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21 Days of Reiki to Self-Love

Article by Magalí Giménez

It is correct to say that self-love must be the first love and the greatest love. That it is not possible to love others without having a love for oneself. In our life, our self-love is constantly put to the test. In our upbringing and education both within the family and in an educational institution our self-love is undermined. In many labor relations, power manifests itself through the contempt that deeply hurts self-love. In each relationship, self-love can be affected.

I consider that in self-love we have a series of layers, with a spiritual core of self-love and with a more external layer of self-love that we demonstrate in our day-to-day lives, which we call self-esteem. When we are subjected to situations that undermine our self-esteem, we turn to our spiritual core of self-love to strengthen ourselves. But it may happen that in a situation of constant contempt the spiritual center of our self-love is running out.

Self-love is somehow responsible for our health, our personal appearance, the aspect of our home and our work. When one becomes constantly ill or has accidental injuries in a recurring manner, it may be due to a lack of self-love. This spiritual core of self-love is a very valuable energy resource to get away from behaviors that harm us as addictions or unhealthy lifestyles.

In my personal experience, on one occasion doing a self-healing meditation, I could to visualize my spiritual core of self-love and I saw it like a raisin, completely dehydrated and consumed. I understood that to maintain high self-esteem in my outer layer, which was constantly undermined, I had to take energy from the spiritual core of self-love. And in this situation, I was taking more energy than I put in myself.

21 Days of Reiki to Self-Love

To face this situation I simply started sending Reiki to my self-love. It was necessary to continue this treatment for a long period of time, but from the first day of treatment, I felt a big difference. And so I used this procedure to strengthen self-esteem in other people with such wonderful results from the first session. In all cases, I performed 21 days of Reiki to self-love with the routine that I explain below.

  1. Use the HSZSN symbol to connect with your own love (or that of your client).
  2. Take a moment to clean the low energies, you can use some symbols that help you clean, Karuna Reiki® has beautiful symbols of love and compassion that work very well in this case.
  3. Send the purest love to the spiritual core of self-love, you can also use symbols.
  4. Build a protective barrier so that only high vibrations can enter and nothing can negatively affect this person’s self-love.
  5. If you are tuned to the Master symbol, you can use it to program the person to continue receiving energy or to use the Reiki energy when he needs it.

Note: Even without using the symbols the most important thing is that you put your intention to perform each of the steps.

Infinite love

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Magalí Giménez

Magalí Giménez

I am Magalí, I am a Molecular Biologist, I have a PhD in Biological Sciences, I specialize in plant genetics and epigenetics.
I am a Master in Usui Reiki and level two Karuna Reiki®. I am a reader and healer of Akashic Registers.
You can contact me at magalienergy@gmail.com

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