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Case Study: Healing PCOS with Reiki

Article by Jhilmil Bhalwar

Greetings everybody!

It’s been a long time since I wrote last. I would like to share the benefits of healing and positive thoughts that helped me to cure my PCOD.

In September, I started showing multiple huge pus filled acne growth on my facial skin which started growing all over my face and spread till neck. I got restless so got myself checked and I was detected with severe PCOS where doctors recommended surgery after few months if it doesn’t get controlled through medicines.

PCOS is Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome which is quite common in women. In short, small multiple cysts form around the eggs of ovaries hence causing irregular menstruation cycle, infertility, increase in testosterone level due to which acne start erupting at various places on the body. Most women also face facial hair growth etc.

It was a new thing for me and it was difficult for me to accept as this was clearly showing on my face as wherever I would go any person would come to me and start recommending skin specialist. All this created lots of fears in me and I avoided going in public or socializing with anyone or even look in the mirror. My health was degrading and I started losing weight.

One day I got up and looked in the mirror and decided to face my fears. I lacked self-acceptance and self-love so this situation has come to teach me a certain lesson. I decided to take allopathy treatments for few months and work on myself through different healing techniques and workouts to release all unwanted hormones and permanently cure this issue.

Healing PCOS with Reiki [Case Study]

Image by Tama66

I was subscribed to heavy doses of medicines. This is the healing technique I used. I believe healing is a complementary therapy which can help in removing the root cause of a problem at karmic and soul level to prevent it from re-occurring and one must not ignore doctor’s advice or expect miracles overnight.

Given below are the healing techniques I used for 2 months:-

  1. Every day I went for a jog/walk and wandered among wild trees especially Banyan tree, meditated and connected to their energies through Reiki and channeled their energies in me to flush out all toxins to Mother Earth for transmutation.
  2. I would charge chakra crystals with Reiki energies and put it in a glass of water and keep it out at sun for 10-15 minutes and connect to Sun to bless this water with magical energies.
  3. I did Violet flame decree chanting for 10-15 minutes daily.
  4. I Did Ho’oponopono with self about 21 times every 4-5 hours.
  5. I did mirror exercise which means any issue/ person we come across is the reflection of our own thought and we will continue to face repeated patterns till we don’t learn the lessons. For eg: I was I wrote –“I am having fear to face this world and if I am really worth anything” and after analyzing I formed the lines to work on “I am having fear to face MYSELF and if I am really worth MYSELF.” This opened my eyes and I started working on myself. Started pampering myself by doing things that made me happy. And further meditated on myself to release all my fears. I felt Karuna Reiki® was the most compassionate way to remove fears and develop close bonding with your own self.

Trust me after two months I had remarkable change within me. I cleansed so much from within. I started feeling so beautiful from within and accepted myself completely the way I was. I was a happier and more confident person. I could feel I evolved a lot at spiritually during these months. On physical level my PCOS was degrading and tests came close to normal, also my facial acne started clearing gradually.

By the end of six months I was completely free from all medicines as I regained my normal health as well and people started complimenting my looks. I would say all this wouldn’t have been possible without my supportive family and my healer friends who were always there to guide on different techniques as well as send healing during times of need. Attaching below a picture of the affected portion of my cheek in September and the same snap after 6 months. Thanks to Divine Energies.

Healing PCOS with Reiki

Love and Light!

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Jhilmil Bhalwar
Jhilmil Bhalwar

Jhilmil Bhalwar Jhilmil Bhalwar has done graduation in Civil Engineering followed by Post graduation in Construction Management. She quit her job in a renowned Real Estate company to follow her passions as a spiritual guide, blogger, website designer and digital marketer. She chose the Divine path of Reiki that changed her life for good in many ways. She specializes in Divine Light Ascension, Magnified Healing, Usui Reiki and more than 30 different healing modalities. She, along with her sister Charisma Phatak, own Supreme Reiki Center at Pune, India.
She can be reached at supremereiki.com/.

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  • Vidyaa August 29, 2019, 8:02 am

    Jhil. It is really a wonderful journey. Thanks a lot for sharing them with all.

  • Abdolghani August 29, 2019, 8:13 am

    Very nice experiance. Good luck

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