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The Angel Stone

Article by Prajakta Sonawane

I was introduced to this modality by one of my very good friend, mentor, and well-wisher Suvam Bhowal. This is a simple yet effective modality channeled by Ole Gabrielsen.

This modality works with the Angelic realms and also connect us with the energy of the angels. To use the energies of The Angel Stone one needs to get attuned to this modality to create an Angel Stone for themselves and for their loved ones.

An Angel Stone can be created from any normal stone that we found in our backyard or a seaside stone, it does not matter from where you pick up the stone, but don’t use any stone which is dirty. Always wash the stone under normal tap water before using it to wash away any dirt and residual energy that’s in the stone. Any crystal (raw or tumble) of our choice can also be used to make an Angel Stone. Even a ring or necklace that has got a stone (precious or semi-precious) can also be used for making an Angel Stone.

What happens when we make an Angel Stone?

When we make an Angel Stone, a special Angel will be assigned to the stone and it will convert the normal stone to an Angel Stone and it will constantly provide us with the energy that is needed for us.

Benefits of an Angel stone:

  • Helps with protection and balancing our blocks.
  • Helps one to stay focused.
  • Aid us in healing Sessions
  • Helps in improving relationships
  • Helps in wish manifestations
  • For timely guidance
The Angel Stone

Image by TanteTati

This modality is very gentle and safe for us. The specialty of the Angels Stone is that, once it is made it need not be cleansed and charged for 999 days. After the 999 days completion, we can use it again by creating an Angels Stone with the same stone or we can give it back to mother Earth.

We can also create stones infused with the Archangels energies that we would want to be with and seek their guidance. For example Archangel Michael for protection, Archangel Raphael for healing, Archangel Gabriel for communication, Archangel Jophiel for beauty.

Now let’s see how can we use this stone for our highest well-being

  • We can carry it with us in our purse/ wallet.
  • We can wear it as jewelry.
  • We can Charge water, good, medicines by keeping the stone beside
  • We can keep it under our pillow.
  • We can place the stone on the person whom we are giving healing energies.
  • We can also place the stone in our room to uplift the atmosphere.

For distant healing, simply write the person’s name on a piece of paper and keep the Angel Stone over it intending for the required healing. The healing energies will be passed for 24 * 7.

Case study:

One day a friend of mine called me and complained that he had a severe headache and requested healing. As I had my Angel Stone with me, I followed the distant healing method and kept the piece of paper under the stone overnight. One the very next day my friend messaged saying he is feeling much better and the headache was completely reduced.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the article.
Thank You!

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Prajakta Sonawane

Prajakta Sonawane

Prajakta Sonawane is an Interior Designer and presently working as a Teacher in a School. She’s also a Spiritual Energy Practitioner, a Chakra Healer, a Crystal Therapist, a Certified Professional Angel Card Reader by Carolan Dickenson, and a multimodality Reiki Master/Teacher. Prajakta holds her diploma as an Advanced Angelic Practitioner and is accredited by the International Association of Therapists. She lives in Pune, India and can be reached by e-mail colorntexture@gmail.com and also through Facebook at facebook.com/praj.sam

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  • Vasant January 31, 2020, 2:53 pm

    This method works most of the time.

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