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Ascended Master – Sri Aurobindo

Article by Vidyaa Bunty Talreja

I thought of writing to Reiki Rays after a long break. This article is about a great yogi “Sri Aurobindo”. I was guided to pen this as his birthday is on this month i.e., August 15. He is one of my guide that I found on my Shamanic Journey. I got introduced to this Yogi or great spiritual teacher when we visited Pondicherry. I was in Class VIII at that time. My Dad told me that Aurobindo is the great master for your beloved Mother “Mirra Alfassa”. Mother Mirra Alfassa saw him as Krishna and identified him as her spiritual master cum mentor.

I am deeply connected with Mother and I visit the Chennai Branch of Pondicherry Aurobindo Ashram regularly. It gives lots of love, warmth, power, and strength. I always find that ashram visit keeps me rejuvenated, nourished and you feel that the strong presence of a divine father and mother guiding you.

Who is Aurobindo?

Ascended Master - Sri Aurobindo

Image by Bikash Das

Sri Aurobindo was born as Aurobindo Ghose on 15 August 1872. He was an Indian philosopher, yogi, guru, poet, and nationalist. He has penned lots of wonderful books:

  • The Life Divine, which deals with theoretical aspects of Integral Yoga;
  • Synthesis of Yoga, which deals with practical guidance to Integral Yoga;
  • Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol, an epic poem. The followers of Mother and Aurobindo treat this book as a bible. The verses are so powerful and it can bring in great magic and miracles on the lives of the one who firmly reads it with faith.

Sri Aurobindo left the worldly body on 5 December 1950.

How to establish Connection with Aurobindo?

  1. Aurobindo and Mother Altar:
    • Set up an altar with the pictures of Aurobindo and Mother Mirra that has attracted you. Light an agarbhatti / sage or dhoop in your altar daily. This process helps you, your family and home protected forever from all lower energies and negative energies.
    • Meditating on the image of Aurobindo at a regular time makes a person calm, and peaceful. Slowly, you will start realizing a divine force guiding you in taking the right decision and action. Keeping a pink rose to Aurobindo regularly helps you to get the blessings of Aurobindo very quickly.
    • Place an angelite or amethyst crystal at the Aurobindo Mother altar. Do the meditation of Sri Aurobindo tapping the energies of the crystal by holding any one of the one crystal in your left hand. You will start getting amazing channeled messages from Sri Aurobindo for your personal growth. Post your meditation, thank your crystal and keep them in your altar again.
  2. Aurobindo Symbol Meditation:
    We can carry this symbol with us. We can also meditate on this symbol. This symbol helps you in balancing your yin and yang energies helping to manifest things trusting the divine. We can get lots of positive energy by meditating on this symbol. Also, we feel connected to the divine and will be on the path of divinity.

    • Significance:
      • The descending triangle represents Sat-Chit-Ananda.
      • The ascending triangle represents the aspiring answer from matter under the form of life, light, and love.
      • The junction of both – the central square – is the perfect manifestation having at its centre the Avatar of the Supreme – the Lotus.
      • The water – inside the square – represents the multiplicity, the creation.
  3. Connecting the Reiki Way
    • Connect with Sri Aurobindo using the distant symbol, HSZSN. You can visualize him standing next to you. You can directly tell your problem to Sri Aurobindo and request his blessings to solve them. As you keep connecting, you will see that your problems are magically fading away. Many times, you may get instant wordings or message from within or external. This guidance will help you to come out of your issues.
    • You can channel the Reiki energies invoking the blessings of Sri Aurobindo and then do self-healing or you can send healing to others. This helps us stay positive, free from illness or negative thoughts and emotions and stay protected.
  4. Reading Savitri:
    I am just sharing a few stanza of Savitri that you can affirm daily to weave his magical blessings into your life. Chanting it 3 or 9 or 27 times thrice a day brings great manifestation.

    • For Magical Blessings:
      “Thy sweetness give to me for earth and men”
      “All can be done if the god – Touch is there”
    • For Immense Success:
      “There shall be peace and joy for ever more.”
    • For Increase in Income:
      “He made great dreams a mould for coming things.”
    • For Happiness, Peace, Great Opportunities and Success:
      “Descend, O happiness, with thy moon-gold feet
      Enrich earth’s floors upon whose sleep we lie.
      Enter my life, thy chamber and thy shrine.”
    • For Improvement in your life:
      “All life is fixed in an ascending scale”
    • For Removing Negativity:
      “Even the body shall remember God.”
    • For Getting Success in all Ventures:
      “His small beginnings asked for a mighty end.”
    • For Restoring Good Health from Illness:
      “A divine force shall flow through tissue and cell.”
    • For Divine Surrender:
      “A Vast surrender was his only strength
      Only his heart to draw her presence and power
      Into his heart and mind and breathing frame;
      Only he yearned to call for ever down
      Her touch of love and truth and joy”
  5. Mantra Chanting:
    1. The mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Aurobindaya!!” helps you to get connected with Aurobindo Consciousness as you keep chanting it 9 or 27 times daily.
    2. Aurobindo Gayatri Mantra: This mantra brings the light of Truth into all the planes of the being. It helps a person to be highly illuminated by the blessings of the divine. Chanting it thrice a day helps a lot.
      “Om Tat Savitur Varam Rupam,
      Jyoti Parasya Dhimahi Yannah Satyena Dipayet.”

      • Meaning:
        [Tat = That, Savitur = Sun-god who is the Creator, Varam = most auspicious, Rupam = form, Jyotih = Light, Parasya = of the Lord (since para = Transcendental),Dhimahi = meditate on (since Dhi = Intellect), Yannah = by which, Satyena = Truth, Dipayet = illumine (dipa = light) ]

I am sure that everyone will be able to connect to the great yogi “Sri Aurobindo” with these small tips to have an amazing spiritual and personal growth.

With Loads of Blessings and Love to all of you.

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Vidyaa Bunty Talreja
Vidyaa Bunty Talreja

Vidyaa Bunty Talreja is an IT Consultant by profession. She has studied Psychology and was introduced to Reiki in 2011 by her aunt. Now Reiki became an integral part of her life from then on to change her life and the lives of others. Vidyaa is a Usui Reiki Grandmaster, Money Reiki Grandmaster, and a Karuna Reiki Master level Practitioner. She has learned and practices close to 25 different types of Reiki like Lavender Flame of Mother Kuan Yin, Shaman Reiki, Dragon Reiki, Gajanan Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Unicorn Healing, Angelical Akashic Registers, Telepathic Reiki, DNA Healing Reiki, Wagle Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Acu Reiki and Deep Healing Reiki. She is also a Tera Mai Seichem Reiki and Spiritual Healing Practitioner. She reads Tarot and Angel card. She does auto writing using Reiki along with card reading to get accurate guidance for an issue. She draws and interprets Mandalas. She uses mantras, bach flower remedies and crystals in her daily practice. She practices Eknath Easwaran’s Passage Meditation, Praveen Rishi’s Ashtamangal Meditation and Mantra Meditation. She practices Forgiveness meditation and gratitude exercises to enrich her day-to-day life. She lives in Chennai, India. Vidyaa can be reached via email at vidyaa.btalreja@gmail.com or through her Facebook page KishanGanga - Divine Mystic Haven

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  • Charisma August 16, 2019, 5:38 am

    Fabulous article Vidya. Very nicely presented. Thank you for sharing ❤️❤️❤️

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