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Aura Cleansing and Protecting Techniques

Article by Geeta

Aura is the energy field which surrounds our body. In our daily life we come across different types of people some will have positive vibrations and some will have negative vibrations. When we meet negative vibration people our Aura slowly becomes weak ad we may feel tired or fall sick. Too much of negative energy will cause holes in our Aura which results in the draining of energy from our chakras. Some people may have doubt what this holes in Aura is. I feel that Aura is a protective layer for our entire chakras system from negative energy like we are being protected by the ozone layer from the direct impact of UV rays.

Here I am sharing few techniques for Aura cleansing, Aura pasting and protecting.

  1. Salt bath: Add the Energized rock salt with an intention to clean the Auras and take bath with it.
  2. Reiki bath: Draw the attuned symbols in the bucket water with an intention to cleanse the auras and remove all the negatives from it.
  3. Imagine Divine white light is covering entire your body and passing through all the chakras from the Crown chakra to Root chakra and removing all the negative energy from the auras as well as chakras.
    Aura Cleansing and Protecting Techniques
  4. Draw all the attuned symbols on palms and now comb with your fingers from head to toe with the intention that you are removing all the negatives from auras and throw them in a violet flame. Repeat this process five times.
  5. After this combing process, imagine a white light as a ball in your hands and facing the palm towards client’s aura move from head to toe saying “Reiki I am pasting the auras of … (client name)”  With this process all the holes in the auras will be sealed.
  6. Soak the negative removal crystals in water for a night, then remove the crystals and charge the water with Reiki with the intention to clear all the negative energy. Now spray this water from head to toe when you are back home from outside. You will feel calm and relaxed.
  7. Shielding is one more simple and effective technique by which we can protect ourselves from draining of the energy.
  8. Use an Amulet with Reiki intention slip that you are being protected from negative energy.

Cleanse your auras frequently to be happy and have a healthy life.

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Geeta is a certified Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master. She is a certified crystal healer as well. After several fruitful experiences with Reiki, she was
inspired and decided to spread Reiki to others as it shows the right path to
everyone. She offers courses like Reiki and Karuna Reiki as well as distance
healing. She stays in Bangalore and people can reach her on healingmiraclesofreiki@gmail.com

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