude prayer; invoke Reiki and energy will flow, use it to heal yourself and others.

Newly attuned Reiki channels sometimes worry about the sequence of points where hands are placed during self-healing sessions. Full body self-Reiki treatment is necessary after attunement for stabilization and all masters teach how to give Reiki to various points in body that include eyes, ears, temples, all chakras, legs, etc. 24 or 27 points are generally taught that cover the entire body. It’s not wrong if a point is skipped or the sequence is not followed; you don’t have to start all over again. Reiki will still flow, and you can cover the skipped points later. Energy is smart enough and knows where you need it most, so trust Reiki and just let it flow through you to cleanse, repair and heal.

Chakras and their names confuse some new healers. For instance, Sacral chakra, Hara chakra, Sexual chakra, and Swadhishthan chakra are names of the same chakra below naval. Third Eye chakra, Brow chakra, Aagya chakra again are names of the same chakra; this creates some confusion in minds of newly initiated channels. It is absolutely fine if you don’t remember the names of chakras or sequence or color or associated organs. Everything will gradually start becoming clear and you will be able to correlate physical, mental and/or emotional ailments with associated chakras. Be regular with your Reiki practice and the clouds of doubt will get cleared and pave way for bright blue sky with sun shining and enlightening our souls.

Healing Crisis – Very very important for new healers to understand and remember that the body may undergo cleansing by repelling some old blockages which may occur as cold, cough, fever, anxiety, etc. for a very short period. This may happen with healers as well as healees, especially when you start giving Reiki, some unwanted symptoms come up with respect to physical health. It’s a very short-lived phenomenon and usually gets settled in a week. If we don’t mention about healing crisis before a healing session to a patient or after attunement to the new healers, it may create a very wrong impression about Reiki itself. It is definitely possible that a person doesn’t undergo healing crisis at all, but awareness is extremely essential. I make it a point to explain this phenomenon to my students as well as those who ask for healing and when they say they have developed cold or had slight pain, I ensure them that it is alright as toxins are being removed and it will settle down in a few days.

In addition to these issues, there are some other significant misconceptions regarding energy transfer, religion, etc. which I will cover in the next part of this topic. Thanks to Reiki Rays for providing me this medium and thanks to all ascended masters, my guides, angels and my guru for this wonderful gift of Reiki.

Namaste !!!

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Astha Shrivastava

Astha Shrivastava

Astha is attuned to Reiki since 19 years and has started healing those in need since her first Reiki level in 2000. She achieved the grandmasters level 6 years ago and since then has been teaching Reiki to people. Being a Ph.D. in Biotechnology, she has a basic instinct of combining science with Reiki and utilizing the combination for the highest good of people. She firmly believes that the basic knowledge of how various tissue and organs of body function adds to the effect of energy healing. She has also expanded her Reiki boundaries to encompass Angel Reiki and Crystal Reiki. Astha also provides consultations to Reiki channels and seekers to help them grow in their practice. Currently, she features as a partner expert on lifepositive.com/therapist/asthashrivastava and can be contacted at reiki.astha81@gmail.com.

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    Nice,informative article

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