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Reiki Symbol Meditation

Article by Prachi Durge

I would like to start this article by highlighting my learning about the Reiki symbols. Universe understands our language. Language is made of alphabets. Alphabets are like symbols. Symbols are very powerful. As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. Symbols are also worth than words, just as we communicate through body language than words. We can communicate to the universe through symbols.

Numbers are also a form of symbols. For e.g.- 8 when reversed clockwise it becomes ∞ infinity symbol. Reiki symbols are powerful and easier means of communicating with the universe. In first degree attunement, the practice of Reiki symbols and drawing them is taught.

Importance of Reiki Symbols

  1. HSZN (Distance Healing Symbol) as we draw this be present to it and see it symbolises our front view of body (bridge). Our body is a bridge between universe (light above) and earth (nourishment below).
  2. SHK (Mental Symbol) while drawing this be present and it looks like human side face view.
  3. CKR (Power Symbol) as we draw it, we start it as capital I and encircle it with the loving energy of Reiki which is infinite.
  4. Hearth symbol as we draw is like two triangles integrating with each other. Feminine energy and masculine energy integrating with each other into one whole circle of energy as one force. Symbolising accepting both sides energies.
  5. MLN for removing negative energy/blocks. This symbol is related to energy spiraling through chakras. Abundant flow of energy through chakra.
  6. ZNR (Zonar) as it is drawn, it symbolises union. Two infinite beings merging together. Going beyond feminine and masculine energy, body form and entering spiritual realm. Realising self as infinite beings and merging as one whole complete.
Reiki Symbol Meditation

Reiki Symbol meditation:

  1. Sit in a relaxed position.
  2. Take a deep breath through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Receive Reiki blessings.
  3. Close your eyes, with the middle finger of the right hand imagine violet light beaming from the middle finger, make Master symbol (DKM).
  4. Concentrate/ meditate on this symbol. Keep saying DKM in your mind three times. If the mind gets diverted, take a deep breath and concentrate back again on the symbol. Do this for 10 mins. If anyone finds it difficult to do with closed eyes and imagination take a blank paper and with a sketch pen draw the symbols on separate papers and concentrate on the symbols 10 mins each with open eyes.
  5. Imagine the white light coming out from the Crown chakra and DKM symbol getting merged in the white light. And look in the front.
  6. Repeat the same steps for HSZN, SHK, and CKR symbols.

This Reiki symbol meditation is effective when done in the morning regularly. The meditation helps to open and receive more blessings and love. It also helps in improving the capability for doing distance healing and for intention fulfillment.

Love & Gratitude

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Prachi Ukey

Prachi Durge

Prachi Durge is a Certified Reiki practitioner (Third Degree Level 1) and a chemical engineer with three years of industry experience. Her area of interest moves around a healthy lifestyle, research in spirituality, and mandala art. You can contact Prachi Durge at durge.prachi@yahoo.com

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