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Finding your Soul Land

Article by Ashwini Chubé

The laws of the land

The day date and time of your living on a particular land is decided at soul level.
You take these decisions at soul level along with your free will and the permission of the land. Everything has consciousness. Lands have vibrations and until you and the land are perfectly aligned with each other you won’t reach there.

On physical plane – these problems show up as ticket not available/ flight delays/passport or visa issues. However, at a soul level, there are a lot of higher forces interplaying. You ‘ll never wait a minute more on a land when you are meant to move. Similarly – you ‘ll get delays or denials when you aren’t meant to go

Please note that all these decisions will be taken by you at a soul level with your celestial team that would include: your spirit guide, your guardian angels, your spirit animals, ascended masters of course with the consent of your higher self.

1) You will choose where to take birth

That will be your birth land. It may or may not be the place where your ancestors have taken birth. You will choose where to take birth, when to take birth and how to take birth. This your Birthland. You may also call it motherland. In Sanskrit, we call it janma bhoomi

2)  You ‘ll find the land where you ll contribute via your work

You ll work there. The people who live in that land will benefit from your work in a positive manner. You ‘ll get work, respect and you ‘ll get to be your happiest and best there This will be your karmabhoomi or your Workland

Your janma bhoomi and karma bhoomi may be same but in most cases it is different. This is because your soul agrees to explore different experiences in order to grow.

3) You will be pulled to a certain land culture and people

You ‘ll be drawn to a particular place and feel home there. Even if you do not visit the place you ll have dreams or visions of the place. Whenever you visit the place you ‘ll strangely feel home. You ‘ll feel safe and calm there. You ‘ll be drawn to various things like culture, food language. In most of the cases this will also be your karma bhoomi – viz the place where you ll contribute maximum to this land via your work (but not always). This is your Soul Land

Finding your Soul Land

Image by Jonas_Fehre

My Experience for Soul land

Since childhood, I was drawn to England and Scotland. I wasn’t aware why and my logical mind kept saying there was something wrong with me. The truth is world is our home – hence it we feeling drawn to. Apart from that, there were some crazy so called coincidences in my life which made me realise the big pictures and join the dots looking back

  • I topped in English Literature and Grammar in school– English grammar has been easy for me. I started spelling accurately since my kindergarten in spite of English not being my mother tongue
  • I loved the English clothes and hats especially when I watched movies
  • I had immense love for English literature
  • Always had an inclination to read and watch Jane Austen, Harry Potter amongst all
  • I had vivid memories and visions of places in dreams and felt Deja vu on visiting the place when I first traveled to UK
  • I strangely knowing routes while walking in the place even in my first-time visits
  • I had a Feeling safe or home even on my first visit and in absolute unknown places
  • I have got different opportunities to visit UK for work or go on a retreat

How to identify your Soul Land. Can Reiki Help?

As Reiki practitioners or Master teachers we can always take help of this gentle yet powerful energy.

  1. You can maintain a journal or a diary to keep your notes
  2. Sit in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Perhaps light a candle
  3. Take a few deep breaths
  4. Ground yourself by giving Reiki to your Muladhara (Root chakra) and drawing a Raku. Imagine roots going through your feet
  5. Draw HSZSN over your Ajna Chakra(3rd eye) and CKR.
  6. Simply state an intention “Reiki Energy – please help me find my true soul land”
  7. Probably you ll already know which land is it. It is the land which always has made you feel drawn to
  8.  Ask yourself the following questions
    • Which land do I feel drawn for?
    • Which is my soul land?
    • How do I feel when I think of my soul land?
    • Does my heart expand with joy?
    • Perhaps a few images will flash in front of you. You might feel some emotions in your heart. You might even hear the sounds
    • If given a chance would I live there forever? ( at this point do not analyse whether it is practical)
    • Am I aligned to the land?
      o Physically
      o Mentally
      o Emotionally
      o Spiritually
  9. Open your eyes and write down all that comes to your mind

I wish you the best on your soul journey as you discover your Soul Land.

Do not judge yourself for not being ‘Patriotic’ . Your soul land could be different from your birth land. Remember the world is your home. Claim your soul land and go out and live your life!

Best wishes and love to all my readers
Ashwini Chube

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Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube is a Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation Trainer, Wellness coach, Spiritual Teacher, Access Consciousnesses Bars Facilitator & Reiki Grandmaster. Ashwini is also a Writer, an avid blogger and is currently working on her 2 upcoming self help and spiritual books.
She has founded the company Unicorn Insight with a vision to create a world where the world runs on consciousness, joy abundance and love instead of fear, lack and scarcity. Ashwini's mission is to empower individuals to know who they truly and authentically are and help them tap in their power. Unicorn Insight has been instrumental in transformations of lives - whether it is through individual one on one coachings, group workshops, corporate trainings or motivational talks.
Ashwini is a former Investment banker and holds an MBA in finance having worked in Corporate world of Banking and Mergers and Acquisitions with Banks like Morgan Stanley and RBS for 8 years in Mumbai and London before she pursued her calling in 2015.
Get in touch with Ashwini through her Website: www.unicorninsight.com or at unicorninsight@gmail.com. Her Facebook page is: facebook.com/ashwinichubeofficial

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  • Haripriya Suraj September 23, 2019, 4:21 pm

    Ashwini, this is such a beautiful article! Much needed for me. Thank you for writing this!!

  • Magalí September 25, 2019, 12:25 pm


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