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Resolving Karmic Patterns

Article by Sneha Khanna

Karma is often looked at with dread and fear. We are taught to view it as a sword dangling above our heads ready to strike the moment we slip up. In our current time and age, the energetic frequency is shifting rapidly – which means that we have more opportunities than ever to uncover the lessons and create positive shifts in our life and accelerate the journey of our soul’s ascension.

But in order to do this in the most gentle and optimal manner, we need to understand that we may need to alter our perspective on how we view our lives and the power we hold within us. If we keep looking at karma from a viewpoint of a victim or as something that happens to US – we are always going to be living in fear. However, if we choose to remember that our choices and actions have created our karma in this or any other lifetime – we will also realize that WE have created it and WE have the power to re-create it differently whenever we choose to.

This brings us to an important question – What is Karma?

Simply put, Karma is the result of our choices and actions. Because we interact with people and our choices and actions may impact them mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually – we create energetic bonds with other souls depending on how we have made them experience things knowingly or unknowingly. Understanding Karma is never black and white – it covers the entire spectrum of grey. We cannot always hold ourselves solely responsible for how others treat us or behave with us. However, we can consciously choose to work with our actions, thoughts and words to do our best to re-balance our karma. For example, if someone constantly meets toxic people in their work environment – it could be likely that in some lifetime(s) they may have unknowingly spilled over this toxicity on to others. While it may seem unfair to experience this re-balancing in a completely different lifetime where we may not consciously remember interacting with these souls – there is a way to alter your karma. In this case, choose to observe where you still continue to spill this toxicity within your life. And then choose to gently & consciously resolve it.

Resolving Karmic Patterns

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Working with your intuition is key. While past life regression, Akashic readings, etc may help to a very large degree – a little bit of self-reflection goes a long way too. One of the simplest ways of working with your intuition is to listen to your body. If the thought of sharing money with others/ freely investing it in things that bring you and your loved ones happiness, tightens you up – you may be carrying a subconscious abundance block. If you constantly meet people who end up making you feel less than lovable – you may be subconsciously carrying a self-worth/ self-love block that may or may not transcend lifetimes. If you are experiencing a difficulty in conceiving a baby – you may be harboring resentment, unforgiveness, guilt, or even sexual trauma from your past lives. Just taking some time to objectively reflect on how certain challenges make you feel within your body or how they manifest in your physical/ mental/ emotional/ spiritual wellbeing can actually help you understand the triggers that may be holding you back. And when you do connect with that uncomfortable feeling within you and you begin to ask your intuition to help you understand it – shifts begin to take place.

Your intuition is the way your soul/higher self speaks to you. Your higher self/soul carries an energetic imprint of all the lifetimes and emotions you have experienced anywhere in the multiverse. Connecting with your intuition and asking it to show you the way can be a very powerful way to begin transforming your karmic imprint. For example, every time you feel a knot in your stomach when you need to spend money – your intuition may guide you to engage in some form of charity work – helping someone who may be seemingly less fortunate than yourself is a great way to tune into that feeling of being abundant and over time – recreating your karma and healing your abundance block. Every time someone else makes you feel less than worthy, that humble voice in your head may be telling you that you are loved and that it loves you – slowly encouraging you on to a self-care and self-love journey – eventually making you feel that you are worthy of love and guess what?! Bringing in more worthy relationships in your life. Every time you feel dejected on not having conceived – your intuition may be telling you to slow down to tune into your feminine energy – which is strong yet nurturing and gentle – guiding you to a softer and more fluid way of perceiving life, thus helping you strengthen and heal your feminine aspect and, maybe, even helping you create a life.

Try listening to that inner voice that constantly keeps guiding and nudging you. It knows everything you ever need to know. You only have to learn to listen and trust. We all have the keys to our own locks. We all have the power to unchain ourselves. We only need to trust ourselves again and consciously choose to work through our challenges from a wider perspective.

The Angels have been giving me this piece of wisdom for a long time now, and it makes complete sense in this context, “In the long run (read: various lifetimes), everything comes to a state of balance. Our choices, our actions and our awareness in the present determine how we perceive and work through them.”

Always remember – You’ve got the power! Don’t give it away by choosing the victim mindset. Reclaim it by knowing that you are the co-creator of your destiny.

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Sneha Khanna

Sneha Khanna

Sneha Khanna is an energy worker and transformational catalyst who fuses her passion for energy work and mindfulness with practical ways of living. She truly believes that we can transform our lives and co-create the magic we seek externally. She aspires to empower others to co-create the life of their dreams for themselves too.
You can drop her an email at snehakhanna@gmail.com for Online and In-person Intuitive Angel Card Readings, several Individual and Group Workshops (Online and In-person). You can also follow her page on www.facebook.com/snehasoulbalance and Instagram @sneha_soulbalance for uplifting and positive content.

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  • Seema sumantha January 8, 2020, 4:47 am

    Thank you so much for this deeper understanding…very simple but truly an intense way to cleanse inside out ♥️♥️🙏

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