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Reiki, the Angels, and Our Guides

Article by Tracie (Eaves) Talbott

“What do Archangels have to do with Reiki?”

My daughter had called to ask me after seeing several references to Archangels on a Reiki page. The short answer is, nothing. Archangels really have absolutely nothing to do with Reiki. Reiki is a stand-alone system. It can be practiced independent of any other metaphysical practices or belief systems.

However, many Reiki practitioners do regularly invite angels, our preferred source or creator, ascended masters, such as Master Usui, and our guides among any other number of entities a practitioner may depend on for support, to join us in our sessions. For many of us, this is part of our opening ritual. We give thanks for Reiki, ask that it work for the highest good, and invite our spiritual helpers to join us and to guide us or give us and our clients aid during the coming session.

Many Reiki practitioners feel guided to other metaphysical studies, such as angel healing and spirit guides. Either the studies led them to Reiki, or Reiki opened their interests to such things and drove them to want to learn and explore more. They often incorporate what resonates with them into their lives and Reiki practice. It seems to come naturally to many of us, one modality or belief system flowing into and with another. It comes so naturally that some practitioners really don’t separate their practices at all. They feel that their work is enhanced by the help and support of these entities. They may trust the Archangels to do work that they are not able to do themselves. They may feel that with the aid of their spirit guides they can better heal themselves and those in need.

Reiki, the Angels, and Our Guides

There are other practitioners who believe this practice changes the system and that it is no longer Reiki when practiced with the aid of Archangels and the like. They like to keep their Reiki “pure” and traditional. They see no need to ask for assistance or look for support outside of the system of Reiki itself. They have total trust in Reiki to do all that they and their clients may need from it.

The beauty of Reiki is that it is so versatile. It is a complete, natural healing system all on its own. A practitioner needs nothing other than their Reiki training, attunements and universal life energy to be able to practice. No particular religion is necessary. You don’t have to believe in angels or guides. And at the same time, it is okay if you do. These things can easily be incorporated into your practice and give you support in your work.

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Tracie Eaves

Tracie Eaves

Tracie (Eaves) Talbott is certified as both an Usui and Crystal Reiki Master. She specializes in Reiki and Crystal Energy Work, but also has experience with other holistic modalities as well certification in spiritual and life coaching. She offers guidance in life and spiritual matters using a variety of methods and natural intuition. Her goal is to generate as much light and love and positive vibrations as possible to add to the quality of the interconnected web of existence. You can find more information on her website, www.crystalreikiwellness.com or on her Facebook page at facebook.com/reikitracie1111/.

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