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Anxious to Feel Better

Article by Vicky Roncero

Today, on the radio, I heard a frightening statistic. It was reported that an alarming forty million Americans currently have some form of anxiety. We are an anxious nation. And, many Americans are anxious to feel better… physically, emotionally and mentally. People spend so much money and time on trying to find the quick fix for this anxiety. It is amazing to think that a very powerful cure lives inside of us. And, even more amazing still, to think that in only minutes a day, we could ease this anxiety significantly, with a few minutes of Reiki. If only a fraction of these people could practice regular Reiki, we could seriously lower the overall number, simply by shifting the energy of the collective consciousness.

It made me think of how powerful Reiki is and how important it is to today’s society. It is like a ripple effect. When you are in the company of someone who has raised their vibration, you feel lighter, more grounded. The energy most definitely has a positive effect on not only the person with that elevated vibration, but the ones he/she comes in contact with as well. The energy of the room matches the higher vibration.

In Reiki 1, we teach clients basic self-care protocol that can be used daily to ease anxiety and calm the nerves. Each student is asked to practice this for 21 days. As the days pass, the positions become easier, and you get into a flow, which makes you realize that it is okay to drop some, or do them out of order. The positions are not crucial, the commitment is. Even if you end up sticking with three or four of your favorites, the energy reaches you in the same way and the desired effect is achieved. You feel calmer and more centered. Soon, you can simply do one universal position and still feel the Reiki. If you practice Reiki enough, you actually become Reiki.

Reiki 1 is a gift that keeps on giving. The more you practice, the more you want to learn and the deeper it will take you.

It is powerful to learn that you can tap into your own energy to help you ease your anxiety. Sometimes, it is hard to convince someone that something so simple can be so effective. It doesn’t seem possible.

We know that our fears and worries create our anxiety. And, our fears and worries come from our own mind, thoughts, and beliefs. Reiki can quiet the chatter and help us feel less distracted and more focused. This clearer thinking helps us connect more deeply with our intuition.

In a few short minutes, with self-care Reiki, we can feel soothed and calmed. Stress is more manageable. Issues seem less worrisome. Life flows better.

Reiki connects us to our true nature, by connecting us with the energy of nature. Once you realize that the same energy that is responsible for creating a beautiful sunset is the same energy that flows through you… it’s a game changer. How can you not feel magnificent when you see a rose opening? How can you not feel powerful, when you marvel at the height of an oak tree? Your true nature IS nature in it’s truest form. Connecting with this and realizing this helps you understand that you are enough even just by being. Simply by breathing and being here… existing… you are more than enough and you are beauty. How can you feel anything less when you can connect in this way? Suddenly, your problems feel smaller and your fears and worries are lessened.

As Reiki practitioners in this community, we know we have a calling to spread this knowledge and bring this light to as many as we can. And, to always remember that even a small amount of light can illuminate the darkness.

It is important to never let statistics like this intimidate us, as we know that together we can shift this number and bring calm to chaos.

There is no feeling like helping someone see things from a different perspective, once they have opened to the energy of Reiki. Wherever there are small cracks, light flows, and darkness shifts.

Keep shining energy workers. Spread that light!

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Vicky Roncero
Vicky Roncero

Vicky Roncero is a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner/Instructor, with a practice in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. She has been working with clients to control stress and anxiety, heal from injury and illness and maintain wellness through Reiki. Vicky has worked as a television producer for over twenty years and has always been drawn to energy work, as she feels everyone’s energy tells a story. Regulating our energy helps us make the choices that create the next chapters of our lives. She lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with her two children and husband. You can contact Vicky through her website ronceroreiki.com or by email at vicky@ronceroreiki.com

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  • Melanie Deysher June 25, 2019, 7:33 pm

    Great article!

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