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The Journey of “The Chariot” – Major Arcana VIII

Article by Darshan.S

Card Symbology:

The Chariot card depicts a warrior riding a chariot. The warrior’s armour has crescent moons on it and he wears a tunic with symbols of alchemy on it. The warrior sits underneath a blue canopy which is adorned by stars.

The chariot is powered by two sphinxes, one black and the other white which represents the duality of the physical world. What’s interesting in this depiction is that there are no reins to the chariot and the warrior doesn’t seem to steer it. The two sphinxes seem to be moving in different directions but the warrior manages to control the chariot through his sheer will.

A wide river flows behind the chariot, symbolic of the ability to flow in accordance with the rhythms of life. The chariot represents a directed and controlled form of energy. It enables us to overcome our challenges and obstacles through sheer focus, willpower, and determination

Work with The Chariot archetype to tap into the following energies:

  • Being an authority figure
  • Build willpower
  • Channeling inspiration
  • Developing determination
  • For strength
  • For taking focused action
  • Open opportunities to travel
  • Setting up boundaries
  • To be able to express boldly
  • To be courageous.
  • To find discipline
  • To find signs of encouragement
  • To increase commitment
  • To increase fame and fortune

Signs that you are lacking the archetypical energy of The Chariot:

  • A deep desire for revenge
  • Can’t push past any obstacles
  • Conflict at work with subordinates
  • Lack of motivation and commitment
  • Loss of power
  • Non-alignment with your higher self
  • Showing off to make others feel small
  • Using others for your benefit unethically
  • Conflict

The Dance of Duality

The lesson in the card of ‘The Chariot’ is the ability of a person to express their personality and free will in the world of duality. The world in its duality will offer us moments where we feel powerful and powerless. It will also present to us moments when we have to create and moments where we have to let go. It is difficult to find this balance and embrace ourselves in the oneness of our true being.

Here is a simple exercise that will root you in the feeling of oneness, to be able to create and to able to be a part of creation itself:

  • Sit in a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed
  • Take a few deep breaths and relax
  • Shield and ground yourself and invoke the flow of Reiki
  • Draw your energy from the Root chakra into the Sacral chakra. Move it from the Sacral chakra to the Solar Plexus chakra and finally from the Solar Plexus chakra into the Heart chakra. Move through each chakra at your own pace
  • Let your awareness be rooted in the heart for a few moments.
  • Next, Draw your energy from the Crown chakra into the Third-Eye chakra. Move it from the Third-Eye chakra to the Throat chakra and finally from the Throat chakra into the Heart chakra.
  • Let your awareness be rooted in the heart for a few moments.
  • Once rooted in the Heart chakra let your awareness expand out from your heart and encompass the environment around you. Keep expanding your awareness and your love to encompass the entire planet.
  • Stay in this expansive state for as long as you like.

You could do this exercise whenever you feel torn between choices or just feel drawn and torn by the parallels of duality.

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Darshan is a Reiki healer & teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Professional Dowser. He owns a Metaphysical Store called “Crystal Alchemy” through which he helps spread awareness about Crystals and other Healing Modalities. You can reach Darshan at www.facebook.com/Crystal.Alchemy.Store, www.facebook.com/TheHealingOcean.

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