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Rejuvenating Love Relationship

Article by Rene Mic

Time is an important factor that relationships require. But in today’s fast-paced world sometimes it is really difficult to dedicate quality time to love relationships (partner/spouse). Dullness and distances in love relationships may lead to break-ups, separation. Life can be beautiful with healthy relationships. A healthy relationship with your spouse/partner makes your life beautiful that is filled with happiness. But is it possible to heal your love life with Reiki? The answer is “Yes”. With the help of Reiki and Angels, we can heal and rejuvenate our love relationships for a better and beautiful life.

Things you need:

  1. Green Candles or tea lights(21)
  2. Essential Rose Oil
  3. Red Roses
  4. Rose Incense(optional)

Step 1. Sit in a quiet place. Meditate for some time. Take one green candle/tea-light and anoint it with some rose oil. For tea-light, you can put a few drops of oil in it.

Step 2. Draw Cho-Ku-Rei on both your palms. Between them draw Sei-He-Ki symbol. You can draw these symbols if you are attuned to them. Now hold the candle between your hands for a few moments.

Rejuvenating Love Relationship

Image by farmafilipe

Step 3. Call Archangel Raphael now. Say this prayer “Dear Archangel Raphael, I call upon you now. Please heal my love life with spouse name/partner name for the betterment of my life. Heal this relationship so we can have a loving and beautiful life together. Fill the gaps that have been created over time with your divine Green healing light and unconditional love. Thank you for being with me at this time and forever.”

Step 4. Now light the candle/tea-light. See the flame and see your pain, grudges burning in this brilliant and yet powerful flame. The fire is melting away all your pain, conflicts, and sorrows associated with your spouse/partner.

Step 5. Archangel Chamuel is known to be the angel of relationships, peace, and reconciliation. He can help you strengthen your relationships. Now ask Archangel Chamuel to be with you in this present moment. Say this prayer, “Dear Archangel Chamuel, thank you for being on my side. I ask you to strengthen my relationship with spouse name/partner name. Clear the misunderstandings that have been created due to lack of communication or miscommunications. Help us communicate well and express our love to each other in an effective way. Bless me and my partner (spouse) so we can share a beautiful bond of love and live our lives beautifully. Bless our love life, envelope it with your divine light and energies. Thank you.”

Step 6. Now draw Sei-He-Ki on your heart. Keep your both hands on the symbol. Ask Mother Reiki, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel to heal and bless your heart with their unconditional love and divine lights. Take a few deep breaths. Keep your eyes closed for some time.

Step 7. Offer red roses to Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raphael. Do some grounding exercises. Drink some water.

You might feel like crying during or at the end of this ritual. It’s completely all right. Have faith in the divine and let go of the results.

You have to perform this ritual initially for 21 days. Later on, you can do this weekly or whenever you feel like doing it. Do express your gratitude to all the divine energies.

Love, Light, Gratitude

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Reena Mishra

Rene Mic

Rene Mic is a Post Graduate and worked in corporate profile as an Administration Manager for over 10 years. She is a Reiki Master, Angels Practitioner, and Tarot Card Reader. She finds Reiki as the best gift of Divine that taught her to heal not only self and others. Reiki enables her to heal mother nature and its elements too. It connects her to his soul and mother earth as well. Her aim is to spread love and light to this planet for the well being of all. She resides in Delhi NCR, India. Her email ID is reenabhartiya@gmail.com

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