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Healing Methods with Cho Ku Rei Symbol

Article by Cristina Barcenilla

The power symbol, Cho Ku Rei, is used to increase or decrease power (depending on the direction in which it is drawn) and represents the ability to illuminate or enlighten spiritually. The horizontal line represents the source of Reiki while the vertical one symbolizes the energy flow. The spiral reaches the middle line seven times representing the seven chakras.

If you want to deepen your work with CKR, here are four healing methods for you to try:

  1. Repeat mentally slowly and softly at least for 4 minutes the Reiki symbol CHO KU REI. As more minutes you will be in meditation with the symbol, hundreds of thousands benefits you will get and more powerful your degree of healing will be because the symbol and the mantra have inside themselves all what you need.
    The soul is who lives in your body to learn. The soul sees through your body, the important is to not contaminate that vision with your mind and your intellect, because you will see your limitations, your defects, your mistakes and ugliness. The soul already knows the meaning of the symbol, which is your intention, with this tool inside you, your mind uses your body to awake your consciousness and to break your physical and mental limitations, becoming a healer, also after meditating with CHO KU REI and without being aware you will have started a self-healing system.
    Healing Methods with Cho Ku Rei Symbol­
  2. Make an exact copy of yourself in your mind and visualize yourself as a light being (visualizing as a light being you will move much more healing energies). With the exact copy of yourself you can do a self-healing meditation. If there is pain or an illness inside you, you can put the hands of your exact copy on the part of the body and channel sending light over that zone. Try to not think about the time, normally after the first self-healing and meditation you can get incredible results.
    From the seventh session of self-healing meditation over the same zone you will be able to admit the miracle of your power and healing.
  3. If you find difficulties by visualizing, you can have the symbol at sight, although in this moment that you have been working with the symbol, you have already much energy worked and activated in your body so: meditate imagining healing a person, or saying his/her name (don’t worry as the Reiki energy and the telepathy will arrive at the person to whom you are meditating) Ask mentally permission to the light beings and the person who you have in mind. Send through your mind the CHO KU REI symbol some times and make the intention to heal over the person, repeating the mantra. Don’t worry because it acts over the auric field and at the same time you will activate in you the telepathy to send distant healing.
  4. Mentally visit that person. Make healing though your mind with the exact copy of your body. His/ her soul will know you are helping.

Reiki doesn’t understand of distances, limitations, spaces and times. If you don’t believe that, then you are limiting the power of your mind and of your Reiki.

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Cristina Barcenilla
Cristina Barcenilla

Cristina Barcenilla is a naturopath and biodecoder in Vilanova i la Geltru (Barcelona) Spain. She became Reiki Master in 2013. She has a strong connection with Angels and Archangels. Also as she has dedicated all her life to teaching it is for her very easy to connect to people. Cristina is certified in Usui Reiki Master, DLA Master, Angelical Healing Master, DNA Strand Activation, Karmic Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Excalibur Reiki, Angel Reiki, Lavender Flame Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Unicorn Healing, Violet Flame Reiki, Angelical Akashic Registers, Angelical Attunements, AA Gabriel Master Symbols, Dolphin Trilogy Healing, Acureiki, Chakra Flush, Meridian Flush, Aura Flush, Subconscious Flush, Happiness Flush, Shaman Power Reiki ...… Reach Cristina at crisport12@hotmail.es, on Facebook www.facebook.com/deilereiki and her blog: crisdeile.wordpress.com/

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  • MAHADE M C November 12, 2019, 6:36 am

    Really wonderful article about first symbol .thank you for sharing.

  • sreekanth k.g November 12, 2019, 8:58 am

    Very good article. just one doubt . do you need visualize the symbol while chanting? i have difficulties for visualizing sometimes.
    will be very helpful if you can clarify
    love and light

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