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7 Clear Signs of Spiritual Alignment

Article by Aarti Seraphim

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”
-Swami Vivekananda-

Power of Free Will is a wonderful gift given to you by God. Through this power, you can become a channel for Reiki. With this power, you can connect with the divine Angels of God. It is this blessing that you choose to make wiser decisions in life and ascend to a better dimension. But it all depends on your choice of activating your ‘free will’ and driving the same in the right direction. You may choose to do it with Reiki, Angel Therapy, Law of Attraction, power of higher consciousness, tapping in your right brain and so on. But the question remains how you shall understand that you are going on the right path? How you may know that you are building your connection with the Universe (God or Source or divine power)? What tells you that your prayers are being heard and they are into the process of manifestation? If you are also willing to find out the same then keep on reading and find out those 7 clear signs of spiritual alignment, which are motivating force to tell you that you are charging ahead right.

The 7 Clear Signs-

Just in case you are unable to notice the coming up signs of spiritual alignment does not mean that you are not smart enough to do so. It just sometimes you are in too much chaos to notice such signs that God sends your way to tell you that ‘keep it up child, I’m with you.’ This article intends to clear that chaos and bring you peace and light. Here are the 7 clear signs of revelation that you are in sync with the Universe.

1. Quick Fixes, which are very common signs and are more regular. These are the small things you ask for and voila, the magic happens right away. You ask for getting up early in the morning and your eyes are wide open even before your alarm. You wish to get a ride to your work and someone offers you one. You pray for a good professional domestic help and you get right what you are looking for. You are running out of money and you realize that your paycheck has arrived early. Such things tell you that you are easily manifesting small things, which indicates that you are becoming more comfortable with the law of attraction.

2. The Famous Number Series that is the foremost noticed sign. You see numbers in series everywhere. It could be your watch, an apartment, number plates on automobiles, books, emails, bills and so on. Once you start noticing them they never disappear. There has to be no fixed order but they will always appear in series, i.e 11:11, 111, 222, 333, 1212, 1221, 10:10, 0505, etc. This is an awesome sign of Universe telling you that you are heading in the right direction in your life. Whenever you see such numbers in series, a spark of joy lights you up. Notice the thoughts that come to your mind once you see such series because they often bring you the guidance you recently sought.

3. You Are Willing to Forgive and start to feel more compassionate towards those who may have hurt you in the past. Once you are in sync with the free spirit you begin to forgive people who have ever done any wrong to you. You also start to pardon yourself for your past mistakes. Also, you easily ask for forgiveness from people physically or energetically for your misconduct to them. You let go of the clutter and guilt of the past and readily move toward a better tomorrow. Most importantly, you are comfortable with your present.

4. You Lose the Grip of Negative Thoughts and begin to see the brighter side of everything. Your focus shifts to the solutions of the questions you have in your mind. You may not be afraid to try anything new. Although you may feel the jolts of negative vibes sometime, you will overshadow all pessimism yourself. You will get least unsupported thoughts and even if you get them you will overcome them easily. You start to feel jovial about everything you do and negativity begins to diminish from your life. Not necessarily it would never tap you again but your brighter side becomes much powerful than that.

5. You Wish to Expand your Light since you are spiritually aligned. You wish to expand the light within you to the world. You do not wish to keep your secrets to yourself any longer rather you desire to share your success with the tribes in need. You prefer everybody to learn from your experience. You want to contribute your fair share to the world. The biggest plus, you are not afraid to share any longer.

6. You Meet Like-Minded People more. All those relationships that are not working for you may start to gradually disappear (not physically but energetically). You will come in the acquaintance of folks who are like you, talk like you and see the world like you. Such people will share the common view of life with you and will give you a chance to grow further on your spiritual expedition. Also, you will be inclined naturally to such people who are like-minded and who shall help you build a wider spiritual network.

7. Your Divine Purpose Becomes Your Priority, however, this change may appear even at the earliest phase of your spiritual journey and for some, it may take more time. But spiritual alignment leads you to take over all your desires and live your life for your divine purpose. But there is nothing to fear about this change. Once you will reach that phase in your life where your divine purpose becomes your highest priority, you will easily let to of all other worldly desires (not that you go in hermitage). You become detached with the results in whatever that you do. Whatever you choose to do on this plane is for the sake of your life purpose or we shall say for God.

These were the most definite signs that you are becoming spiritually aligned and getting in the perfect sync with the Universe. There are many more signs like these and some of you may have already discovered them. Such signs of  alignment become very frequent once you embrace the new side of you or say the ‘new you.’ The good part is that there is no end to such happenings. The signs and symbols are not limited to the extent of this article only but may reach beyond it. Whenever you begin to notice them then begin to show the attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for the tiniest victory you make in daily life and witness the magic expand. Even if you don’t notice such signs, don’t worry. Just relax, the magic is happening. Open yourself to receive the guidance sent from the source and you will begin to flow smoothly with the flow of life.

To the ever peace & love…

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Aarti Seraphim
Aarti Seraphim

Aarti Seraphim is a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Angels Therapist, and Tarot Card Reader. She has completed her Masters in English Literature from IGNOU Noida, India. Aarti is trained in Indian Classical Vocal Music and French Language. She works as a freelance writer. She idealizes love and peace as the sole purpose of the creator. She is inspired to enlighten the world about healing modalities and self-love. Her aspiration to restore love and peace in the world motivates her to use the blessings of lightwork for helping out those in need. You can reach her at reikiaarti777@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/AartiSeraphim777.

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  • Chanchal September 13, 2019, 5:40 pm

    Wow! Aarti beautiful thanks for sharing

    • Aarti Seraphim September 15, 2019, 7:11 am

      You’re welcome.💙

  • Usha Rao March 27, 2020, 10:37 am

    Everything you posted resonates with me. Thank you.

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